Wholly Woman Holy Blood

Wholly Woman  Holy Blood Author Kristin De Troyer
ISBN-10 9781563384004
Release 2003-04-01
Pages 250
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Addresses central questions regarding the ways that religion regards the role of women.

Making Wise the Simple

Making Wise the Simple Author Johanna W. H. van Wijk-Bos
ISBN-10 0802809901
Release 2005-09-14
Pages 329
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Too long restricted to children's storybooks and cinematic extravaganzas, the Torah -- comprising the first five books of the Bible -- is an underappreciated mother lode of divine instruction, vitally important for Christians and the church. Convinced that both those who take the Torah too literally and those who neglect it are guilty of a naïve simplicity, Johanna van Wijk-Bos presents guidelines to help ordinary Christians recover this treasure in their faith and practice. Having lived in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation, van Wijk-Bos recognizes that after the attempted annihilation of the Jews from Christian Europe, it cannot be business as usual for Christianity. In light of the Holocaust, Christians must commit themselves to the restoration of just relations between Christians and Jews. This commitment to address all that fractures human relations undergirds van Wijk-Bos's call for Christians to reengage the Torah. Making Wise the Simple points out how God's care for and engagement with the whole world in the Torah set the tone for the entire biblical story. The book pays special attention to how our treatment of strangers lies at the heart of the Torah's teaching. Without attempting a purely Jewish reading of the Torah, van Wijk-Bos reclaims the Torah as a vibrant word for the Christian community in covenant with God. Written in a personal style conversant with current scholarship but sprinkled with anecdotes, this book is for everyone who has a hunger and enthusiasm for what the biblical text may convey, the courage to ask disturbing questions of the text, and an openness to old words that may bring forth new things, perhaps even making one wise.

A Commentary on the Order of Mass of The Roman Missal A New English Translation

A Commentary on the Order of Mass of The Roman Missal   A New English Translation Author Edward Foley
ISBN-10 9780814662564
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 680
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A Commentary on the Order of Mass of The Roman Missal gathers the insights of some of today's foremost English-speaking liturgical scholars to aid in understanding this most recent edition of the Order of Mass and its new English translation. Developed under the auspices of the Catholic Academy of Liturgy this commentary was guided by three primary concerns: to situate the promulgation of a new English translation of the Roman Missal historically and theologically to aid in the pastoral implementation of these texts and rites to contribute to the ongoing development of vernacular worship for English-speaking Roman Catholics Contributors include: John Baldovin Anscar Chupungco Mary Collins Keith Pecklers David Power Joyce Ann Zimmermann The volume is edited by John Baldovin, SJ, Professor of Historical and Liturgical Theology at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry Mary Collins, OSB, Professor Emerita at The Catholic University of America School of Theology and Religious Studies, Washington DC Edward Foley, Capuchin, the Duns Scotus Professor of Spirituality and Professor of Liturgy and Music at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago Joanne Pierce, Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

Menstruation and Childbirth in the Bible

Menstruation and Childbirth in the Bible Author Tarja S. Philip
ISBN-10 082047908X
Release 2006
Pages 153
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This book offers a careful study of biblical texts on menstruation and childbirth in the light of their ancient Near Eastern background. Close reading of the biblical texts, based on classical and feminist biblical interpretation, and supported by comparative study of ancient Near Eastern sources and anthropology, reveals a rich and varied picture of these female events. Fertility and impurity are closely connected to menstruation and childbirth, but their place and importance are different in priestly and nonpriestly writings of the Bible, which are therefore separately dealt with. This book contributes to a better understanding of physiological, social, cultural, and religious aspects of menstruation and childbirth in the larger context of body and society and women and men.

Women s Ritual in China

Women s Ritual in China Author Neky Tak-ching Cheung
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079215490
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 320
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Based on historical, textual and field studies, this thesis examines a women-oriented initiation rite called Jiezhu. Jiezhu, once-in-a-lifetime rite of passage, is performed by menopausal women in Ninghua, Western Fujian, China. It is believes in he villages of Ninghua that when a women reaches her menopausal age, she has to do Jiezhu, without which, her Amituofo recitation would not be efficacious. In other words, Jiezhu, as a prerequisite for Amituofo recitation, is at the same time a purification rite. Amituofo recitation is the chanting of the phrase "namo Amituofo", which is a rite commonly used among Buddhist for the attainment of merits. However, the attained merits would be nullified if the initate gets pregnant after she has done Jiezhu. This has much to do with taboos related to female sexuality. Women always have a marginalized status as the supposedly "weaker" gender having a lower social position. The association of female bodily discharges with defilement further discredits their status. Jiezhu in efect reinforces the idea of "defilement" attributed to the female body. The shame that the women feel with the male-defined negative female bodily image affirms the patriarchal hegemony. Jiezhu on the one hand "traditionalizes", and on the other hand, as a strategic mode of action, challenges traditions through religious and social empowerment. Jiezhu preserves the established order but it also facilitates transformation in the initiate.

Women in the sex texts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy

Women in the sex texts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy Author Deborah L. Ellens
ISBN-10 0567029425
Release 2008
Pages 354
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The writers of the bibilical laws, like the writers of other legal corpora throughout history, considered the regulation of sex to be of some importance. A study and comparison of the two groups of sex laws in the Bible, those in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, reveal that factors even more narrowly focused than the general desire to control social behavior shape the texts. These factors, as reflected in the text, are responsible for the differing conceptual matrices within Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Whereas the interest of the Leviticus sex texts is ontology, that is, the classification or oder of kinds and their relationships, the interest of the Deuteronomy sex texts is property, that is, the man's ownership of the woman's sexuality and its protection. Ellens shows how these differing interests influence subtle corresponding differences in the conceptualization of women in the two groups of texts.

The Book Review Digest

The Book Review Digest Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064843611
Release 2005
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The Book Review Digest has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Book Review Digest also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Book Review Digest book for free.

The Woman with the Blood Flow Mark 5 24 34

The Woman with the Blood Flow  Mark 5 24 34 Author Barbara Baert
ISBN-10 UCR:31210023837121
Release 2014
Pages 444
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This publication starts from a particular passage in the New Testament that tells the story of a "woman with an issue of blood." The gospel relates how the so-called Haemorrhoissa is healed the very moment she touches Christ's garment. This publication forms the first - and so far the only - interdisciplinary study of this particular biblical motif from an exegetical, art-historical and anthropological point of view. Contributing scholars interpret the impact of this biblical miracle on Christian texts, material culture and healing archetypes in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity. The story and its Nachleben in literary commentaries and various iconographies unveil a particular energy in Christendom related to ideas about the female body, the role of textile, and the magical impact of touch. This volumes contributes to all research in the humanities concerned with gender, the sensorium, Judeo-Christian attitudes towards blood and taboo, and early Christian material culture in the East and West. Its trajectory ultimately reveals the crucial mystery at the heart of image-making as such.

Flame of Yahweh

Flame of Yahweh Author Richard M. Davidson
ISBN-10 1565638476
Release 2007
Pages 844
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The Flame of Yahweh offers a thorough exploration of gender relationships and sexual activity in the Old Testament. Topics include sexuality in Eden, the elevation vs. the denigration of women, exclusivity vs. adultery and pre-marital sex, permanence vs. divorce and remarriage, intimacy vs. incest, and sexuality in the Song of Songs.

Women s Spirituality

Women s Spirituality Author Johanna H. Stuckey
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105215467221
Release 2010
Pages 271
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Women’s Spirituality: Contemporary Feminist Approaches to Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Goddess Worship comes directly out of women’s grassroots efforts to understand and transform their spiritual traditions. It is a comprehensive account of the discussions, arguments, perspectives and approaches of contemporary women in Canada toward spirituality and the monotheistic religions. The author presents a concise history of each religion, discusses normative practices and focuses on the roles, rituals and rights of contemporary women as they accommodate to and deal with their respective religions. Women’s Spirituality deals with women’s encounters with spirituality within the framework of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and outside of this framework within the new religions of contemporary Goddess worship. Women’s spirituality flourishes in all traditions, however male-dominated they may be. Somehow, women find, or make, space in which they can express their deepest spiritual feelings and thoughts. The aims of this book are to acquaint readers briefly with the range of expressions of women’s spirituality; to give an accessible report on feminist theology, the theology that takes into account women’s experiences; and, in particular, to examine how feminist theologians treat the central issues in three old traditions and one new one. An updated, and revised edition of Stuckey’s successful 1998 book, Feminist Spirituality: An Introduction to Feminist Theology in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Feminist Goddess Worship, this book will be useful to anyone unfamiliar with the work of feminists within any or all of the three monotheistic traditions that have been so crucial to shaping western attitudes to and treatment of women. The book an introduction to one of the fastest-growing new forms of women’s spirituality in the West: Feminist Goddess Worship.

A Question of Sex

A Question of Sex Author Deborah W. Rooke
ISBN-10 1906055203
Release 2007
Pages 184
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Gender differences between men and women are not just a matter of sexual differentiation; the roles that men and women play are also socially and culturally determined, in ancient Israel and post-biblical Judaism as in every other context. That is the theme of these ten studies. What understandings of masculinity and femininity underlie the regulations about incest? And what kind of rights did mediaeval Middle-Eastern Jewish women have within their marriage relationships?

With eyes of flesh

With eyes of flesh Author Carole R. Fontaine
ISBN-10 UVA:X030278026
Release 2008-08
Pages 317
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Carole Fontaine, well known among biblical scholars for her feminist studies in the biblical wisdom traditions and the ancient Near East, is also a human rights and interfaith activist working on issues of violence against Muslim women in the Middle East and Southern Asia and a board member of many agencies such as the International Network for the Rights of Female Victims of Violence in Pakistan, and the Women's Forum against Fundamentalism in Iran. In this collection of her essays, mostly previously unpublished, she brings together these two concerns, distilling from the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam valuable insights into current questions of human rights. Unlike many writers, Fontaine recognizes the critical role of gender in the fundamental concept of the 'Other', so determinative for our view of humanity. In our days, Fontaine argues, human rights issues have taken on a new dimension in political discourse about war, peace and terror, where often an appeal is made to religious and scriptural justifications for the violation or preservation of rights. Fontaine urges attention to the priority of the sufferer in adjudicating meaning, and turns to the 'little texts' of daily ethics rather than grand theological abstractions in order to place 'scriptures' in meaningful conversation with the concrete realities of our world.

An Ecological Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Luke

An Ecological Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Luke Author Anne F. Elvey
ISBN-10 IND:30000103403840
Release 2005-01
Pages 388
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Central to the ecological feminist approach, is the notion of the material given developed in conversation with Gayatri Spivak's reading of the pregnant body as prepropriative, Jacques Derrida's reading of the gift and Jean Luc Marion's understanding of giveness. This use of postmodern discourse to inform an ecological feminist hermeneutics is an innovation in ecofeminist theology and biblical studies.

Reading with Anthropology

Reading with Anthropology Author Louise Joy Lawrence
ISBN-10 1842273752
Release 2005
Pages 212
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The social science of anthropology has been used in recent years to open up fascinating new ways of understanding biblical texts. In this fresh and stimulating study, Louise Lawrence argues that anthropology and theology need not be enemies but can become constructive dialogue partners in the search to understand the Bible better. Like a museum curator she guides readers around seven anthropological "exhibits" where selected biblical texts are analysed with resources from anthropology. Themes include spirit-inspired religious healers, power and violence, sex and gender, body and emotion, and social memory. The dialogue opened up here between biblical books and the study of other cultures promises fresh insights on well-known texts. Reading with Anthropology will be of equal interest to biblical scholars seeking a way in to the use of anthropology in their discipline and to anthropologists wishing to better appreciate biblical cultures.

Forthcoming Books

Forthcoming Books Author Rose Arny
ISBN-10 UOM:39015054030385
Release 2003-04
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Elenchus of Biblica

Elenchus of Biblica Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000064876269
Release 2005
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Or Le Mayer

Or Le Mayer Author שמיר יונה
ISBN-10 9655360075
Release 2010
Pages 715
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