Unix Concepts And Applications

Unix Concepts And Applications Author Das
ISBN-10 0070635463
Release 2006-05-01
Pages 671
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Unix Concepts And Applications has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Unix Concepts And Applications also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Unix Concepts And Applications book for free.

Shell Programming in Unix Linux and OS X

Shell Programming in Unix  Linux and OS X Author Stephen G. Kochan
ISBN-10 9780134496689
Release 2016-08-30
Pages 456
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Shell Programming in Unix, Linux and OS X is a thoroughly updated revision of Kochan and Wood’s classic Unix Shell Programming tutorial. Following the methodology of the original text, the book focuses on the POSIX standard shell, and teaches you how to develop programs in this useful programming environment, taking full advantage of the underlying power of Unix and Unix-like operating systems. After a quick review of Unix utilities, the book’s authors take you step-by-step through the process of building shell scripts, debugging them, and understanding how they work within the shell’s environment. All major features of the shell are covered, and the large number of practical examples make it easy for you to build shell scripts for your particular applications. The book also describes the major features of the Korn and Bash shells. Learn how to… Take advantage of the many utilities provided in the Unix system Write powerful shell scripts Use the shell’s built-in decision-making and looping constructs Use the shell’s powerful quoting mechanisms Make the most of the shell’s built-in history and command editing capabilities Use regular expressions with Unix commands Take advantage of the special features of the Korn and Bash shells Identify the major differences between versions of the shell language Customize the way your Unix system responds to you Set up your shell environment Make use of functions Debug scripts Contents at a Glance 1 A Quick Review of the Basics 2 What Is the Shell? 3 Tools of the Trade 4 And Away We Go 5 Can I Quote You on That? 6 Passing Arguments 7 Decisions, Decisions 8 ‘Round and ‘Round She Goes 9 Reading and Printing Data 10 Your Environment 11 More on Parameters 12 Loose Ends 13 Rolo Revisited 14 Interactive and Nonstandard Shell Features A Shell Summary B For More Information

Python for Unix and Linux System Administration

Python for Unix and Linux System Administration Author Noah Gift
ISBN-10 9780596515829
Release 2008-12-08
Pages 433
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A guide to using the Python computer language to handle a variety of tasks in both the Unix and Linux servers.

Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming

Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming Author M. G. Venkateshmurthy
ISBN-10 8177587455
Release 2005-09-01
Pages 392
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Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming book for free.

Intelligent Help Systems for UNIX

Intelligent Help Systems for UNIX Author Stephen J. Hegner
ISBN-10 0792366417
Release 2000
Pages 420
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In this international collection of papers there is a wealth of knowledge on artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive science (CS) techniques applied to the problem of providing help systems mainly for the UNIX operating system. The research described here involves the representation of technical computer concepts, but also the representation of how users conceptualise such concepts. The collection looks at computational models and systems such as UC, Yucca, and OSCON programmed in languages such as Lisp, Prolog, OPS-5, and C which have been developed to provide UNIX help. These systems range from being menu-based to ones with natural language interfaces, some providing active help, intervening when they believe the user to have misconceptions, and some based on empirical studies of what users actually do while using UNIX. Further papers investigate planning and knowledge representation where the focus is on discovering what the user wants to do, and figuring out a way to do it, as well as representing the knowledge needed to do so. There is a significant focus on natural language dialogue where consultation systems can become active, incorporating user modfelling, natural language generation and plan recognition, modelling metaphors, and users' mistaken beliefs. Much can be learned from seeing how AI and CS techniques can be investigated in depth while being applied to a real test-bed domain such as help on UNIX.

UNIX in Easy Steps

UNIX in Easy Steps Author Mohammed Azam
ISBN-10 8122405525
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 235
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Unix In Easy Steps Is An Easy To Read And Act Book On The Unix Operating System. The Approach Is Easy, Lucid And Gets The Student Involved In The Subject. The Reader Whether New To Unix Or An Experienced User Will Find This Book Interesting Because He/She Can Try Out Each Command Or Concept, Which Are Explained With Examples. At The End Of Each Chapter A Number Of Questions Are Put To Help The Reader Make A Self-Assessment Of How Much Of Concepts Have Been Understood. At The End Of The Book You Have A Final Test, Which Is Meant To Test The Best Brains.Unix In Easy Steps Covers The Basic Concepts Of Unix And Also Gives The Reader A Brief View Of Unix Internals. Finally Fast Track , A Comprehensive Listing Of Commands With Their Options And Arguments, Is Provided Which Is An Invaluable Source Of Reference To All Users Of Unix.

UNIX Document Processing and Typesetting

UNIX Document Processing and Typesetting Author Balasubramaniam Srinivasan
ISBN-10 9810206054
Release 1993
Pages 445
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As the mystery of the computer world unfolds with each revelation of its technology, computer users today look forward to a powerful tool to produce a variety of reports and manuscripts. The Unix system provides a variety of powerful text formatters, and one such typesetting tool is called nroff/troff which can help users unlock the resources and the power of a computer system in the preparation of written documents. nroff is a text formatter for daisy-wheel printers and similar devices while troff is a device-independent text formatter for producing typeset output. These two together provide the facilities of a word processor together with formatting features and enable users to produce output that can be printed onto a variety of devices from line printers to typesetters.This book provides a complete description with regard to the capabilities of Unix document processing and typesetting to a variety of users. It also describes in detail the AT&T supported memorandum macros (mm) package which provides a user friendly interface to nroff/troff. The concept and techniques of typesetting are fully illustrated with examples to unveil the power of Unix's document processing capability.


Unix Author Syed Mansoor Sarwar
ISBN-10 032122731X
Release 2005
Pages 863
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UNIX: The Textbook is appropriate for those just starting out with UNIX, as well as skilled UNIX users who need a comprehensive reference. This second edition continues to explain both the how-to and the why of working in the UNIX environment while guiding the reader through operating-system utilities including process, file storage, and I/O management.

Practical UNIX and Internet Security

Practical UNIX and Internet Security Author Simson Garfinkel
ISBN-10 9781449310127
Release 2003-02-21
Pages 988
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When Practical Unix Security was first published more than a decade ago, it became an instant classic. Crammed with information about host security, it saved many a Unix system administrator from disaster. The second edition added much-needed Internet security coverage and doubled the size of the original volume. The third edition is a comprehensive update of this very popular book - a companion for the Unix/Linux system administrator who needs to secure his or her organization's system, networks, and web presence in an increasingly hostile world.Focusing on the four most popular Unix variants today--Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD--this book contains new information on PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules), LDAP, SMB/Samba, anti-theft technologies, embedded systems, wireless and laptop issues, forensics, intrusion detection, chroot jails, telephone scanners and firewalls, virtual and cryptographic filesystems, WebNFS, kernel security levels, outsourcing, legal issues, new Internet protocols and cryptographic algorithms, and much more.Practical Unix & Internet Security consists of six parts: Computer security basics: introduction to security problems and solutions, Unix history and lineage, and the importance of security policies as a basic element of system security. Security building blocks: fundamentals of Unix passwords, users, groups, the Unix filesystem, cryptography, physical security, and personnel security. Network security: a detailed look at modem and dialup security, TCP/IP, securing individual network services, Sun's RPC, various host and network authentication systems (e.g., NIS, NIS+, and Kerberos), NFS and other filesystems, and the importance of secure programming. Secure operations: keeping up to date in today's changing security world, backups, defending against attacks, performing integrity management, and auditing. Handling security incidents: discovering a break-in, dealing with programmed threats and denial of service attacks, and legal aspects of computer security. Appendixes: a comprehensive security checklist and a detailed bibliography of paper and electronic references for further reading and research. Packed with 1000 pages of helpful text, scripts, checklists, tips, and warnings, this third edition remains the definitive reference for Unix administrators and anyone who cares about protecting their systems and data from today's threats.

UNIX Shell Programming

UNIX Shell Programming Author Stephen G. Kochan
ISBN-10 0672324903
Release 2003
Pages 437
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Explains how to develop programs in the UNIX operating system, discussing how to perform tasks including building, debugging, and understanding how shell scripts work.

Your Unix The Ultimate Guide

Your Unix  The Ultimate Guide Author Das
ISBN-10 0070446873
Release 2001-06-01
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Your Unix The Ultimate Guide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Your Unix The Ultimate Guide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Your Unix The Ultimate Guide book for free.

Introductory Command Line Unix for Users

Introductory Command Line Unix for Users Author Richard Petersen
ISBN-10 9780977937615
Release 2006-05-01
Pages 639
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The aim of this book is to introduce the Unix command line interface to users. Unix originally supported only a command line interface. Though most Unix systems now support GUI interfaces, all are based on the original command line interface. Many people still find it easier to use the command line for operations. Instead of trying to figure out how to click through a GUI interface to do a certain task, you just have to type a few words. The focus of this book is on users, describing user tools and applications for the command line, not administration tasks. The text is organized to carefully introduce you to Unix without overwhelming you with a mass of commands and programs. In Section 1, you learn how to get started using the command line interface. In Sections 2 and 3, you learn essential features of Unix needed to perform everyday tasks such as file management and shell operations. Together, Sections 1, 2, and 3 form a core level of understanding that you need to have in order to successfully work with Unix. Sections 4, 5, and 6 consist of topics that you can select depending on your needs, such as data and edit filters, awk programming, email, Ftp access, and editors.

Unix Backup and Recovery

Unix Backup and Recovery Author W. Curtis Preston
ISBN-10 1565926420
Release 1999
Pages 707
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Providing an overview of all facets of UNIX backup and recovery, this text offers practical solutions for environments of all sizes and budgets, explaining everything from freely-available backup systems to large-scale commercial utilities.

UNIX RefGuide

UNIX RefGuide Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106007294660
Release 1985
Pages 129
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UNIX RefGuide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from UNIX RefGuide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full UNIX RefGuide book for free.

Document Formatting and Typesetting on the UNIX System

Document Formatting and Typesetting on the UNIX System Author Narain Gehani
ISBN-10 0961533625
Release 1987
Pages 377
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Document Formatting and Typesetting on the UNIX System has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Document Formatting and Typesetting on the UNIX System also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Document Formatting and Typesetting on the UNIX System book for free.

UNIX for FORTRAN programmers

UNIX for FORTRAN programmers Author Michael Kosta Loukides
ISBN-10 093717551X
Release 1990
Pages 244
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"UNIX for FORTRAN Programmers provides the serious scientific programmer with an introduction to the UNIX operating system and its tools. The intent of the book is to minimize the UNIX entry barrier and to familiarize readers with the most important tools so they can be productive as quickly as possible. "UNIX for FORTRAN Programmers shows readers how to do things they're interested in: not just how to use a tool such as "make or "rcs, but how to use it in program development and how it fits into the toolset as a whole. The tools discussed include: The FORTRAN compiler ("f77).UNIX interactive command languages, or shells ("csh for interactive use, "sh for shell programming)."vi, the standard UNIX editor.Object library management tools ("ar and "ranlib).The programming environment (I/O, basic system calls, error handling).The "adb and "dbx debuggers."prof, "gprof, "time, profiling tools."make, a tool for automating complex compilations."rcs, a source code management system for large projects.Common porting problems.

Conducting the Unix Job Interview

Conducting the Unix Job Interview Author Adam Haeder
ISBN-10 0974435562
Release 2004-04-01
Pages 163
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Offering accumulated observations of interviews with hundreds of job candidates, these books provide useful insights into which characteristics make a good IT professional. These handy guides each have a complete set of job interview questions and provide a practical method for accurately assessing the technical abilities of job candidates. The personality characteristics of successful IT professionals are listed and tips for identifying candidates with the right demeanor are included. Methods for evaluating academic and work histories are described as well.