Trash Author Dorothy Allison
ISBN-10 9781101117811
Release 2002-09-24
Pages 224
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Trash, Allison's landmark collection, laid the groundwork for her critically acclaimed Bastard Out of Carolina, the National Book Award finalist that was hailed by The New York Times Book Review as "simply stunning...a wonderful work of fiction by a major talent." In addition to Allison's classic stories, this new edition of Trash features "Stubborn Girls and Mean Stories," an introduction in which Allison discusses the writing of Trash and "Compassion," a never-before-published short story. First published in 1988, the award-winning Trash showcases Allison at her most fearlessly honest and startlingly vivid. The limitless scope of human emotion and experience are depicted in stories that give aching and eloquent voice to the terrible wounds we inflict on those closest to us. These are tales of loss and redemption; of shame and forgiveness; of love and abuse and the healing power of storytelling. A book that resonates with uncompromising candor and incandescence, Trash is sure to captivate Allison's legion of readers and win her a devoted new following.


Trash Author Authorhouse
ISBN-10 1438908962
Release 2008-11-19
Pages 196
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Trash has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Trash also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Trash book for free.


Trash Author Cherie Bennett
ISBN-10 0425158519
Release 1997-06-01
Pages 217
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Tune in to the wild new series by the bestselling author of "Sunset Island". Welcome to "Trash", the hippest, raciest TV talk show ever. Ten thousand teens apply and six are picked as interns, and given an awesome apartment. Fantastic friends, hot romance, a summer to remember, so long as no one, especially "Trash", unearths intern Chelsea's secret.


Trash Author Andy Mulligan
ISBN-10 9780375898433
Release 2010-10-12
Pages 240
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In an unnamed Third World country, in the not-so-distant future, three “dumpsite boys” make a living picking through the mountains of garbage on the outskirts of a large city. One unlucky-lucky day, Raphael finds something very special and very mysterious. So mysterious that he decides to keep it, even when the city police offer a handsome reward for its return. That decision brings with it terrifying consequences, and soon the dumpsite boys must use all of their cunning and courage to stay ahead of their pursuers. It’s up to Raphael, Gardo, and Rat—boys who have no education, no parents, no homes, and no money—to solve the mystery and right a terrible wrong. Andy Mulligan has written a powerful story about unthinkable poverty—and the kind of hope and determination that can transcend it. With twists and turns, unrelenting action, and deep, raw emotion, Trash is a heart-pounding, breath-holding novel.

But is it Garbage

But is it Garbage Author Steven L. Hamelman
ISBN-10 0820325872
Release 2004
Pages 272
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Trash has been blowing across the rock'n'roll landscape since the first amplified guitar riff tore through American mass culture. Throwaway tunes, wasted fans, crappy reviews, junk bins of remaindered albums: much of rock's quintessence is handily conveyed in terms of disposability and impermanence. Steven L. Hamelman sums up these rubbishy affinities as rock's "trash trope." Trash is an obvious physical presence on the rock scene -- think of Woodstock's littered pastures or the many hotel rooms redecorated by the Who. More intriguingly, Hamelman says, trash is the catalyst for a powerful mode of rock composition and criticism. It is, for instance, both cause and effect when performers like the Ramones or Beck at once critique junk culture and revel in it. But Is It Garbage? spills over with challenging insights into how rock's creators, critics, and consumers transform, and are transformed by, trash as a fact and a concept. In the music's preoccupation with its own trashiness readers will perceive a wellspring of rock innovation and inspiration -- one largely overlooked and little understood until now.


Trash Author Gita Wolf
ISBN-10 8186211691
Release 2004-08-15
Pages 112
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An imaginative approach to child rights--intelligently illustrated and designed.


Trash Author Sharon Darrow
ISBN-10 PSU:000063321807
Release 2006
Pages 148
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After escaping their foster home, sixteen-year-old Sissy and her brother, Boy, are finally reunited with their big sister, and together they reinvent themselves as graffiti artists, but when tragedy strikes, Sissy is forced to rely on her trash-picking skills to save them all from an uncertain fate.

Waste and Want

Waste and Want Author Susan Strasser
ISBN-10 9781466872288
Release 2014-05-27
Pages 368
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An unprecedented look at that most commonplace act of everyday life--throwing things out--and how it has transformed American society. Susan Strasser's pathbreaking histories of housework and the rise of the mass market have become classics in the literature of consumer culture. Here she turns to an essential but neglected part of that culture--the trash it produces--and finds in it an unexpected wealth of meaning. Before the twentieth century, streets and bodies stank, but trash was nearly nonexistent. With goods and money scarce, almost everything was reused. Strasser paints a vivid picture of an America where scavenger pigs roamed the streets, swill children collected kitchen garbage, and itinerant peddlers traded manufactured goods for rags and bones. Over the last hundred years, however, Americans have become hooked on convenience, disposability, fashion, and constant technological change--the rise of mass consumption has led to waste on a previously unimaginable scale. Lively and colorful, Waste and Want recaptures a hidden part of our social history, vividly illustrating that what counts as trash depends on who's counting, and that what we throw away defines us as much as what we keep.


Trash Author Laurie Anne Hoover
ISBN-10 9781460262733
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 264
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Trash has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Trash also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Trash book for free.


Trash Author
ISBN-10 9781468569926
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Trash has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Trash also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Trash book for free.

Marijuana Gold

Marijuana Gold Author Ed Rosenthal
ISBN-10 0932551521
Release 2002-12-12
Pages 112
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With photos, illustrations and his usual expertise, Ed Rosenthal tells readers how to get the most mileage from a personal stash.

Cash for Trash

Cash for Trash Author Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
ISBN-10 9781596794573
Release 2005-09-01
Pages 24
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Through simple text and illustrations, teaches young readers words that rhyme with "cash," including "trash," "sash," and "hash," and replaces specific words with pictures.

A Mountain of Trash

A Mountain of Trash Author Loren I. Charles
ISBN-10 1433304171
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 32
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Practice addition and encourage young readers to be environmentally conscious in this engaging reader that has been translated into Spanish! Children will not only practice their addition skills through practice problems and mathematical charts and diagrams, but they will also learn more about where their trash goes and what sanitation workers do. Using early STEM themes, teach children all about addition while teaching them about other topics such as recycling.


Garbology Author Edward Humes
ISBN-10 9781101580370
Release 2012-04-19
Pages 336
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A Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist takes readers on a surprising tour of the world of garbage. Take a journey inside the secret world of our biggest export, our most prodigious product, and our greatest legacy: our trash. It’s the biggest thing we make: The average American is on track to produce a whopping 102 tons of garbage across a lifetime, $50 billion in squandered riches rolled to the curb each year, more than that produced by any other people in the world. But that trash doesn’t just magically disappear; our bins are merely the starting point for a strange, impressive, mysterious, and costly journey that may also represent the greatest untapped opportunity of the century. In Garbology, Pulitzer Prize–winning author Edward Humes investigates the trail of that 102 tons of trash—what’s in it; how much we pay for it; how we manage to create so much of it; and how some families, communities, and even nations are finding a way back from waste to discover a new kind of prosperity. Along the way , he introduces a collection of garbage denizens unlike anyone you’ve ever met: the trash-tracking detectives of MIT, the bulldozer-driving sanitation workers building Los Angeles’ immense Garbage Mountain landfill, the artists in residence at San Francisco’s dump, and the family whose annual trash output fills not a dumpster or a trash can, but a single mason jar. Garbology digs through our epic piles of trash to reveal not just what we throw away, but who we are and where our society is headed. Are we destined to remain the country whose number-one export is scrap—America as China’s trash compactor—or will the country that invented the disposable economy pioneer a new and less wasteful path? The real secret at the heart of Garbology may well be the potential for a happy ending buried in our landfill. Waste, Humes writes, is the one environmental and economic harm that ordinary working Americans have the power to change—and prosper in the process.

Trash Culture

Trash Culture Author Richard Keller Simon
ISBN-10 0520216474
Release 1999
Pages 189
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This text examines the ways the great literature and cultural work of the past has been rewritten for the consumer society. It argues for the linking of the high and low for the study and appreciation of each form of literature, and for teaching popular culture to understand the books contexts.

Trash to Toys

Trash to Toys Author Nick Sarkady
ISBN-10 1599557568
Pages 93
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We've all heard the old adage, One man's trash is another man's treasure. But did you know that one man's trash could become another man's toy? You don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun. In fact, you don't need to spend a dime. with a little creativity, you and your children can find endless hours of entertainment from everyday household items.In his new book, Trash to Toys, Nick Sarkady teaches you how to turn items such as egg cartons, rubber rings, cans, and bottles into entertaining games that are sure to challenge and stimulate your children. Create new memories with your family while you play games such as Bottle Cap Drop, Checkers, and Poison Frog. Not only are these games fun and challenging, but they will also teach your children good sportsmanship and help them express their own creativity. and best of all, the whole family will want to get involved. Next time you go to throw something away, you may want to think twice. There's no better way to recycle trash than for family fun.

Trash to Treasure Papermaking

Trash to Treasure Papermaking Author Arnold Grummer
ISBN-10 9781603427593
Release 2011-06-30
Pages 208
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Transform junk mail, newspapers, and old phone books into beautiful handmade paper in just minutes! With a simple technique that requires only a blender and some water, Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking shows you how to create unique sheets in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. Learn how to incorporate your handmade paper into diverse projects that include invitations, bound books, paper bowls, and ornaments. Let your creativity shine as you explore the fun and simple art of papermaking.