The Wild Food Cookbook

The Wild Food Cookbook Author Roger Phillips
ISBN-10 9781581576788
Release 2014-07-28
Pages 192
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Photographer and author Roger Phillips has compiled a wide-ranging, delectable guide to finding and cooking wild foods. Unlike other books that focus on foraging, Phillips gives detailed recipes and preparation instructions that are critical to cooking and enjoying wild foods. Phillips provides an appetizing and attractive selection of recipes using the many plants, mushrooms, and seaweeds that are edible. Photos help bring these possibilities to life. Recipes range from syrups and teas to main courses. As we are beginning to rediscover the deep nutritional value of wild foods, the missing ingredient until now has been a reliable guide to deploying these healthy, natural ingredients in the kitchen. The Wild Food Cookbook will admirably fill that niche.

Foraging and Feasting

Foraging and Feasting Author Dina Falconi
ISBN-10 0989343308
Release 2013-07-14
Pages 240
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Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook celebrates and reclaims the lost art of turning locally gathered wild plants into nutritious, delicious meals ? a traditional foodway long practiced by our ancestors but neglected in modern times. The book's beautiful, instructive botanical illustrations and enlightening recipes offer an adventurous and satisfying way to eat locally and seasonally. Readers will be able to identify, harvest, prepare, eat, and savor the wild bounty all around them. We share this project with you out of our long commitment to connecting with nature through food and art. The effort weaves together Dina?s 30 years of passionate investigations into wild-plant identification, foraging, and cooking with Wendy?s deft artistic skills honed over 15 years as a botanical illustrator. The result is an abundance of recipes and illustrations that explore creative ways to bring wild edibles into our lives. Part One of Foraging & Feasting serves as a visual guide, tracking 50 plants through their growing cycle. The images illustrate the culinary uses of wild plants at various seasons. Part Two contains easy-to-use references including Plant Chart Centerfolds and Seasonal Flow Charts. Part Three brings you into the kitchen; here you'll find more than 100 master recipes and countless variations formulated to help you easily turn wild plants into delectable salads, soups, beverages, meat dishes, desserts, and a host of other culinary delights. These recipes are not limited to wild ingredients; they can be used with cultivated ingredients as well, purchased or homegrown. Many of the recipes can be made to accommodate various dietary restrictions: gluten-free, casein-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and sugar-free. Among those who will find the book valuable are the health-conscious members of the Weston A Price Foundation, ever in search of nutrient-dense, traditional whole foods. Slow Food enthusiasts will appreciate how focusing on ancient, seas¬¬unusual edibles.

The Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook

The Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook Author Darcy Williamson
ISBN-10 0870043676
Release 1995
Pages 251
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Describes the history, characteristics, and traditional medical uses of wild plants found in the Rockies, and suggests recipes using each plant

Wild food cookbook

Wild food cookbook Author Frances Hamerstrom
ISBN-10 0942495373
Release 1994-05-01
Pages 126
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Wild food cookbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wild food cookbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wild food cookbook book for free.

The Hedgerow Cookbook

The Hedgerow Cookbook Author Wild at Heart
ISBN-10 9781909108752
Release 2013-03-21
Pages 300
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Discover the wonders of wild food, from berries to fresh salad leaves to nuts and hips ; all of which are wonderful foods free on our doorstep. The authors behind the Wild at Heart company show you how to identify and cook a range of wild foods. How to use wild foods creatively in 100 easy recipes: from jams, jellies and chutneys to starters, main courses, cakes, puds, cocktails and cordials

Native Indian Wild Game Fish Wild Foods Cookbook

Native Indian Wild Game  Fish   Wild Foods Cookbook Author David Hunt
ISBN-10 1565230779
Release 1996-10-01
Pages 222
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A large selection of recipes using fish, game, and edible wild plants.

Go Native

 Go Native Author
ISBN-10 1862522286
Release 1985
Pages 28
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Go Native has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Go Native also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Go Native book for free.

Wild Food Cookbook

Wild Food Cookbook Author Frances Hamerstrom
ISBN-10 MINN:31951000460280H
Release 1989
Pages 126
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Wild Food Cookbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wild Food Cookbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wild Food Cookbook book for free.

Uniquely Australian

Uniquely Australian Author Vic Cherikoff
ISBN-10 0646074709
Release 1992
Pages 207
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Uniquely Australian has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Uniquely Australian also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Uniquely Australian book for free.


Fresh Author Sergei Boutenko
ISBN-10 9781556438479
Release 2010-05-18
Pages 256
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Cookbooks need not—indeed, should not—involve cooking, say the authors of this authoritative, beautifully illustrated book. And they should know. Sergei and Vayla Boutenko bring fifteen years’ experience to this collection of scrumptious, sophisticated recipes and comprehensive guide to the raw life. Fresh covers the whole range of recipes, including savory dishes, desserts, fermented foods, drinks, and wild foods. Techniques common to the recipes are introduced and clearly explained, including an inventory of uncommon fruits and how to handle and prepare them, as well as an immersion into the five basic flavors and the herbs, fruits, vegetables, and grains that help chefs bring out each flavor best. The authors introduce the three stages of adaptation to this lifestyle and provide a concise review of minimal equipment requirements and ideal appliance additions for the well-stocked raw kitchen. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Wild Vegan Cookbook

The Wild Vegan Cookbook Author Steve Brill
ISBN-10 9781558327214
Release 2010
Pages 500
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No one knows wild fruits, vegetables, and herbs more intimately than Wildman Steve Brill. In this book (formerly published in hardcover as The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook) Brill describes how he forages year-round for local, organic foods in New York City; he knows every food that grows in the wild, when each is at its peak, and how to best prepare it. His 500 recipes (among them Baked Wild Ravioli, Ramp Vichyssoise, Early Spring Stir-Fry, and Wisteria-Lime Ice Cream) combine the inventive with the familiar for delicious vegan meals.

The Wilds Food Cookbook

The Wilds Food Cookbook Author Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository
ISBN-10 1929650019
Release 2013-07-31
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Through Neq'rkat: The Alutiiq Wilds Food Project the Alutiiq Museum is exploring the knowledge of Kodiak Island's most experienced wild food harvesters and cooks to document, share, and perpetuate tribal subsistence traditions.

The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook

The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook Author Steve Brill
ISBN-10 9781459623989
Release 2011-07-13
Pages 628
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Brill follows his Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (And Not So Wild) Places with this specialist volume aimed at cooking found and gathered produce. Stressing the need to forage safely and not eat any plant unless completely certain of its identification and that it's free of pesticides and herbicides, the author explains 'what makes wild food special' before describing methods of preparation and food types, winemaking and the wild food seasons. Main courses and desserts are intermingled so much so that it becomes hard to tell whether the ingredient is a main component or an enhancer. Filled with humorous anecdotes and small descriptions, almost every recipe relies on at least one foraged ingredient, though where possible Brill offers health store alternatives (while Monsieur Wildman's French Dressing calls for wild spearmint, he does suggest cultivated mint; unsweetened apple juice can be substituted for wild apples in Spiced Wild Apple Cider). In the end, the book will appeal to those who enjoy foraging in the wild as well as the vegetarian who is not only health- but also environmentally conscious.

Rewild Your Diet Cookbook

Rewild Your Diet Cookbook Author Sven Craun
ISBN-10 1537492381
Release 2016-09-04
Pages 52
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ReWild Your Health Cookbook is A Wild and Traditional Foods Cookbook Filled With Recipes & Meal Plans for Families, Athletes, Coaches, or Anyone Wanting a Healthier Body & Life. This book is designed for people who take their health seriously- not the casual cooker. The recipes are simple, but work best when your life is designed WITH them. Stop being an amateur with your food and become the architect of your health.

Go Wild

Go Wild Author Monteith's Brewing Co
ISBN-10 079001145X
Release 2007-05-07
Pages 124
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Illustrated throughout with sumptuous photography, this is the official book of the Monteith's Wildfoods Challenge. Some 28 restaurants contribute over 50 recipes containing all manner of weird and wonderful ingredients, from paua to lobster, rabbit to possum, huhu grubs to fern fronds - and everything in between Introduced by Kerry Tyack, the challenge's founder, other useful content includes indigenous food histories, a glossary and a list of food suppliers. Whether you're a seasoned chef or eager beaver, there's truly something for everyone to Go Wild

The Wild Table

The Wild Table Author Connie Green
ISBN-10 9781101665091
Release 2010-10-14
Pages 368
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A captivating cookbook by a renowned forager of wild edibles-with more than one hundred sumptuous recipes and full-color photographs. In the last decade, the celebration of organic foods, farmer's markets, and artisanal producers has dovetailed with a renewed passion for wild delicacies. On the forefront of this movement is longtime "huntress" Connie Green, who sells her gathered goods across the country and to Napa Valley's finest chefs including Thomas Keller and Michael Mina. Taking readers into the woods and on the roadside, The Wild Table features more than forty wild mushrooms, plants, and berries- from prize morels and chanterelles to fennel, ramps, winter greens, huckleberries, and more. Grouped by season (including Indian Summer), the delectable recipes-from Hedgehog Mushroom and Carmelized Onion Tart and Bacon-Wrapped Duck Stuffed Morels, to homemade Mulberry Ice Cream- provide step-by-step cooking techniques, explain how to find and prepare each ingredient, and feature several signature dishes from noted chefs. Each section also features enchanting essays capturing the essence of each ingredient, along with stories of foraging in the natural world. The Wild Table is an invitation to the romantic, mysterious, and delicious world of exotic foraged food. With gorgeous photography throughout, this book will appeal to any serious gatherer, but it will also transport the armchair forager and bring to life the abundant flavors around us. Watch a Video

Fresh and Wild Cookbook A Real Food Adventure

Fresh and Wild Cookbook  A Real Food Adventure Author Ysanne Spevack
ISBN-10 9780007542772
Release 2013-09-19
Pages 368
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Fresh and Wild is the hippest and most successful organic supermarket chain in the UK. Now organic cookery queen Ysanne Spevack has joined forces with Fresh and Wild to bring us a book packed with recipes using organic, healthy and adventurously unusual ingredients.