The Sister Paradox

The Sister Paradox Author Jack Campbell
ISBN-10 1942990405
Release 2017-03-31
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Liam is his parents' only child, and that's just fine with him.Until the day the sister-he-never-had shows up at school.Just to make it worse, the sword-wielding Kari tells him they have an important quest to complete.And that's how Liam finds himself dragged into another world, facing basilisks and unicorns, cursed objects, elves, and even a dragon, all magical and dangerous, but none more so than the sister he didn't have until that morning. A sister who turns out to be quite good with her sword, and ready to use it when faced with things like a dragon as long as her brother is at her side.Liam begins to realize two things: it's going to be a very long day, and having a sister can be weird.But most unsettling of all, he's not sure he minds...

The Congr gation de Notre Dame Superiors and the Paradox of Power 1693 1796

The Congr  gation de Notre Dame  Superiors  and the Paradox of Power  1693 1796 Author Colleen Gray
ISBN-10 9780773574724
Release 2008
Pages 287
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Gray focuses on the social, administrative, political, and spiritual dimensions of the lives of three Congr gation superiors - Marie Barbier, Marie-Jos phe Maugue-Garreau, and Marie Raizenne. By exploring the implications of the hierarchies of power within the convent and providing a thorough analysis of the convent's relationship with the social, religious, and governmental structures that surrounded it - taking into account both medieval and Catholic Reformation Europe and seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Canada - Gray reveals the paradoxes inherent in the position of a female superior within the male-dominated sphere of both the church and the larger secular community.

Family Business as Paradox

Family Business as Paradox Author A. Schuman
ISBN-10 9780230291768
Release 2010-10-13
Pages 210
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Rather than having to choose between the family and the business, the authors argue that if family-owned businesses can consciously manage and over time, perhaps, synthesize these contradictions, the Family Enterprise will have a long-term strategic and competitive advantage and the family will remain committed to continuity.

Natural Selection s Paradox

Natural Selection s Paradox Author Carter Stroud
ISBN-10 9781419692741
Release 2008-08-21
Pages 373
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An important addition to understanding natural selection, these essays redefine wealth and identify a sustainable spirituality using the perspectives of scientific research and historical wisdom.

Paradox And The Family System

Paradox And The Family System Author Camillo Loriedo
ISBN-10 9781135822484
Release 2013-10-28
Pages 240
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This book is about the implications of constructivism for instructional design practices, and more importantly, it is about a dialogue between instructional developers and learning theorists. Working with colleagues in each discipline, the editors were amazed to find a general lack of familiarity with each others' work. From an instructional design perspective, it seems that the practice of instructional design must be based on some conception of how people learn and what it means to learn. From a learning theory perspective, it seems obvious that the value of learning theory rests in the ability to predict the impact of alternative learning environments or instructional practices on what is learned. Thus the interchange of ideas between these disciplines is essential. As a consequence of both the information rich environment and the technological capability, business is seen moving away from a fixed curriculum and toward providing information and instruction when it is needed. These changes bring about a window of opportunity establishing a dialogue that will provide for a richer understanding of learning and the instructional environment required to achieve that learning. The editors hope that this book is the beginning of the conversation and that it will serve to spur continued conversation between those involved in learning theory and those involved in the design of instruction.

Order In Paradox Myth Ritual And Exchange Among Nepal S Tamang

Order In Paradox Myth  Ritual And Exchange Among Nepal S Tamang Author David H. Holmberg
ISBN-10 8120813693
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 298
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This lively account of ritual, religion, and exchange in the Tamang society of Nepal is sophisticated and well written. Holmberg draws on his informative descriptions of Tamang Buddhism for comparativist insights into marriage exchange caste, sacrifice, and the coherence of religious fields..... The study illuminates the diversity of types of sacrifice the study illuminates the diversity of types of sacrifice the interplay of spoken and written ritual languages and the paradox of exchange that differentiates while promising to unify

The Grandfather Paradox

The Grandfather Paradox Author Dave Means
ISBN-10 9781430301578
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 280
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He was a government employed scientist, pulled from a mundain two-month study aboard a research ship stationed off the coast of Alaska. Vance Carr's superiors send him to investigate and identify a mysterious object discovered in a glacier, an object soon found to be something beyond comprehension; or belief. With his colleages, Carr unravels a mystery whose origin not only dates generations into the future, but also the past. He soon finds himself caught up in the greatest paradox known to man, one whose outcome carries the fate of the world's population.

Strange Wives The Paradox of Biblical Intermarriage

Strange Wives  The Paradox of Biblical Intermarriage Author Stanley Ned Rosenbaum, Ph.D
ISBN-10 9780986322600
Release 2014-12-15
Pages 366
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Strange Wives: The Paradox of Biblical Intermarriage is an unorthodox look at a controversial subject. It is written in an unconventionally conversational style by a traditionally trained scholar and an ordained rabbi. The book traces the history of attitudes toward "marrying out" and demonstrates that the famous edict of Ezra that Jews divorce their "strange wives" was in fact a departure from earlier assumptions and practice. At the same time, it illuminates the nature of personal relationships and family interactions during the biblical period.

Paradox and Post Christianity Hardy s Engagements with Religious Tradition and the Bible

Paradox and Post Christianity  Hardy s Engagements with Religious Tradition and the Bible Author 粟野修司
ISBN-10 4921146039
Release 1999-12
Pages 304
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Paradox and Post Christianity Hardy s Engagements with Religious Tradition and the Bible has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Paradox and Post Christianity Hardy s Engagements with Religious Tradition and the Bible also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Paradox and Post Christianity Hardy s Engagements with Religious Tradition and the Bible book for free.

Conrad and the Paradox of Plot

Conrad and the Paradox of Plot Author S. Land
ISBN-10 9781349072743
Release 1984-06-18
Pages 311
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Conrad and the Paradox of Plot has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Conrad and the Paradox of Plot also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Conrad and the Paradox of Plot book for free.

The Tragic Paradox

The Tragic Paradox Author Leonard Moss
ISBN-10 9780739171226
Release 2014-03-24
Pages 262
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Paradox informs the narrative sequence, images, and rhetorical tactics contrived by skilled dramatists and novelists. Their literary languages depict not only a war between rivals but also simultaneous affirmation and negation voiced by a tragic individual. They reveal the treason, flux, and duplicity brought into play by an unrelenting drive for respect. Their patterns of speech, action, and image project a convergence of polarities, the convergence of integrity and radical change, of constancy and infidelity. A fanatical drive to fulfill a traditional code of masculine conduct produces the ironic consequence of de-forming that code—the tragic paradox. Tragic literature exploits irony. In Athenian and Shakespearean tragedy, self-righteous male or female aristocrats instigate their own disgrace, shame, and guilt, an un-expected diminishment. They are victimized by a magnificent obsession, a fantasy of un-alloyed authority or virtue, a dream of perfect self-sufficiency or trust. The authors of tragedy revised the concept of “nobility” to reflect the strange fact that grandeur elicits its own annulment. “Strengths by strengths do fail,” Shakespeare wrote in Coriolanus. The playwrights made this paradoxical predicament concrete with a narrative format that equates self-assertion with self-detraction, images that revolve between incredible reversals and provisional reinstatements, and speech that sounds impressively weighty but masks deception, disloyalty, cynicism, and insecurity. Three heroic philosophers, Plato, Hegel, and Nietzsche, contributed invaluable but contrasting accounts of these literary languages (Aristotle's Poetics will be discussed in connection with Plato's attitude toward poetry). Their divergent descriptions can be reconciled to show that invalidations as well as affirmations—the transmission of contraries—are essential for tragic composition. An equivocal rhetoric, a mutable imagery, and an ironic progression convey the tortuous pursuit of personal preeminence or (in later tragic works by Kafka and Strindberg) family solidarity and communal safety. I am trying to integrate the disparate arguments offered by several notable theorists with technical procedures fashioned by the Athenian dramatists and recast by Shakespeare and other writers, procedures that articulate the tragic paradox.

Paradox and Counterparadox

Paradox and Counterparadox Author Mara Selvini Palazzoli
ISBN-10 9781461629917
Release 1994-08-01
Pages 202
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Paradox and Counterparadox introduces the English-speaking public to the first results of a research plan drawn up my the Milan Center for Family Studies at the end of 1971 and put into practice at the beginning of 1972. The book reports the therapeutic work carried out by the authors with fifteen families, five with children presenting serious psychotic disturbances, and ten with young adults diagnosed as schizophrenics in acute phase. Though accepting the Bleulerian term schizophrenia, by now in general use, the authors have used it to indicate not the sickness of an individual–as in the traditional medical model–but a peculiar pattern of communication inseparable from the other patterns of communication observable in the natural group (in this case, the family) in which it manifests itself. Starting from the position that modern sciences concerned with communication emphasize the central role of paradox as the source of paralyzing disturbances as well as of creative transformations, the authors demonstrate that it is possible to intervene in a family in schizophrenic transaction by devising original and paradoxical methods in order to release the action-pattern from disturbance to transformation. The counterparadoxes generated in this process, illustrated through a great number of examples, are rigorously analyzed in accordance with the conceptual models provided by general systems theory, by cybernetics, and by the pragmatics of human communication. The reader will recognize, in the cases presented, the stimulating originality and efficacy of this approach, one whose interest exceeds the purely clinical and which offers new points of departure for an ecologic vision of human relationships. A Jason Aronson Book

The Maria Paradox

The Maria Paradox Author Rosa Maria Gil
ISBN-10 9781497672796
Release 2014-07-15
Pages 273
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In a lively, anecdotal manner, the authors show how to balance old-world values with contemporary North America, whether the issue is juggling career and family demands, turning the traditional marriage into a partnership, awakening and accepting one’s own sexuality, seeking help with emotional problems outside the family, or learning to stand up for one’s feelings and rights. Filled with real-life success stories and wise, compassionate advice, The Maria Paradox details how any Latina can enjoy the best of both worlds and become her own person at last.

The Paradox

The Paradox Author Charlie Fletcher
ISBN-10 9780356502878
Release 2015-08-18
Pages 400
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The last members of the secret society known as the Oversight still patrol the border between the natural and supernatural, holding a candle to the darkness. But the society's new members are unproven, its veterans weary and battle-scarred. Their vulnerability brings new enemies to London, and surprising new allies from across the sea. But most surprising of all are revelations about the Oversight's past, secrets that will expose the true peril of the world in which their friends Sharp and Sara are trapped - the riddle of the Black Mirrors, and what lies beyond. And the catastrophic danger that will follow the duo home, if they ever manage to return. The dark waters rise. The candle is guttering. But the light still remains. For now . . .

Sexual Paradox Complementarity Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence

Sexual Paradox  Complementarity  Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence Author Christine Fielder
ISBN-10 9781411655324
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 560
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Unlocks the keys to the paradox of how sexual selection fertilized the explosion of culture, and the resulting fallout, in sexual dominion of man over woman and nature. How sexuality generates the universe, through symmetry-broken complementarity. The implicit conflict of interests of sexual intrigue, in the prisoners' dilemma, and its ecstatic resolution in the cosmology of love. Sexual dominance as a koan for planetary crises. 560 pages containing 270 illustrations.

The Faithless Paradox

The Faithless Paradox Author Jeffrey Leonard
ISBN-10 9781609760960
Release 2013-04
Pages 784
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The violent death of the disgraced former head of counter espionage in the Australian Federal Police sets the pace for this novel of deceit and betrayal on an international scale. The action races from the Middle East to Australia, from Israel to Russia and back again, at every moment building the sense of tension as people's lives are changed in ways that cannot be imagined. In Israel, we see brother fighting against brother with the intelligence services at war with the government, and the government on the brink of collapse. America, exhausted after a lifetime of being the world's policeman, is looking for a new role, while traditional enemies wait in the wings to take over. The centre of gravity of world power is moving forever away from Europe to the Middle East, but will the final victors be the ones who expect to be? The climax is a masterpiece of tension and labyrinthine in its plot, unpredictable to the end. It is literally "unputdownable " Originally from post-World War II Liverpool, England, Jeffrey Leonard moved to Australia when he was 18 years old. Publisher's website: http: //

The Witchdoctor Paradox

The Witchdoctor Paradox Author Barry Tyrrell
ISBN-10 9781460280782
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 276
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Tshiremba, the great witchdoctor, has a ruthless scheme to subjugate the Zulus of kwaZulu -- Natal to his own ends in the "New" South Africa. Dr. Philemon Thlabati, is a thorn in his side, and Tshiremba is not above using ancient witchcraft to destroy his enemies. But the life of Philemon Thlabati is also influenced by powerful forces; and centuries old Zulu stories foretell of a destiny that must be fulfilled. Philemon and his friends set out on a quest to solve the mystery of a lost tribe; and along the way they find adventure, unexpected romance, and the legacy of a princess. The setting for this tale is the beautiful rolling hills, mountains and rivers of Zululand, South Africa -- Shaka Zulu's former domain. There, an epic battle between good and evil is fought with clubs, spears and cunning; and by summoning the precocious spirits of the ancestors.