The Power of Sensitivity

The Power of Sensitivity Author Ted Zeff
ISBN-10 0966074548
Release 2014-12-09
Pages 202
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The book contains 44 success stories that have been submitted from sensitive people from 10 different countries. Highly Sensitive People throughout the world have shared their triumphs and happiness living with the trait of high sensitivity, which will empower the global HSP community.

The Power of Sensitivity Analysis and Thoughts on Models with Large Numbers of Parameters

The Power of Sensitivity Analysis and Thoughts on Models with Large Numbers of Parameters Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:727222922
Release 2008
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The regulatory systems that allow cells to adapt to their environments are exceedingly complex, and although we know a great deal about the intricate mechanistic details of many of these systems, our ability to make accurate predictions about their system-level behaviors is severely limited. We would like to make such predictions for a number of reasons. How can we reverse dysfunctional molecular changes of these systems that cause disease? More generally, how can we harness and direct cellular activities for beneficial purposes? Our ability to make accurate predictions about a system is also a measure ofour fundamental understanding of that system. As evidenced by our mastery of technological systems, a useful understanding ofa complex system can often be obtained through the development and analysis ofa mathematical model, but predictive modeling of cellular regulatory systems, which necessarily relies on quantitative experimentation, is still in its infancy. There is much that we need to learn before modeling for practical applications becomes routine. In particular, we need to address a number of issues surrounding the large number of parameters that are typically found in a model for a cellular regulatory system.

A Comparison of the Power and Sensitivity of the Coefficient of Concordance and Weighted Average Tau for Selected Parameters

A Comparison of the Power and Sensitivity of the Coefficient of Concordance and Weighted Average Tau for Selected Parameters Author Carol Lee Stamm
ISBN-10 WISC:89010807519
Release 1974
Pages 220
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A Comparison of the Power and Sensitivity of the Coefficient of Concordance and Weighted Average Tau for Selected Parameters has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Comparison of the Power and Sensitivity of the Coefficient of Concordance and Weighted Average Tau for Selected Parameters also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Comparison of the Power and Sensitivity of the Coefficient of Concordance and Weighted Average Tau for Selected Parameters book for free.

Sensitivity Unveiled

Sensitivity Unveiled Author Ihrén Abrahamsson
ISBN-10 9781624881671
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 102
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Did you know that all humans are gifted with sensitivity? Perhaps you have felt it, or know someone who has. Let these renowned experts teach you what sensitivity really means. Have you ever wondered why you reacted so strongly to people, places or circumstances compared to those around you who seemed to take it in stride? Have you ever gotten angry at yourself because of how easily your feelings got hurt and you vowed never to let it happen again? If so, you might be living with a higher sensitivity than most people do. This is neither a diagnosis or something that needs to be changed. Rather it is something that needs to be recognized, accepted and appreciated. This book will give you the nuts and bolts on what it means to be a sensitive person, provided by renowned experts. There is a power within you that is called sensitivity - and you can learn how to use it.

Design Sensitivity

Design Sensitivity Author Mark W. Lipsey
ISBN-10 0803930631
Release 1990
Pages 207
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All researchers face an important challenge - designing research that will have sufficient sensitivity to detect those effects it purports to investigate. Sample size, validity and sensitivity, experimental error, subject variability, and the type of statistical analysis all influence the sensitivity of a research design. Through careful explanations and selection of examples, Lipsey examines the concept of design sensitivity and explains statistical power and the elements that determine it.

Photographic Sensitivity

Photographic Sensitivity Author Tadaaki Tani
ISBN-10 0195361067
Release 1995-11-30
Pages 264
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Notwithstanding the current excitement surrounding cutting-edge digital imaging techniques, photographic film still provides the highest resolution and most beautiful images of any medium available. For the first time in nearly 20 years, Photographic Sensitivity: Theory and Mechanisms offers a comprehensive, systematic description of the subject, stressing in particular the characteristics of silver halide photography. Topics range from how to prepare silver halide grains and latent image formation to spectral and chemical sensitization to the future of silver halide photography. Based on the author's more than 30 years' experience in the field, Photographic Sensitivity will appeal to a wide range of readers, including students, chemists, and physicists working with silver halide imaging techniques and solid state imaging.

Social Sensitivity

Social Sensitivity Author James M. Ostrow
ISBN-10 0791402150
Release 1990
Pages 137
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The author develops a phenomenological theory of the social structure of immediate experience. At the heart of this study is a theory of habitual sensitivity that originates in the writings of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and John Dewey. The author develops this theory as an alternative to Schutz s theory of taken-for-granted knowledge, which has had a pervasive influence on how phenomenology has been understood and applied within sociology. Each chapter expands on Ostrow s claim that the world is inherently social, by virtue of the sensitivity that immerses us within it before it ever becomes an object of reflection."

The Sea of Sensitivity

The Sea of Sensitivity Author Don C. Nix
ISBN-10 1462061699
Release 2011-10-27
Pages 96
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Wonder is the invisible component of transformation. It is a special kind of consciousness, an expanded state that involves both the mind and the heart. It focuses the mind on generative Being, and produces a subtle thrill throughout the mind and body, as perceptions of and connection to the Cosmos emerge in experience. Wonder opens the mind to Being, and the body to experiences of depth and sacredness. If the state persists for any length of time, it will create experiences of mystery and infinity. It opens the eyes. It opens the heart. It generates gratitude, as we contemplate the grace cascading upon us, and perceive ourselves in a context of Vastness. It causes us, for a moment, to step outside of our separateness and open ourselves to the Cosmos. Wonder is vastly under-rated. It is not usually considered in the list of human experiences that we consider to be important states in life, such as love, compassion and joy. It deserves more of our attention, however, because wonder is a unique door opening, a portal to connection with the invisible, living, generative Field of Being that surrounds us and sustains our life on this Earth. Wonder is, in the moment, a heightened sensitivity to the miraculous that enfolds us every moment that we are alive. It lifts us out of our torpor. If we can wake ourselves from our sleep, we will find ourselves living in a perpetual state of wonder.

Design of Observational Studies

Design of Observational Studies Author Paul R. Rosenbaum
ISBN-10 9781441912138
Release 2009-10-22
Pages 384
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An observational study is an empiric investigation of effects caused by treatments when randomized experimentation is unethical or infeasible. Observational studies are common in most fields that study the effects of treatments on people, including medicine, economics, epidemiology, education, psychology, political science and sociology. The quality and strength of evidence provided by an observational study is determined largely by its design. Design of Observational Studies is both an introduction to statistical inference in observational studies and a detailed discussion of the principles that guide the design of observational studies. Design of Observational Studies is divided into four parts. Chapters 2, 3, and 5 of Part I cover concisely, in about one hundred pages, many of the ideas discussed in Rosenbaum’s Observational Studies (also published by Springer) but in a less technical fashion. Part II discusses the practical aspects of using propensity scores and other tools to create a matched comparison that balances many covariates. Part II includes a chapter on matching in R. In Part III, the concept of design sensitivity is used to appraise the relative ability of competing designs to distinguish treatment effects from biases due to unmeasured covariates. Part IV discusses planning the analysis of an observational study, with particular reference to Sir Ronald Fisher’s striking advice for observational studies, "make your theories elaborate." The second edition of his book, Observational Studies, was published by Springer in 2002.

High Sensitivity Magnetometers

High Sensitivity Magnetometers Author Asaf Grosz
ISBN-10 9783319340708
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 576
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This book gathers, for the first time, an overview of nearly all of the magnetic sensors that exist today. The book is offering the readers a thorough and comprehensive knowledge from basics to state-of-the-art and is therefore suitable for both beginners and experts. From the more common and popular AMR magnetometers and up to the recently developed NV center magnetometers, each chapter is describing a specific type of sensor and providing all the information that is necessary to understand the magnetometer behavior including theoretical background, noise model, materials, electronics, design and fabrication techniques, etc.

Deleuze and the Body

Deleuze and the Body Author Laura Guillaume
ISBN-10 9780748688043
Release 2011-03-22
Pages 240
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A collection of essays on the approaches and applications of Deleuze's philosophy to the bodyUsing a variety of contemporary cultural, scientific and philosophical lines of enquiry, the contributors produce a truly multidisciplinary view of the Deleuzian body, inviting us to look afresh at art, movement and literature.The Deleuzian body is not necessarily a human body, but the lines of enquiry here all illuminate the idea of the human body and thinking about formation, origins and becoming in relation to power, creativity and affect.

Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis Volume II

Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis  Volume II Author Dan G. Cacuci
ISBN-10 020348357X
Release 2005-05-16
Pages 368
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As computer-assisted modeling and analysis of physical processes have continued to grow and diversify, sensitivity and uncertainty analyses have become indispensable scientific tools. Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis. Volume I: Theory focused on the mathematical underpinnings of two important methods for such analyses: the Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Procedure and the Global Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Procedure. This volume concentrates on the practical aspects of performing these analyses for large-scale systems. The applications addressed include two-phase flow problems, a radiative convective model for climate simulations, and large-scale models for numerical weather prediction.

The Sensitivity Principle in Epistemology

The Sensitivity Principle in Epistemology Author Kelly Becker
ISBN-10 9781107004238
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 281
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Provides new thinking on the compelling subject of 'sensitivity' - a principle typically characterized as a necessary condition for knowledge.

Entry Inhibitoren

Entry Inhibitoren Author Hans Jäger
ISBN-10 9783540783572
Release 2008-04-24
Pages 166
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HIV / AIDS ist durch wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt zu einer chronisch behandelbaren Erkrankung geworden. Hierzu haben ein besseres Verständnis der Virusreplikation, die Möglichkeit, die Virusbelastung im Blut direkt zu messen, sowie neue Medikamente beigetragen. Die Klasse der Entry Inhibitoren - Maraviroc (Celsentri) - die erste oral verfügbare Substanz dieser Klasse - hat entscheidenden Anteil daran, dass auch Patienten mit sehr langer Therapievorerfahrung heute bzgl. ihrer Lebenserwartung einen offenen Horizont haben. Der Einsatz in der frühen HIV Infektion wird derzeit untersucht.

The Power of Human Imagination

The Power of Human Imagination Author Jerome L. Singer
ISBN-10 9781461339410
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 426
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For at least half of the twentieth century, psychology and the other mental health professions all but ignored the significant adaptive pos sibilities of the human gift of imagery. Our capacity seemingly to duplicate sights, sounds, and other sensory experiences through some form of central brain process continues to remain a mysterious, alma st miraculous skill. Because imagery is so much a private experience, experimental psychologists found it hard to measure and turned their attentian to observable behaviors that could easily be studied in ani maIs as well as in humans. Psychoanalysts and others working with the emotionally disturbed continued to take imagery informatian se riously in the form of dream reports, transferenee fantasies, and as indications of hallucinations or delusions. On the whole, however, they emphasized the maladaptive aspects of the phenomena, the dis tortions and defensiveness or the "regressive" qualities of daydreams and sequences of images. The present volume grows out of a long series of investigations by the senior author that have suggested that daydreaming and the stream of consciousness are not simply manifestations in adult life of persist ing phenomena of childhood. Rather, the data suggest that imagery sequences represent a major system of encoding and transforming information, a basic human capacity that is inevitably part of the brain's storage process and one that has enormous potential for adap tive utility. A companian volume, The Stream of Consciousness, edited by Kenneth S. Pope and Jerome L.

Pll Performance Simulation and Design

Pll Performance  Simulation and Design Author Dean Banerjee
ISBN-10 9781598581348
Release 2006-08
Pages 344
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This book is intended for the reader who wishes to gain a solid understanding of Phase Locked Loop architectures and their applications. It provides a unique balance between both theoretical perspectives and practical design trade-offs. Engineers faced with real world design problems will find this book to be a valuable reference providing example implementations, the underlying equations that describe synthesizer behavior, and measured results that will improve confidence that the equations are a reliable predictor of system behavior. New material in the Fourth Edition includes partially integrated loop filter implementations, voltage controlled oscillators, and modulation using the PLL.

Numerical Methods in Sensitivity Analysis and Shape Optimization

Numerical Methods in Sensitivity Analysis and Shape Optimization Author Emmanuel Laporte
ISBN-10 9781461200697
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 194
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Sensitivity analysis and optimal shape design are key issues in engineering that have been affected by advances in numerical tools currently available. This book, and its supplementary online files, presents basic optimization techniques that can be used to compute the sensitivity of a given design to local change, or to improve its performance by local optimization of these data. The relevance and scope of these techniques have improved dramatically in recent years because of progress in discretization strategies, optimization algorithms, automatic differentiation, software availability, and the power of personal computers. Numerical Methods in Sensitivity Analysis and Shape Optimization will be of interest to graduate students involved in mathematical modeling and simulation, as well as engineers and researchers in applied mathematics looking for an up-to-date introduction to optimization techniques, sensitivity analysis, and optimal design.