The Politics of Transindividuality

The Politics of Transindividuality Author Jason Read
ISBN-10 9789004305151
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 320
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The Politics of Transindividuality proposes a new understanding of not just the relation of the individual to the collective, but of politics and economics, one that can not only keep pace with existing transformations of capital but ultimately contest them.

The Politics of Transindividuality

The Politics of Transindividuality Author Jason Read
ISBN-10 1608466965
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 320
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In this stimulating and wide-ranging study, Jason Read uses the concept of transindividuality to re-examine social relation sand subjectivity.

Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization

Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization Author Hasana Sharp
ISBN-10 9780226750743
Release 2011-08-30
Pages 242
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There have been many Spinozas over the centuries: atheist, romantic pantheist, great thinker of the multitude, advocate of the liberated individual, and rigorous rationalist. The common thread connecting all of these clashing perspectives is Spinoza’s naturalism, the idea that humanity is part of nature, not above it. In this sophisticated new interpretation of Spinoza’s iconoclastic philosophy, Hasana Sharp draws on his uncompromising naturalism to rethink human agency, ethics, and political practice. Sharp uses Spinoza to outline a practical wisdom of “renaturalization,” showing how ideas, actions, and institutions are never merely products of human intention or design, but outcomes of the complex relationships among natural forces beyond our control. This lack of a metaphysical or moral division between humanity and the rest of nature, Sharp contends, can provide the basis for an ethical and political practice free from the tendency to view ourselves as either gods or beasts. Sharp’s groundbreaking argument critically engages with important contemporary thinkers—including deep ecologists, feminists, and race and critical theorists—making Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization vital for a wide range of scholars.

Plural Temporality

Plural Temporality Author Vittorio Morfino
ISBN-10 9789004270558
Release 2014-06-06
Pages 204
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Plural Temporality traces out a dynamic historical relationship between the texts of Spinoza and of Althusser. It interrogates Spinoza’s text through Althusser and vice versa regarding the question of materialism.

Between Hegel and Spinoza

Between Hegel and Spinoza Author Hasana Sharp
ISBN-10 9781441166906
Release 2012-10-04
Pages 224
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Recent work in political philosophy and the history of ideas presents Spinoza and Hegel as the most powerful living alternatives to mainstream Enlightenment thought. Yet, for many philosophers and political theorists today, one must choose between Hegel or Spinoza. As Deleuze's influential interpretation maintains, Hegel exemplifies and promotes the modern "cults of death," while Spinoza embodies an irrepressible "appetite for living." Hegel is the figure of negation, while Spinoza is the thinker of "pure affirmation". Yet, between Hegel and Spinoza there is not only opposition. This collection of essays seeks to find the suppressed kinship between Hegel and Spinoza. Both philosophers offer vigorous and profound alternatives to the methodological individualism of classical liberalism. Likewise, they sketch portraits of reason that are context-responsive and emotionally contoured, offering an especially rich appreciation of our embodied and historical existence. The authors of this collection carefully lay the groundwork for a complex and delicate alliance between these two great iconoclasts, both within and against the Enlightenment tradition.

The Micro Politics of Capital

The Micro Politics of Capital Author Jason Read
ISBN-10 0791458431
Release 2003-09-11
Pages 213
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Re-reads Marx in light of the contemporary critical interrogation of subjectivity.

The Radical Machiavelli

The Radical Machiavelli Author
ISBN-10 9789004287686
Release 2015-07-24
Pages 484
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Machiavelli beyond Republicanism: Politics, Philosophy, and Language offers a partial and even partisan reading of Machiavelli, whose thought continues to divide interpreters, forcing them to confront their responsibility as contemporary thinkers in a global society.


Equaliberty Author Étienne Balibar
ISBN-10 9780822355649
Release 2014-02-21
Pages 365
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First published in French in 2010, Equaliberty brings together essays by Étienne Balibar, one of the preeminent political theorists of our time. The book is organized around "equaliberty," a term coined by Balibar to connote the tension between the two ideals of modern democracy: equality (of social rights and political representation) and liberty (the freedom citizens have to contest the social contract). Balibar's theory of equaliberty pits the rights of the person against those of the citizen. He finds the tension between these different kinds of rights to be ingrained in the constitutional nation-state. At the same time, he seeks to keep rights discourse open, eschewing natural rights in favor of rights as a project of states and citizens. Deeply engaged with other thinkers, including Arendt, Rancière, and Laclau, he posits a theory of the state based on social relations. InEqualiberty Balibar brings both the continental and analytic philosophical traditions to bear on the conflicted relations between humanity and citizenship.

The Political Unconscious of Architecture

The Political Unconscious of Architecture Author Nadir Lahiji
ISBN-10 1409426394
Release 2011
Pages 334
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Thirty years have passed since eminent cultural and literary critic Fredric Jameson wrote his classic work, The Political Unconscious: Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act, in which he insisted that there is nothing that is not social and historical - indeed, that everything is 'in the last analysis' political. Bringing together a team of leading scholars this book critically examines the important contribution made by this eminent cultural and literary critic, and breaks new ground in architectural criticism, offering insights into the interrelationships between politics, culture, space, and architecture. Fredric Jameson himself provides an afterword.

Conflict Power and Multitude in Machiavelli and Spinoza

Conflict  Power  and Multitude in Machiavelli and Spinoza Author Filippo Del Lucchese
ISBN-10 9781441150622
Release 2009-10-27
Pages 209
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The first comprehensive study of the relationship between Machiavelli and Spinoza's political philosophy.

The Philosophy of Marx

The Philosophy of Marx Author Etienne Balibar
ISBN-10 1859849512
Release 1995-01
Pages 139
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Providing a lucid and accessible introduction to Marx, complete with pedagogical boxes, a chronology and guides to further reading, Etienne Balibar makes the most difficult areas of his philosophy easy to understand. One of the most influential French philosophers to have emerged from the 1960s, Balibar brings a lifetime of study and expertise to create a brilliantly concise portrait of Marx that will initiate the student and intrigue the scholar. He examines all the key areas of Marx's writings, including his early works, The Communist Manifesto, The German Ideology and Capital, explaining their wider historical and theoretical context. Making clear such concepts as class struggle, ideology, humanism, progress, determinism, commodity fetishism and the state, Balibar includes brief yet incisive biographical studies of key Marxists such as Althusser, Gramsci, Engels and Lenin. The Philosophy of Marx will become the standard guide to Marx's thought.

Political Theory and the Modern State

Political Theory and the Modern State Author David Held
ISBN-10 9780745667102
Release 2013-04-24
Pages 276
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This volume offers an incisive overview of central issues and controversies in political thought and analysis. It includes major discussions of the idea of the modern state, contemporary theories of the state, problems of power and legitimation, new forms of democratic ideal, citizenship and social movements, the direction of public policy and the fate of sovereignty in the modern global system. While analysing these topics, the author critically assesses the thought of many of those who have contributed decisively to political discussion. Among those whose works are discussed are classic figures such as Hobbes, Locke, Mill and Marx, as well as contemporary writers such as Habermas, Offe and Giddens. Political Theory and the Modern State is an ideal resource for students seeking an introduction to modern politics and political sociology. It is also an original statement about the many competing perspectives in political thought today.


Fanaticism Author Alberto Toscano
ISBN-10 184467424X
Release 2010
Pages 277
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Explores the critical role fanaticism played in forming modern politics and the liberal state, and undermines the idea that liberalism and fanaticism are irrevocably opposed, in part by arguing that fanaticism has been at the very heart of politics throughout history.


Multitude Author Michael Hardt
ISBN-10 9781101010419
Release 2005-07-26
Pages 448
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In their international bestseller Empire, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri presented a grand unified vision of a world in which the old forms of imperialism are no longer effective. But what of Empire in an age of “American empire”? Has fear become our permanent condition and democracy an impossible dream? Such pessimism is profoundly mistaken, the authors argue. Empire, by interconnecting more areas of life, is actually creating the possibility for a new kind of democracy, allowing different groups to form a multitude, with the power to forge a democratic alternative to the present world order.Exhilarating in its optimism and depth of insight, Multitude consolidates Hardt and Negri’s stature as two of the most important political philosophers at work in the world today.

Crowds and Party

Crowds and Party Author Jodi Dean
ISBN-10 9781781686720
Release 2016-02-23
Pages 288
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How do mass protests become an organized activist collective? Crowds and Party channels the energies of the riotous crowds who took to the streets in the past five years into an argument for the political party. Rejecting the emphasis on individuals and multitudes, Jodi Dean argues that we need to rethink the collective subject of politics. When crowds appear in spaces unauthorized by capital and the state—such as in the Occupy movement in New York, London and across the world—they create a gap of possibility. But too many on the Left remain stuck in this beautiful moment of promise—they argue for more of the same, further fragmenting issues and identities, rehearsing the last thirty years of left-wing defeat. In Crowds and Party, Dean argues that previous discussions of the party have missed its affective dimensions, the way it operates as a knot of unconscious processes and binds people together. Dean shows how we can see the party as an organization that can reinvigorate political practice. From the Hardcover edition.


Dividuum Author Gerald Raunig
ISBN-10 9781584351801
Release 2016-02-19
Pages 208
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Raunig develops a philosophy of dividuality as a way of addressing contemporary modes of production and forms of life.

Marx and Singularity

Marx and Singularity Author Luca Basso
ISBN-10 9789004233867
Release 2012-11-23
Pages 205
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In this work, Luca Basso analyses how the development of Marx's thought, from the early writings to the 'Grundrisse', can be understood as a search for the realisation of workers' singularities.