The Eloquence of the Vulgar Language Cinema and the Politics of Culture

The Eloquence of the Vulgar  Language  Cinema and the Politics of Culture Author Colin MacCabe
ISBN-10 0851706770
Release 1999-03-29
Pages 184
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Cultural theorist Colin McCabe reflects on cultural change from Shakespeare to Derek Jarman, on the institutional forms of knowledge, on the links between the popular and elite art, and on the role of the intellectual in contemporary life.

True to the Spirit

True to the Spirit Author Colin MacCabe
ISBN-10 9780199792610
Release 2011-01-26
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Fifty percent of Hollywood productions each year are adaptations--films that use an already published book, dramatic work, or comic as their source material. If the original is well known, then for most spectators the question of whether these adaptations are "true to the spirit" of the original is central. The recent wave of adaptation studies dismisses the question of fidelity as irrelevant, mistaken, or an affront to the unstable nature of meaning itself. The essays gathered here, mixing the field's top authorities (Andrew, Gunning, Jameson, Mulvey, and Naremore) with fresh new voices, take the question of correspondence between source and adaptation as seriously as do producers and audiences. Spanning examples from Shakespeare to Ghost World, and addressing such notable directors as Welles, Kubrick, Hawks, Tarkovsky, and Ophuls, the contributors write against the grain of recent adaption studies by investigating the question of what fidelity might mean in its broadest and truest sense, what it might reveal of the adaptive process, and why it is still one of the richest veins of investigation in the study of cinema.

Moving Pictures Migrating Identities

Moving Pictures  Migrating Identities Author
ISBN-10 1617034347
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Moving Pictures Migrating Identities has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Moving Pictures Migrating Identities also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Moving Pictures Migrating Identities book for free.

Re imagining Cultural Studies

Re imagining Cultural Studies Author Andrew Milner
ISBN-10 9781412933001
Release 2002-06-12
Pages 224
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'His wealth of scholarship and sharp insights make this a very fine book indeed. It is probably the fullest statement of Raymond Williams's enduring influence upon cultural studies' - Jim McGuigan, University of Loughborough 'An accessible, engaging book' - TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies This important book traces the continuing influence on contemporary cultural studies of the kinds of cultural materialism developed by Raymond Williams and his successors. Williams now often appears in cultural studies as a vaguely remembered 'founding father', rather than a theorist whose work is still actively relevant to our present condition. Milner's book restores Williams to a central position in relation to the formation and development of cultural studies. It stresses the differences between Williams and that other founding father, Richard Hoggart, arguing that the label 'culturalism' cannot properly be applied to both. It argues that Williams stands in an essentially analogous relation to the British 'culturalist' tradition as do Foucault and Bourdieu to French structuralism and Habermas to German critical theory and that his cultural materialism is not so much culturalist as positively 'post-culturalist'. To those who have complained that contemporary cultural studies is insufficiently concerned with history, embeddedness and political economy, Milner suggests that this is so, in part, because Williams has become such a neglected resource. The book is a much needed reappraisal of the Williams approach, correcting misinterpretations and demonstrating its singular relevance to the problems and potentials facing cultural studies today. What emerges most powerfully is a logically consistent and penetrating way of 'doing cultural studies' that successfully challenges many of the dominant approaches in the field.

Humor Entertainment and Popular Culture during World War I

Humor  Entertainment  and Popular Culture during World War I Author Clémentine Tholas-Disset
ISBN-10 9781137436436
Release 2015-05-06
Pages 288
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Humor and entertainment were vital to the war effort during World War I. While entertainment provided relief to soldiers in the trenches, it also built up support for the war effort on the home front. This book looks at transnational war culture by examining seemingly light-hearted discourses on the Great War.

The Visual Culture Reader

The Visual Culture Reader Author Nicholas Mirzoeff
ISBN-10 0415252229
Release 2002
Pages 737
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The diverse essays collected here constitute an exploration of the emerging interdisciplinary field of visual culture, and examine why modern and postmodern culture place such a premium on rendering experience in visual form.

Selling Shakespeare to Hollywood

Selling Shakespeare to Hollywood Author Emma French
ISBN-10 1902806514
Release 2006
Pages 223
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Breaking from traditional critiques of Shakespeare films based on either the aesthetics of the films or on a comparison between the film and source text, this new analysis of recent Shakespeare movies seeks to explain what makes such films commercial successes. Focusing particularly on three sub-genres—the teen Shakespeare film, the hybrid Shakespeare film, and the “faithful” adaptation—the author argues that the commercial success of the most popular films stems from blurring the line between the “traditional Shakespeare” and a more modern interpretation of the texts.

Television and Culture in Putin s Russia

Television and Culture in Putin s Russia Author Stephen Hutchings
ISBN-10 9781135277925
Release 2009-06-02
Pages 272
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This book examines television culture in Russia under the government of Vladimir Putin. In recent years, the growing influx into Russian television of globally mediated genres and formats has coincided with a decline in media freedom and a ratcheting up of government control over the content style of television programmes. All three national channels (First, Russia, NTV) have fallen victim to Putin’s power-obsessed regime. Journalists critical of his Chechnya policy have been subject to harassment and arrest; programmes courting political controversy, such as Savik Shuster’s Freedom of Speech (Svoboda slova) have been taken off the air; coverage of national holidays like Victory Day has witnessed a return of Soviet-style bombast; and reporting on crises, such as the Beslan tragedy, is severely curtailed. The book demonstrates how broadcasters have been enlisted in support of a transparent effort to install a latter-day version of imperial pride in Russian military achievements at the centre of a national identity project over which, from the depths of the Kremlin, Putin’s government exerts a form of remote control. However, central to the book's argument is the notion that because of the changes wrought upon Russian society after 1985, a blanket return to the totalitarianism of the Soviet media has, notwithstanding the tenor of much western reporting on the issue, not occurred. Despite the fact that television is nominally under state control, that control remains remote and less than wholly effective, as amply demonstrated in the audience research conducted for the book, and in analysis of contradictions at the textual level. Overall, this book provides a fascinating account of the role of television under President Putin, and will be of interest to all those wishing to understand contemporary Russian society.

How to Do Media and Cultural Studies

How to Do Media and Cultural Studies Author Jane Stokes
ISBN-10 9781446271704
Release 2012-11-16
Pages 264
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The Second Edition of this student favourite takes readers step-by-step through the theories, processes and methods of each stage of research, from how to create a research question to designing the project and writing it up. It gives students a clear sense of how their own work relates to broader scholarship and inspires understanding of why studying the media matters. Now 20% bigger, new features include: • Brand new chapters on the how and why of researching media and culture • All new case studies spotlighting the international media landscape • Online readings showing how methods get used in real research • Essential new material on ethnography, digital content analysis, online surveys and researching blogs. Perfect for students of all ranges, How to Do Media and Cultural Studies continues to provide the clearest and most accessible guide to media and cultural studies as students embark on their own research.

Blake Modernity and Popular Culture

Blake  Modernity and Popular Culture Author S. Clark
ISBN-10 9780230210776
Release 2007-04-11
Pages 240
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This book explores the ways in which Blake reacted to the subcultures of his day, as well as how he has inspired popular, modernist and postmodernist figures until the present day. Blake's influence on later generations of writers and artists is more important than ever, extending into film, psychology, children's literature and graphic novels.

Beautiful Monsters

Beautiful Monsters Author Michael Long
ISBN-10 9780520228979
Release 2008
Pages 311
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"A virtuoso performance. In this work of vastly erudite cultural imagination, Long both dazzles and illuminates. He has fashioned, in elegant prose, a thrilling mosaic of critical interpretation, one that is assured a central place on the leading edge of music scholarship."--Albin Zak, author of The Poetics of Rock: Cutting Tracks Making Records

Shakespeare on Screen

Shakespeare on Screen Author Sarah Hatchuel
ISBN-10 9781107113503
Release 2017-05-11
Pages 280
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The second volume in the re-launched series Shakespeare on Screen is devoted to The Tempest and Shakespeare's late romances, offering up-to-date coverage of recent screen versions as well as new critical reviews of older, canonical films. An international cast of authors explores not only productions from the USA and the UK, but also translations, adaptations and appropriations from Poland, Italy and France. Spanning a wide chronological range, from the first cinematic interpretation of Cymbeline in 1913 to The Royal Ballet's live broadcast of The Winter's Tale in 2014, the volume provides an extensive treatment of the plays' resonance for contemporary audiences. Supported by a film-bibliography, numerous illustrations and free online resources, the book will be an invaluable resource for students, scholars and teachers of film studies and Shakespeare studies.

Fictions of the City

Fictions of the City Author M. Taunton
ISBN-10 9780230244917
Release 2009-09-29
Pages 204
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Many studies of fictions of city life take the flâneur as the characteristic metropolitan type and streets and plazas as definitive urban spaces. Looking at novels and films set in London and Paris from L'Assommoir to Nil By Mouth , this book shows that mass housing is equally central to images of the modern city.

Derek Jarman and Lyric Film

Derek Jarman and Lyric Film Author Steven Dillon
ISBN-10 0292702248
Release 2004-04-01
Pages 271
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Derek Jarman was the most important independent filmmaker in England during the 1980s. Using emblems and symbols in associative contexts, rather than conventional, cause-and-effect narrative, he created films noteworthy for their lyricism and poetic feeling and for their exploration of the gay experience. His style of filmmaking also links Jarman with other prominent directors of lyric film, including Pier Paolo Pasolini, Andrei Tarkovsky, Jean Cocteau, and Jean Genet. This pathfinding book places Derek Jarman in the tradition of lyric film and offers incisive readings of all eleven of his feature-length films, from Sebastiane to Blue. Steven Dillon looks at Jarman and other directors working in a similar vein to establish how lyric films are composed through the use of visual imagery and actual poetry. He then traces Jarman's use of imagery (notably mirrors and the sea) in his films and discusses in detail the relationship between cinematic representations and sexual identity. This insightful reading of Jarman's work helps us better understand how films such as The Last of England and The Garden can be said to cohere and mean without being reduced to clear messages. Above all, Dillon's book reveals how truly beautiful and brilliant Jarman's movies are.


Hitchcock Author Richard Allen
ISBN-10 9781134477234
Release 2004-08-02
Pages 304
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This new collection of writings on Alfred Hitchcock considers Hitchcock both in his time and as a continuing influence on filmmakers, films and film theory. The contributions, who include leading scholars such as Slavoj Zizek, Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen, and James Naremore, discuss canonical films such as Notorious and The Birds alongside lesser-known works including Juno and the Paycock and Frenzy. Articles are grouped into four thematic sections: 'Authorship and Aesthetics' examines Hitchcock as auteur and investigates central topics in Hitchcockian aesthetics. 'French Hitchcock' looks at Hitchcock's influence on filmmakers such as Chabrol, Truffaut and Rohmer, and how film critics such as Bazin and Deleuze have engaged with Hitchcock's work. 'Poetics and Politics of Identity' explores the representation of personal and political in Hitchcock's work. The final section, 'Death and Transfiguration' addresses the manner in which the spectacle and figuration of death haunts the narrative universe of Hitchcock's films, in particular his subversive masterpiece Psycho.

Cinematic Flashes

Cinematic Flashes Author Rashna Wadia Richards
ISBN-10 9780253006882
Release 2013
Pages 262
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Cinematic Flashes challenges popular notions of a uniform Hollywood style by disclosing uncanny networks of incongruities, coincidences, and contingencies at the margins of the cinematic frame. In an agile demonstration of "cinephiliac" historiography, Rashna Wadia Richards extracts intriguing film fragments from their seemingly ordinary narratives in order to explore what these unexpected moments reveal about the studio era. Inspired by Walter Benjamin's preference for studying cultural fragments rather than composing grand narratives, this unorthodox history of the films of the studio system reveals how classical Hollywood emerges as a disjointed network of accidents, excesses, and coincidences.

Cinema of Small Nations

Cinema of Small Nations Author Mette Hjort
ISBN-10 9780748630929
Release 2007-11-21
Pages 256
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Within cinema studies there has emerged a significant body of scholarship on the idea of 'National Cinema' but there has been a tendency to focus on the major national cinemas. Less developed within this field is the analysis of what we might term minor or small national cinemas, despite the increasing significance of these small entities with the international domain of moving image production, distribution and consumption. The Cinema of Small Nations is the first major analysis of small national cinemas, comprising twelve case studies of small national--and sub national--cinemas from around the world, including Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Scotland, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Written by an array of distinguished and emerging scholars, each of the case studies provides a detailed analysis of the particular cinema in question, with an emphasis on the last decade, considering both institutional and textual issues relevant to the national dimension of each cinema. While each chapter contains an in-depth analysis of the particular cinema in question, the book as a whole provides the basis for a broader and more properly comparative understanding of small or minor national cinemas, particularly with regard to structural constraints and possibilities, the impact of globalization and internationalisation, and the role played by economic and cultural factors in small-nation contexts.