The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology

The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology Author Caitlin Jans
ISBN-10 1942344023
Release 2016-11-15
Pages 121
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The poems in this book were written on August 13th and 14th during the 2016 Poetry Marathon. The Poetry Marathon is a yearly event where poets write 12 poems in 12 hours, or 24 poems in 24 hours. The authors of these poems live all over the world. This anthology includes poets who are being published for the very first time, as well as poets who have widely published in books, literary journals, and anthologies.

Peeking Cat Anthology 2016

Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 Author Sam Rose
ISBN-10 9781326782771
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Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 book for free.

Desert Blues

Desert Blues Author Sara Anderson
ISBN-10 1533152756
Release 2016-05-26
Pages 64
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Sara is a long-time enthusiast of the written word and a participant in several poetry events, such as the 2015 24-Hour Poetry Marathon and a poetry anthology entitled "Where the Mind Dwells," and she is also a contributing member of the online global writing group Some Poets. Together, they have published three books thus far, the anthology 19,751 words, and two chapbooks, Wicked. Words, and Love. Letters. The lyrical series of poetry and prose in this, her first solo publication, centers around the life of a young woman in a great desert town, family bonds, depression, love, and the emotion ride of a life lived with the everyday of desert blues.

Dreaming Rhythms

Dreaming Rhythms Author Carmen Bardeguez Brown
ISBN-10 1940856256
Release 2015-12-13
Pages 80
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A book of poems by Carmen Bardeguez-Brown In this book we hear a voice that reflects cultures being intertwined to create a new, unique form of expression with its own grammar and prosody. The Newyorican experience finds its voice in the poetry of Dreaming Rhythms, Despertando silencios.

Wings Of Rhapsody

Wings Of Rhapsody Author Seema K Jayaraman
ISBN-10 9789352016358
Release 2016-06-20
Pages 222
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"Wings Of Rhapsody Wings Of Rhapsody - A Dalliance Of Poems is an anthology of poems written by Mumbai based poetess Ms. Seema K Jayaraman. This collection is an eclectic mix of poems written over a period of three decades. Seema is a visual artist painting with words. 'Seema writes with a naturalistic, lyrical style, her work on the page begs to be read aloud. Her work hearkens to a romantic tradition, drawing on landscape and nature her craft is a contemporary one.’ - Guest Curator Ciarán Hodgers, Leaveners’ ‘Poets’ Corner’ UK introduces Seema K Jayaraman as showcased Poet of the month December 2015. 'Seema's poems are like photographs in words, one can open the book to any page for a feeling of true human history. lots of love and best wishes for the book!, -Mana (Spiritual healer, Popular author of Soul Science) 'Seema's poems sometimes feel like song, they have a beat, some are mystical..' - Aneish Kumar (MD, BONY, Mumbai) 'Seema's poems are thought- provoking, they churn you up with lucid images and strong emotions. A book of poems which heals. I loved it.' Keep writing.....and healing...Love.’ -Dr Trupti Jayin (Clinical psychologist, PLR expert) 'Seema, a poet / poetess like you only come around every 100 years or more, this is your star, your destiny. Your ink is indeed blessed.' - John Kavangah, UK (Poet, Author, Critic) 'Mesmerising! Original and ingenious crafting of words and images. Delight to read and savor.' - Oormila V Prahlad, Australia (Artist, Poetess and Accomplished Pianist)"

Single Woman

Single Woman Author Dell Lemmon
ISBN-10 1893654176
Release 2016-09-05
Pages 120
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Poetry. A first book of immense originality. Narrative poems that draw the reader in to a personal connection with the poet. Dell Lemmon displays the breezy urbanity of the New York School, the autobiographical fearlessness of the Confessional poets, and a clear–eyed wisdom that is all her own. SINGLE WOMAN doesn't deny the rigors of life in middle age but does find pleasure and meaning in city life, in brushes with the famous, in friendships, in food, in art, in solitude. This is a book that questions everything–an illustrious but shadowed family history, the suicides of beloved artists, a crush on a younger man, political oppressions, inevitable aging and loss. With her unmistakable voice and her sure storytelling, Dell Lemmon is a singular poet.


Seawords Author Hastings Writers' Group
ISBN-10 9781326615123
Release 2016-04-10
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Hastings Writers' Group anthology 2016. William 1st conquered England with the bow and the sword and put Hastings on the map. In this little book you'll find the thoughts, stories and poems of the present-day inhabitants of Hastings, which show the affection we hold for our town. Let us inform, entertain and amuse you as we explore the characters, places and history of Hastings – stroppy seagulls, mettlesome mermaids, deadly ‘do-it-yourself’ enthusiasts and art historians with a past of their own – there's a lot more to Hastings than you might imagine! All profits from the sale of this book go to Hastings Pier Charity.

Living Within

Living Within Author Micah Le Lann
ISBN-10 0692695125
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 218
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Living Within: Smiles of Hope is an anthology of 180 poems on life, disappointment, love, and happiness, written in the American country/folk tradition, by the award-winning German poet, writer, and satirist Micah Le Lann. Ranging from short poems like Soul Survivor and Therapist of the Mind, through both long and sequeled poems like Taking Time and The Queen of Superficiality and the Knight in Worn-Out Jeans, Le Lann's work masterfully depicts love in all its shades - from the joy that it induces, to the moments of black despair when things goes wrong. Creative and refreshing, these poems straddle the divide between song lyric and lyrical poetry, with an original voice, rhythms, and idiomatic phrasing.

Buch der Sehns chte

Buch der Sehns  chte Author Leonard Cohen
ISBN-10 344273987X
Release 2010
Pages 233
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Buch der Sehns chte has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Buch der Sehns chte also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Buch der Sehns chte book for free.

Tage wie diese

Tage wie diese Author John Green
ISBN-10 9783401806938
Release 2017-09-18
Pages 400
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Jubilee hat den perfekten Freund. Sie ahnt nicht, dass sie ihn in dieser Nacht verlieren wird - weil sie sich Hals über Kopf in einen Fremden verliebt. Manchmal vergisst Tobin völlig, dass der Herzog eigentlich ein Mädchen ist. Bis zu jenem magischen Moment im Schnee. Addie würde alles dafür geben, wenn Jeff ihr verzeihen könnte. Dabei ist er ihr längst viel näher als sie denkt ...

Mother Brother Lover

Mother Brother Lover Author Jarvis Cocker
ISBN-10 9783827076557
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 352
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Pulp waren die Helden des Britpops, und niemand stolperte 1995 so schlaksig durch seine unverhoffte Berühmtheit wie ihr Sänger Jarvis Cocker. In Großbritannien gilt er heute als „national treasure“: cool, stylish, charming. Doch es war ein langer Weg dorthin. Geboren im trostlosen Sheffield, gerademal untere Mittelschicht, hatte die Gründung von Pulp 1979 fast schon etwas Trotziges. Entsprechend düster waren die ersten Alben, bis sich schließlich mit der Single „Common People“ alles änderte. Nie zuvor hatte jemand die Welt zwischen Kunsthochschule, rich kids, Klassenkampf und sexueller Freizügigkeit so auf den Punkt gebracht und damit die Charts gestürmt. In „Mother Brother Lover“ hat Jarvis Cocker seine Songtexte aus 25 Jahren zusammengestellt, sie erzählen seine Geschichte, eine Geschichte von Aufstieg und Fall, von Sex und unmöglicher Liebe, von Widersprüchen und Verhältnissen, die bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt jenseits der Glitzerwelt des Pop lagen.

Select Views in Greece

Select Views in Greece Author Hugh William Williams
ISBN-10 UOM:39015012363365
Release 1829
Pages 145
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This book contains a multitude of wonderful illustrations and poems about the art and architectural treasures of Ancient Greece, including the Parthenon and other famous landmarks of the Classical period of Greece. Only volume two has been included in this Anthology.

Der stumme Fr hling

Der stumme Fr  hling Author Rachel Carson
ISBN-10 3406547605
Release 2007
Pages 347
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Der stumme Fr hling has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der stumme Fr hling also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der stumme Fr hling book for free.

Contemporary Authors New Revision Series

Contemporary Authors New Revision Series Author Ann Evory
ISBN-10 0810319381
Release 1983-06
Pages 552
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This volume of 'Contemporary Authors' brings an up-to-date information on approximately 250 writers. Editors have scoured dozens of leading journals, magazines, newspapers and online sources in search of the latest news and criticism.

Duineser Elegien Das Marien Leben Requiem Sieben Gedichte Die Sonette an Orpheus

Duineser Elegien   Das Marien Leben   Requiem   Sieben Gedichte   Die Sonette an Orpheus Author Rainer Maria Rilke
ISBN-10 9783843033008
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 104
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Rainer Maria Rilke: Duineser Elegien / Das Marien-Leben / Requiem / Sieben Gedichte / Die Sonette an Orpheus Requiem: Entstanden 1908, Erstdruck: Leipzig (Insel) 1909. Das Marien-Leben: Entstanden 1912, Erstdruck: Leipzig (Insel) 1913. Duineser Elegien: Erstdruck: Leipzig (Insel) 1923. Die Sonette an Orpheus: Entstanden 1922, Erstdruck: Leipzig (Insel) 1923. Sieben Gedichte: Posthum erschienen. Neuausgabe mit einer Biographie des Autors. Herausgegeben von Karl-Maria Guth. Berlin 2016. Textgrundlage sind die Ausgaben: Rainer Maria Rilke: Sämtliche Werke. Herausgegeben vom Rilke-Archiv in Verbindung mit Ruth Sieber-Rilke, besorgt von Ernst Zinn, Band 1–6, Wiesbaden und Frankfurt a.M.: Insel, 1955–1966. Rainer Maria Rilke: [Sieben Gedichte], aus: R. M. Rilke: Werke. Kommentierte Ausgabe in vier Bänden. Hrsg. von Manfred Engel u.a., Bd. 2., Frankfurt/Main; Leipzig, 1996. Die Paginierung obiger Ausgaben wird in dieser Neuausgabe als Marginalie zeilengenau mitgeführt. Umschlaggestaltung von Thomas Schultz-Overhage unter Verwendung des Bildes: Rudolf Jettmar, Ruine des Kastells Duino, 1908. Gesetzt aus der Minion Pro, 11 pt.


Choice Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106014991829
Release 1998
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Choice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Choice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Choice book for free.

Searching for Home

Searching for Home Author Melissa Edmondson
ISBN-10 1511982748
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 66
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Melissa Edmondson is a self-described former Army brat who spent her life looking for those "roots" she had heard so much about. Her poetry collection, Searching for Home, is Melissa's transference of that search into the written word. Though the subject matter of the poems may differ throughout, the underlying theme remains: trying to find where we belong.