Stronger Than BPD

Stronger Than BPD Author Debbie Corso
ISBN-10 9781626254978
Release 2017-04-01
Pages 176
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You are strong! No matter what anyone says, you can heal the symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD). In this unique guide, influential BPD advocate and blogger Debbie Corso offers an easy-to-use primer on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), as well as powerful peer-to-peer support for managing your worst BPD symptoms. If you have BPD, you may experience extreme emotional ups and downs. These intense feelings can make navigating everyday life that much more difficult, and as a result, you may have trouble maintaining relationships, seeing yourself clearly, or reaching career goals. You should know that you are not alone, and that BPD isn’t your fault. Most importantly, you need to know that you are strong. With the right tools, you can overcome the symptoms of your BPD—this book will show you how. Written by a BPD survivor and advocate, Stronger Than BPD offers practical, evidence-based dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills to help you manage the intense emotions and negative self-image that can occur with BPD. This easy-to-use guide helps you apply the fundamental components of DBT—such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness—to everyday situations that can trigger your symptoms. And through personal examples and real-life stories, you’ll see how others have put these skills to work in their own lives to get relief. You’ll even learn how social media can help you heal! BPD is a part of your life, but it doesn’t have to define you. If you are ready to take control of your symptoms using powerful, evidence-based DBT skills, this friendly guide will light the way.

Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies

Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies Author Charles H. Elliott
ISBN-10 0470550627
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 384
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Your clear, compassionate guide to managing BPD — and living well Looking for straightforward information on Borderline Personality Disorder? This easy-to-understand guide helps those who have BPD develop strategies for breaking the destructive cycle. This book also aids loved ones in accepting the disorder and offering support. Inside you'll find authoritative details on the causes of BPD and proven treatments, as well as advice on working with therapists, managing symptoms, and enjoying a full life. Review the basics of BPD — discover the symptoms of BPD and the related emotional problems, as well as the cultural, biological, and psychological causes of the disease Understand what goes wrong — explore impulsivity, emotional dysregulation, identity problems, relationship conflicts, black-and-white thinking, and difficulties in perception; and identify the areas where you may need help Make the choice to change — find the right care provider, overcome common obstacles to change, set realistic goals, and improve your physical and emotional state Evaluate treatments for BPD — learn about the current treatments that really work and develop a plan for addressing the core symptoms of BPD If someone you love has BPD — see how to identify triggers, handle emotional upheavals, set clear boundaries, and encourage your loved one to seek therapy Open the book and find: The major characteristics of BPD Who gets BPD — and why Recent treatment advances Illuminating case studies Strategies for calming emotions and staying in control A discussion of medication options Ways to stay healthy during treatment Tips for explaining BPD to others Help for parents whose child exhibits symptoms Treatment options that work and those you should avoid

Role of Sexual Abuse in the Etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder

Role of Sexual Abuse in the Etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder Author Mary C. Zanarini
ISBN-10 0880484969
Release 1997
Pages 247
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Over the years, borderline personality disorder (BPD) has been conceptualized in a variety of ways. However, recent research has consistently found that a history of childhood sexual abuse may affect its development. Role of Sexual Abuse in the Etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder explores the most recent advances regarding this highly controversial disorder, presenting the research and expertise of 26 distinguished contributors. This book provides both the factual and the historical contexts of sexual abuse in BPD. It presents the latest findings regarding the impact of traumatic childhood experiences on the development of BPD. This new generation of research is unique in that it assesses a range of pathological childhood experiences rather than focusing solely on the parameters of abuse. This book covers many topics, including evolving perspectives on the etiology of BPD, childhood factors associated with the development of BPD, and the relationship between self-destructive behavior and pathological childhood experiences in BPD. In addition, highly regarded clinicians in this area describe useful clinical approaches to the treatment of borderline patients with an abuse history. This volume offers invaluable information for clinicians treating borderline patients with or without an abuse history.

Recent Developments and Achievements in Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering

Recent Developments and Achievements in Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Author Piotr Augustyniak
ISBN-10 9783319669052
Release 2017-08-17
Pages 316
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This book presents the best 27 papers from the 20th Polish Conference on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering (PCBBE) hosted by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. This biannual event has been held for nearly four decades and offers scientists and professionals from the fields of engineering, medicine, physics, and computer science an excellent platform for exchanging ideas. Biocybernetics and biomedical engineering is currently considered a promising approach to improving healthcare – and consequently quality of life. Innovative technical solutions not only respond to the needs of caregivers, but also stimulate the development of medical sciences by supporting medical practitioners, and we are currently witnessing a profound change of the role of medicine that has become ubiquitous in everyday life thanks to recent technological advances. The development of civilization manifests itself in a growing focus on investigating the secrets of the human life, continuous efforts to support life, and mimicking biological systems in engineering. Presenting the latest developments in all areas of biomedical engineering, the book is a valuable resource for researchers and scientists in the field.

Handbook of Aggressive and Destructive Behavior in Psychiatric Patients

Handbook of Aggressive and Destructive Behavior in Psychiatric Patients Author Robert T. Ammerman
ISBN-10 9781461524038
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 534
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Scarcely a day passes without the media detailing some form of human aggression, whether it be on its grandest scale in the form of war, random bombings and shootings in the streets, torture in a prison camp, murder by gangs, wife abuse resulting in the murder of the husband, or the physical abuse of children, sometimes resulting in their death. Frequently perpetrators of human aggression, when arrested and tried in court, resort to a psychiatric defense. But are all such aggressors indeed appropriately psychiatric patients? And if so, what are their particular diagnoses and how do these relate to aggression? Also of concern is aggression directed against self, as evidenced in the rising incidence of suicide among young people or the self-mutilation of patients suffering from certain personality disorders. Both violence directed outward and aggression toward oneself pose considerable challenges to clinical management, whether in the therapist's office or in the inpatient unit. Although we have not been able to find successful deterrents to aggression, a sizeable body of evidence does exist, certainly of a descriptive nature. Such data for psychiatric patients are scattered, however, and can be found in literatures as diverse as the biological, ethological, epidemiological, legal, philosophical, psychological, psychiatric, and crimi nological. Therefore, given the increased frequency with which mental health professionals encounter cases of violence in their day-to-day work, we believed it important that existing data be adduced in one comprehensive volume.

Avery s Diseases of the Newborn E Book

Avery s Diseases of the Newborn E Book Author Christine A. Gleason
ISBN-10 9780323401722
Release 2017-11-21
Pages 1520
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Covering the evaluation and management of every key disease and condition affecting newborns, Avery’s Diseases of the Newborn, by Drs. Christine A. Gleason and Sandra E. Juul, remains your #1 source for practical, clinically relevant information in this fast-changing field. You’ll find the specific strategies you need to confidently diagnose and treat this unique patient population, in a full-color, easy-to-use single volume that focuses on key areas of practice. Now in a thoroughly revised 10th Edition, this highly respected reference is an authoritative clinical resource for neonatal practitioners. Provides up-to-date information on every aspect of newborn evaluation and management in a new, visually improved format featuring more than 500 all-new, full-color illustrations integrated within each chapter. Includes greatly expanded Neurology and Hematology sections that highlight the knowledge and expertise of new co-editor, Dr. Sandra E. Juul. Features all-new chapters on Palliative Care, Gastroesophageal Reflux, Platelet Disorders, Transfusion Therapy, Hypertension, , and The Ear and Hearing Disorders, as well as expanded coverage of brain injury and neuroprotective strategies in the preterm and term infant. Contains new Key Points boxes at the beginning of every chapter. Brings you up to date on current topics such as the evolving epidemic of neonatal abstinence syndrome and the new clinical uses of ultrasound.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder Author John G. Gunderson
ISBN-10 9781585628865
Release 2009-02-20
Pages 366
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Covering the range of clinical presentations, treatments, and levels of care, Borderline Personality Disorder: A Clinical Guide, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of borderline personality disorder (BPD). The second edition includes new research about BPD's relationship to other disorders and up-to-date descriptions of empirically validated treatments, including cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approaches. Compelling new research also indicates a much better prognosis for BPD than previously known. A pioneer in the field, author John Gunderson, M.D., director of the Borderline Personality Disorder Center at McLean Hospital, draws from nearly 40 years of research and clinical experience. The guide begins with a clear and specific definition of BPD, informed by a nuanced overview of the historical evolution of the diagnosis and a thoughtful discussion of misdiagnosis. Offering a complete evaluation of treatment approaches, Dr. Gunderson provides an authoritative overview of the treatment options and describes in-depth each modality of treatment, including pharmacotherapy, family therapy, individual and group therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapies. Unlike other works, this book guides clinicians in using multiple modalities, including the sequence of treatments and the types of changes that can be expected from each mode. The discussion of each treatment emphasizes empirically validated therapies, helping clinicians choose modalities that work best for specific patients. In addition, Borderline Personality Disorder: A Clinical Guide, Second Edition, also outlines therapeutic approaches for multiple settings, such as hospitalization, partial hospitalization or day hospital programs, and levels of outpatient care. Complementing the well-organized treatment guide are a series of informative and intriguing sidebars, providing insight into the subjective experience of BPD, addressing myths about therapeutic alliances in BPD, and questioning the efficacy of contracting for safety. Throughout the book, Dr. Gunderson recommends specific do's and don'ts for disclosing the diagnosis, discussing medications, meeting with families, starting psychotherapy, and managing suicidality. A synthesis of theory and practical examples, Borderline Personality Disorder: A Clinical Guide, Second Edition, provides a thorough and practical manual for any clinician working with BPD patients.

Comparative Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder

Comparative Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder Author Arthur Freeman, EdD, ABPP
ISBN-10 0826148360
Release 2004-11-18
Pages 312
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Within the field of clinical psychology, the term borderline personality disorder was developed to fulfill a diagnostic need and has come to possess specific stereotypes and negative meanings. Because the term borderline is an emotionally charged word, it can lead to a less-than-accurate view of the situation or patient being described, thus presenting a challenge to even the most experienced therapists and becoming one of the most complex disorders to treat. Through the use of one case study, however, experts in borderline personality disorders have put this difficulty at ease. Applying a variety of modalities to identify treatment goals, including: selecting assessment tools, conceptualizing progression, pinpointing pitfalls, and developing techniques, diagnosing and treating BPD has created a more successful therapeutic result.

Textbook of Psychiatric Epidemiology

Textbook of Psychiatric Epidemiology Author Ming T. Tsuang
ISBN-10 9780470977408
Release 2011-03-25
Pages 664
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The new edition of this critically praised textbook continues to provide the most comprehensive overview of the concepts, methods, and research advances in the field; particularly the application of molecular genomics and of neuroimaging. It has been revised and enhanced to capitalize on the strengths of the first and second editions while keeping it up-to-date with the field of psychiatry and epidemiology. This comprehensive publication now includes chapters on experimental epidemiology, gene-environment interactions, the use of case registries, eating disorders, suicide, childhood disorders and immigrant populations, and the epidemiology of a number of childhood disorders. As in the first and second editions, the objective is to provide a comprehensive, easy to understand overview of research methods for the non-specialist. The book is ideal for students of psychiatric epidemiology, psychiatric residents, general psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals. The book features a new editor, Peter Jones, from the University of Cambridge, who joins the successful US team of Ming Tsuang and Mauricio Tohen.

Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder Author Shari Y. Manning
ISBN-10 9781609181956
Release 2011
Pages 253
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A guide for people in relationships with someone who has borderline personality disorder, helping to understand BPD emotions and how to respond to them.

The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder

The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder Author A. J Mahari
ISBN-10 9781427614537
Release 2006-01-01
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The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder book for free.

Preemies Second Edition

Preemies   Second Edition Author Dana Wechsler Linden
ISBN-10 9781476735559
Release 2013-02-05
Pages 656
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The comprehensive “Dr. Spock”-like reference that is both reassuring and realistic—now updated to reflect the many advances in neonatology. Preemies, Second Edition is the only parents’ reference resource of its kind—delivering up-to-the-minute information on medical care in a warm, caring, and engaging voice. Authors Dana Wechsler Linden and Emma Trenti Paroli are parents who have “been there.” Together with neonatologist Mia Wechsler Doron, they answer the dozens of questions that parents will have at every stage—from high-risk pregnancy through preemie hospitalization, to homecoming and the preschool years—imparting a vast, detailed store of knowledge in clear language that all readers can understand. Preemies, Second Edition covers topics related to premature birth, including: What are your risk factors for having a premature baby? Can you do something to delay early labor? What do doctors know about you baby’s outlook during her first minutes and days of life? How will your preemie’s progress be monitored? How do you cope with a long hospitalization? Are there special preparations for you baby’s homecoming? What kind of stimulation during the first year gives your baby the best chance? Will your preemie grow up healthy? Normal?

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder Author Perry D Hoffman
ISBN-10 9781136867583
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 275
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Explore and understand new approaches in Borderline therapy Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) lags far behind other disorders such as schizophrenia in terms of research and treatment interventions. Debates about diagnosis, etiology, neurobiology, genetics, medication, and treatment still persist. Borderline Personality Disorder brings together over two dozen of the field’s leading experts in one enlightening text. The book also offers mental health providers a view of BPD from the perspectives of sufferers as well as family members to foster an understanding of the experiences of relatives who are often devastated by their loved ones’ struggles with this common disorder. Although there has been an increasing interest in BPD in terms of research funding, treatment advancement, and acknowledgment of family perspective over the last decade, the fact remains that the disorder is still highly stigmatized. Borderline Personality Disorder provides social workers and other mental health clinicians with practical access to the knowledge necessary for effective treatment in a single volume of the most current research, information, and management considerations. This important collection explores the latest methods and approaches to treating BPD patients and supporting their families. This useful text also features handy worksheets and numerous tables that present pertinent information clearly. Chapters in Borderline Personality Disorder include: an overview of Borderline Personality Disorder confronting myths and stereotypes about BPD biological underpinnings of BPD BPD and the need for community—a social worker’s perspective on an evidence-based approach to managing suicidal behavior in BPD patients Dialectical Behavior Therapy supportive psychotherapy for borderline patients Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving (STEPPS) Mentalization-based Treatment fostering validating responses in families Family Connections: an education and skills training program for family member wellbeing and much more! Full of practical, useable ideas for the betterment of those affected by BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder is a valuable resource for social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors, as well as students, researchers, and academics in the mental health field, family members, loved ones, and anyone directly affected by BPD.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder Author Leonard Horwitz
ISBN-10 0880486899
Release 1996
Pages 256
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Borderline Personality Disorder: Tailoring the Psychotherapy to the Patient explores the challenge of treating patients with borderline personality disorder. These patients make up a large segment of the difficult-to-treat population. The instability of their relationships, the intensity of their affective responses, and their proneness to paranoid reactions all contribute to their difficulty in working consistently and constructively in the psychotherapeutic situation. When one adds these difficult patient problems to the therapist's quandary about how expressive or supportive to be, therapists are indeed often confronted with a challenging therapeutic task. The book begins with a review of the clinical and research literature pertaining to the treatment of borderline patients. It presents a unique, empirically based intensive study of three borderline patients, based on transcripts of audiotaped therapy sessions. The research methodology is reviewed, and clinically oriented descriptions of the three patients, their psychotherapy processes, and their outcomes are included. Following an overall summary of results, conclusions regarding the differential indications for supportive versus expressive emphasis in psychotherapy are discussed. In their research, the authors recorded every psychotherapy session and studied a randomly selected group of sessions. Therefore, the reader is provided with increased insight into what is most effective with what kind of patient at a given point in the therapy process.

When Hope Is Not Enough Second Edition

When Hope Is Not Enough Second Edition Author Bon Dobbs
ISBN-10 9781329445833
Release 2015-10-22
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Does someone you love have Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you in a relationship with a difficult person? Does this person rage at you for no reason at all? Is everything always YOUR fault? Do you feel lied to and manipulated? Do you believe that there is nowhere to turn? When Hope is Not Enough (WHINE) is here to help. WHINE provides a step-by-step plan for dealing with people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or BPD traits. WHINE can help rebuild your relationship and help you create a calmer life. Learn how to live with and love someone with BPD. The second edition brings 33% more material, skills and advanced tools. Readers of the first edition will find new approaches, detailed explanations and much more material.

Handbook of Personality Disorders

Handbook of Personality Disorders Author W. John Livesley
ISBN-10 1572306297
Release 2001
Pages 626
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This authoritative work comprehensively reviews what is known about personality disorders, including vital information to guide clinical decision making. Leading experts synthesize contemporary thinking about the classification, etiologies, and development of these complex disorders. Diagnostic issues are explored, and available assessment instruments are discussed. The Handbook provides in-depth coverage of all commonly used psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments, with particular attention to the empirical evidence for each approach. Also addressed are special treatment modalities, such as day programs and group therapy, and forensic issues.

Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder Author Joel Paris
ISBN-10 9781606235775
Release 2008-07-07
Pages 260
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Organizing a vast body of scientific literature, this indispensable book presents the state of the art in understanding borderline personality disorder (BPD) and distills key treatment principles that therapists need to know. Rather than advocating a particular approach, Joel Paris examines a range of therapies and identifies the core ingredients of effective intervention. He offers specific guidance for meeting the needs of this challenging population, including ways to improve diagnosis, promote emotion regulation and impulse control, maintain appropriate therapeutic boundaries, and deal with suicidality and other crises. Highly readable, practical, and humane, the book also explains the latest thinking on the causes of BPD and how it develops.