Spinoza Beyond Philosophy

Spinoza Beyond Philosophy Author Beth Lord
ISBN-10 9780748656073
Release 2012-06-20
Pages 224
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These 10 engaging and original essays argue that Spinoza is the interdisciplinary thinker for our times. This book brings Spinoza outside the realm of academic philosophy, and presents him as a thinker who is relevant to contemporary problems and questions across a variety of disciplines. Discover how Spinoza's theory of bodies transforms our understanding of music, and how it grounds 'collective subjectivity' in contemporary politics. Learn how Spinoza's idea of freedom was instrumental to the Haitian revolution of 1791, and how it inspired Samuel Taylor Coleridge's prose and George Eliot's novels. Find out how early modern physics, contemporary architecture, and ecological activism can be rethought through Spinoza's theory of affectivity.

Spinoza s Ethics

Spinoza s Ethics Author Beth Lord
ISBN-10 9780748634514
Release 2010-02-28
Pages 192
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Everything you need to know about Spinoza's Ethics in one volume.The Ethics presents a complete metaphysical, epistemological and ethical world-view that is immensely inspiring. However, it is also an extremely difficult text to read. This book takes readers through the text, stopping at the most perplexing passages to explain key terms, unfold arguments, offer concrete examples and raise questions for further thought. It is designed to be read alongside the Ethics, enabling students to think critically about Spinoza's views and build an understanding of his complex system.

The Philobiblion

The Philobiblion Author
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10601799
Release 1862
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The Philobiblion has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Philobiblion also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Philobiblion book for free.

The Philobiblion ed by G P Philes

The Philobiblion  ed  by G P  Philes  Author Philobiblion
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590785486
Release 1862
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The Philobiblion ed by G P Philes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Philobiblion ed by G P Philes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Philobiblion ed by G P Philes book for free.

Beyond Epistemology

Beyond Epistemology Author F.G. Weiss
ISBN-10 9789401020169
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 254
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This book approaches Hegel from the standpoint of what we might call the question of knowledge. Hegel, of course, had no "theory of knowledge" in the narrow and abstract sense in which it has come to be understood since Locke and Kant. "The examination of knowledge," he holds, "can only be carried out by an act of knowledge," and "to seek to know before we know is as absurd as the wise resolution of Scholasticus, not to venture into the water until he had learned to swim. " * While Hegel wrote no treatise exclusively devoted to epistemology, his entire philosophy is nonetheless a many-faceted theory of truth, and thus our title - Beyond Epistemology - is meant to suggest a return to the classical meaning and relation of the terms episteme and logos. I had originally planned to include a lengthy introduction for these essays, setting out Hegel's general view of philosophic truth. But as the papers came in, it became clear that I had chosen my contributors too well; indeed, they have all but put me out of business. In any case, it gives me great pleasure to have been able to gather this symposium of outstanding Hegel scholars, to provide for them a forum on a common theme of great importance, and especially, thanks to Arnold Miller, to have Hegel himself among them. Frederick G. Weiss Charlottesville, Va. • The Logic of Hegel, trans. from the Etu;yclopaedta by William Wallace. 2nd ed.

Lives of the Illustrious

Lives of the Illustrious Author
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433061843953
Release 1856
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Lives of the Illustrious has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lives of the Illustrious also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lives of the Illustrious book for free.

Routledge Philosophy GuideBook to Spinoza and the Ethics

Routledge Philosophy GuideBook to Spinoza and the Ethics Author Genevieve Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781134841080
Release 2002-09-11
Pages 176
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Spinoza is a key figure in modern philosophy. Ethics is his most studied and well known work. Being both up-to-date and clear, this Guidebook is designed to lead the reader through this complex seminal text. Spinoza's Ethics introduces and assess: * Spinoza'a life, and its connection with his thought * The text of the Ethics * Spinoza's continuing relevence to contemporary philosophy

The Self Beyond Itself

The Self Beyond Itself Author Heidi M. Ravven
ISBN-10 9781595588005
Release 2013-05-28
Pages 528
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Few concepts are more unshakable in our culture than "free will," the idea that individuals are fundamentally in control of the decisions they make, good or bad. And yet the latest research about how the brain functions seems to point in the opposite direction, with fresh discoveries indicating the many ways in which humans are subject to influences well beyond the control of the conscious self. In The Self Beyond Itself, acclaimed scholar Heidi M. Ravven offers a wide-ranging and bold argument for a new vision of ethics, one that takes into account neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology, challenging the ways in which we view our actions—and, indeed, our selves. In a work of breathtaking intellectual sweep and erudition, Ravven offers a riveting and accessible review of cutting-edge neuroscientific research into the brain’s capacity for decision-making—from "mirror" neurons and "self-mapping" to surprising new understandings of group psychology. The Self Beyond Itself also introduces readers to a rich, alternative philosophical tradition of ethics, rooted in the writing of Baruch Spinoza, that finds uncanny confirmation in modern science. Illustrating the results of today’s research with real-life examples, taking readers from elementary school classrooms to Nazi concentration camps, Ravven demonstrates that it is possible to build a theory of ethics that doesn’t rely on free will yet still holds both individuals and groups responsible for the decisions that help create a good society. The Self Beyond Itself is that rare book that injects new ideas into an old debate—and helps us consider anew our understanding of ourselves and of our world.

Philosophy and Grammar

Philosophy and Grammar Author S. Kanger
ISBN-10 9789400990128
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 165
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Among the several dozens of symposia held on the occasion of the quincentennial of U ppsala University, there was included one symposium devoted to the theme of 'Philosophy and Grammar'. A selection of the most important papers delivered at this symposium have been collected in this volume. The papers need no introduction, but the inclusion of two of them in this collection requires a brief comment. First, the paper by von Wright, although not directly concerned with the central topic of the symposium, has been included because it was the terminating speech of the six parallel symposia (including the symposium on 'Philosophy and Grammar') held by the Humanities Faculty and moreover, because the raison d'etre of the Humanities is analyzed in this paper by a very prominent Swedish-speaking philosopher. Second, Professor Hintikka was unable to participate. In view of his expertise in the field, we nevertheless requested him to contribute a paper, so to speak, post factum. This he very generously did. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all who participated and/or helped to carry the sessions through to a successful conclusion. We also wish to extend a special thanks to Professor Roman lakobson of Harvard University, who assumed the responsibility of General Chairman of the symposium.

Spinoza s Theologico political Treatise

Spinoza s Theologico political Treatise Author Theo Verbeek
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066056022
Release 2003
Pages 204
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This book presents the first accessible analysis of Spinoza's Tractatus Theologico-politicus, situating the work in the context of Spinoza's general philosophy and its 17th-century historical background. According to Spinoza it is impossible for a being to be infinitely perfect and to have a legislative will. This idea, demonstrated in the Ethics, is presupposed and further elaborated in the Tractatus Theologico-politicus. It implies not only that on the level of truth all revealed religion is false but also that all authority is of human origin and that all obedience is rooted in a political structure. The consequences for "authority" as it is used in a religious context are explored: the authority of Scripture, the authority of particular interpretations of Scripture, and the authority of the Church. Verbeek also explores the work of two other philosophers of the period - Hobbes and Descartes - to highlight certain peculiarities of Spinoza's position, and to show the contrasts between their theories.

Spinoza and the Rise of Liberalism

Spinoza and the Rise of Liberalism Author Lewis Samuel Feuer
ISBN-10 141283497X
Release 1987-01-01
Pages 323
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In this classic work the author undertakes to show how Spinoza's philosophical ideas, particularly his political ideas, were influenced by his underlying emotional responses to the conflicts of his time. It thus differs form most professional philosophical analyses of the philosophy of Spinoza. The author identifies and discusses three periods in the development of Spinoza's thought and shows how they were reactions to the religious, political and economic developments in the Netherlands at the time. In his first period, Spinoza reacted very strongly to the competitive capitalism of the Amsterdam Jews whose values were "so thoroughly pervaded by an economic ethics that decrees the stock exchange approached in dignity the decrees of God," and of the ruling classes of Amsterdam, and was led out only to give up his business activities but also to throw in his lot with the Utopian groups of the day. In his second period, Spinoza developed serious doubts about the practicality of such idealistic movements and became a "mature political partisan" of Dutch liberal republicanism. The collapse of republicanism and the victory of the royalist party brought further disillusionment. Having become more reserved concerning democratic processes, and having decided that "every form of government could be made consistent with the life of free men," Spinoza devoted his time and efforts to deciding what was essential to any form of government which would make such a life possible. In his carefully crafted introduction to this new edition, Lewis Feuer responds to his critics, and reviews Spinoza's worldview in the light of the work of later scientists sympathetic to this own basic standpoint. He reviews Spinoza's arguments for the ethical and political contributions of the principle of determinism, and examines how these have guided, and at times frustrated, students and scholars of the social and physical sciences who have sought to understand and advance these disciplines.

Jewish Themes in Spinoza s Philosophy

Jewish Themes in Spinoza s Philosophy Author Heidi M. Ravven
ISBN-10 9780791488935
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 290
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Explores Jewish aspects of Spinoza's philosophy from a wide variety of perspectives.

Current Continental Theory and Modern Philosophy

Current Continental Theory and Modern Philosophy Author Stephen Hartley Daniel
ISBN-10 9780810122024
Release 2005
Pages 290
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A systematic rereading of early modern philosophers in the light of recent Continental philosophy, Current Continental Thought and Modern Philosophy exposes overlooked but critical aspects of sixteenth- through eighteenth-century philosophy even as it brings to light certain historical assumptions that have colored-and distorted-our understanding of modernist thought. This volume thus retrieves modern thinkers from the modernistic ways in which they have been portrayed since the nineteenth century; at the same time, it enhances our view of the roots and concerns of current Continental thought.

Spinoza s Philosophy of Law

Spinoza s Philosophy of Law Author Gail Belaief
ISBN-10 9783110874617
Release 1971-01-01
Pages 151
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Spinoza s Philosophy of Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Spinoza s Philosophy of Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Spinoza s Philosophy of Law book for free.

Spinoza and Dutch Cartesianism

Spinoza and Dutch Cartesianism Author Alexander X. Douglas
ISBN-10 9780191046353
Release 2015-02-05
Pages 176
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Alexander X. Douglas offers a new understanding of Spinoza's philosophy by situating it in its immediate historical context. He defends a thesis about Spinoza's philosophical motivations and then bases an interpretation of his major works upon it. The thesis is that much of Spinoza's philosophy was conceived with the express purpose of rebutting a claim about the limitations of philosophy made by some of his contemporaries. They held that philosophy is intrinsically incapable of revealing anything of any relevance to theology, or in fact to any study of direct practical relevance to human life. Spinoza did not. He believed that philosophy reveals the true nature of God, and that God is nothing like what the majority of theologians, or indeed of religious believers in general, think he is. The practical implications of this change in the concept of God were profound and radical. As Douglas shows, many of Spinoza's theories were directed towards showing how the separation his opponents endeavoured to maintain between philosophical and non-philosophical (particularly theological) thought was logically untenable.

Spinoza and Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Spinoza and Medieval Jewish Philosophy Author Steven Nadler
ISBN-10 9781107037861
Release 2014-12-04
Pages 248
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The first of its kind, this essay collection offers an extensive examination of Spinoza's relationship to medieval Jewish philosophy.

Spinoza The reception and influence of Spinoza s philosophy

Spinoza  The reception and influence of Spinoza s philosophy Author Genevieve Lloyd
ISBN-10 0415186226
Release 2001
Pages 370
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These volumes provide a comprehensive selection of high quality critical discussions of Spinoza's philosophy published in, or translated into English since 1970. Edited by a distinguished academic panel, these volumes allow current debates on key themes to be followed through in depth, and present to readers the diversity of philosophical approach and interpretation that characterizes recent Spinoza scholarship.