Religious Reflections on the Human Body

Religious Reflections on the Human Body Author Jane Marie Law
ISBN-10 0253115442
Release 1995-02-22
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"It provides imaginative and thought-provoking... coverage of the ways in which religious thought and practice construct understandings of the human body." -- Journal of Asian Studies "Drawing on a remarkably diverse set of studies discussing the major Western religious traditions (including Islam) and East and South Asian traditions, the book challenges easy theorization of 'the body in religion.'... an excellent source book for college-level comparative religion courses... " -- Bruce Mannheim, University of Michigan "... an important study that... should be of considerable interest to the general student of the history and phenomenology of religions." -- Muslim World Book Review The first cross-cultural and interdisciplinary survey on the relationship between religious practice and ideology and the human body.

Indian Asceticism

Indian Asceticism Author Carl Olson
ISBN-10 9780190266400
Release 2015-03-03
Pages 304
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Throughout the history of Indian religions, the ascetic figure is most closely identified with power. A by-product of the ascetic path, power is displayed in the ability to fly, walk on water or through dense objects, read minds, discern the former lives of others, see into the future, harm others, or simply levitate one's body. These tales give rise to questions about how power and violence are related to the phenomenon of play. Indian Asceticism focuses on the powers exhibited by ascetics of India from ancient to modern time. Carl Olson discusses the erotic, the demonic, the comic, and the miraculous forms of play and their connections to power and violence. He focuses on Hinduism, but evidence is also presented from Buddhism and Jainism, suggesting that the subject matter of this book pervades India's major indigenous religious traditions. The book includes a look at the extent to which findings in cognitive science can add to our understanding of these various powers; Olson argues that violence is built into the practice of the ascetic. Indian Asceticism culminates with an attempt to rethink the nature of power in a way that does justice to the literary evidence from Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain sources.

The Void through the Human Body

The Void through the Human Body Author Jagdeep Takk
ISBN-10 9781452548340
Release 2012-04-25
Pages 322
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Spiritual science that implements the reasoning of divine intervention, and how it manipulates inside the human body? The complex system of this knowledge has been made easy to understand, as an individual spiritual progression between God and human. Therefore, this is not a religious congregation; it is a reflection of individuality. By using the elements of the earth, through the human body, we can elevate the principles of evolution and revolution to strain through both worlds of the material and spiritual. The journey of this knowledge pledges the whole conception of the universe, where this philosophy ascends into the universe and descends into the human body. Therefore, the written content of this philosophy transcends in the same formation to elaborate this knowledge to continually flow within this mountain of thought. The vital principal knowledge of this science forms around the energies of evolution and revolution. These are the positive and negative constitutions of time and space. Consequently, this knowledge drives the influence of change in various ways. The ties between these two principles are part of these circulating energies within our atmosphere, where these small particles of positive and negative energies dominate to transform within the world and within the human body. These energies allow us to question information through the chakra system that allows us to understand society and the effects within our civilisation.

Silver Screen Buddha

Silver Screen Buddha Author Sharon A. Suh
ISBN-10 9781474217842
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 232
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How do contemporary films depict Buddhists and Buddhism? What aspects of the Buddhist tradition are these films keeping from our view? By repeatedly romanticizing the meditating monk, what kinds of Buddhisms and Buddhists are missing in these films and why? Silver Screen Buddha is the first book to explore the intersecting representations of Buddhism, race, and gender in contemporary films. Sharon A. Suh examines the cinematic encounter with Buddhism that has flourished in Asia and in the West in the past century Â? from images of Shangri-La in Frank Capra's 1937 Lost Horizon to Kim Ki-Duk's 2003 international box office success Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring. The book helps readers see that representations of Buddhism in Asia and in the West are fraught with political, gendered, and racist undertones. Silver Screen Buddha draws significant attention to ordinary lay Buddhism, a form of the tradition given little play in popular film. By uncovering the differences between a fictionalized, commodified, and exoticized Buddhism, Silver Screen Buddha brings to light expressions of the tradition that highlight laity and women, on the one hand, and Asian and Asian Americans, on the other. Suh engages in a re-visioning of Buddhism that expands the popular understanding of the tradition, moving from the dominance of meditating monks to the everyday world of raced, gendered, and embodied lay Buddhists.

The Self Possessed

The Self Possessed Author Frederick M. Smith
ISBN-10 9780231510653
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 736
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The Self Possessed is a multifaceted, diachronic study reconsidering the very nature of religion in South Asia, the culmination of years of intensive research. Frederick M. Smith proposes that positive oracular or ecstatic possession is the most common form of spiritual expression in India, and that it has been linguistically distinguished from negative, disease-producing possession for thousands of years. In South Asia possession has always been broader and more diverse than in the West, where it has been almost entirely characterized as "demonic." At best, spirit possession has been regarded as a medically treatable psychological ailment and at worst, as a condition that requires exorcism or punishment. In South (and East) Asia, ecstatic or oracular possession has been widely practiced throughout history, occupying a position of respect in early and recent Hinduism and in certain forms of Buddhism. Smith analyzes Indic literature from all ages-the earliest Vedic texts; the Mahabharata; Buddhist, Jain, Yogic, Ayurvedic, and Tantric texts; Hindu devotional literature; Sanskrit drama and narrative literature; and more than a hundred ethnographies. He identifies several forms of possession, including festival, initiatory, oracular, and devotional, and demonstrates their multivocality within a wide range of sects and religious identities. Possession is common among both men and women and is practiced by members of all social and caste strata. Smith theorizes on notions of embodiment, disembodiment, selfhood, personal identity, and other key issues through the prism of possession, redefining the relationship between Sanskritic and vernacular culture and between elite and popular religion. Smith's study is also comparative, introducing considerable material from Tibet, classical China, modern America, and elsewhere. Brilliant and persuasive, The Self Possessed provides careful new translations of rare material and is the most comprehensive study in any language on this subject.

Teaching Mysticism

Teaching Mysticism Author William B. Parsons
ISBN-10 9780190208639
Release 2011-12-16
Pages 320
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The term ''mysticism'' has never been consistently defined or employed, either in religious traditions or in academic discourse. The essays in this volume offer ways of defining what mysticism is, as well as methods for grappling with its complexity in a classroom. This volume addresses the diverse literature surrounding mysticism in four interrelated parts. The first part includes essays on the tradition and context of mysticism, devoted to drawing out and examining the mystical element in many religious traditions. The second part engages traditions and religio-cultural strands in which ''mysticism'' is linked to other terms, such as shamanism, esotericism, and Gnosticism. The volume's third part focuses on methodological strategies for defining ''mysticism,'' with respect to varying social spaces. The final essays show how contemporary social issues and movements have impacted the meaning, study, and pedagogy of mysticism. Teaching Mysticism presents pedagogical reflections on how best to communicate mysticism from a variety of institutional spaces. It surveys the broad range of meanings of mysticism, its utilization in the traditions, the theories and methods that have been used to understand it, and provides critical insight into the resulting controversies.

Persons and their bodies

Persons and their bodies Author Mark J. Cherry
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048535440
Release 1999
Pages 396
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Debate regarding organ sales is largely innocent of the history of thought on the matter. This volume seeks to remedy this shortcoming. Positions for or against a market in human organs are nested within moral intuitions, ontological or political theoretical premises, or understandings of special moral concerns, such as permissible uses of the body, which have a long history of analysis. The essays compass the views of Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Locke, Kant, Hegel, Mill and Christianity, as well as particular methodological approaches, such as the phenomenology of the body, natural law theory, legal theory and libertarian critique of legal theory. These discussions cluster a number of conceptually independent philosophical concerns: (1) What is the appropriate understanding of the relationship between persons and their bodies? (2) What does it mean to 'own' an organ? (3) Do governments have moral authority to regulate how persons use their own body parts? (4) What are the costs and benefits of a market in human organs? Such questions are related by an urgent public health challenge: the considerable disparity between the number of patients who could significantly benefit from organ transplantation and the number of human organs available for transplantation. This volume explores the theoretical, normative, and historical foundations for alternative policies for procurement and transplantation of human organs.

Heythrop journal

Heythrop journal Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3740427
Release 1997
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Encounters of Body and Soul in Contemporary Religious Practices

Encounters of Body and Soul in Contemporary Religious Practices Author Anna Fedele
ISBN-10 9780857452085
Release 2011-09-30
Pages 252
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Social scientists and philosophers confronted with religious phenomena have always been challenged to find a proper way to describe the spiritual experiences of the social group they were studying. The influence of the Cartesian dualism of body and mind (or soul) led to a distinction between non-material, spiritual experiences (i.e., related to the soul) and physical, mechanical experiences (i.e., related to the body). However, recent developments in medical science on the one hand and challenges to universalist conceptions of belief and spirituality on the other have resulted in "body" and "soul" losing the reassuring solid contours they had in the past. Yet, in "Western culture," the body–soul duality is alive, not least in academic and media discourses. This volume pursues the ongoing debates and discusses the importance of the body and how it is perceived in contemporary religious faith: what happens when "body" and "soul" are un-separated entities? Is it possible, even for anthropologists and ethnographers, to escape from "natural dualism"? The contributors here present research in novel empirical contexts, the benefits and limits of the old dichotomy are discussed, and new theoretical strategies proposed.

The Body Adorned

The Body Adorned Author Vidya Dehejia
ISBN-10 023151266X
Release 2008-10-06
Pages 219
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The sensuous human form-elegant and eye-catching-is the dominant feature of premodern Indian art. From the powerful god Shiva, greatest of all yogis and most beautiful of all beings, to stone dancers twisting along temple walls, the body in Indian art is always richly adorned. Alankara (ornament) protects the body and makes it complete and attractive; to be unornamented is to invite misfortune. In The Body Adorned, Vidya Dehejia, who has dedicated her career to the study of Indian art, draws on the literature of court poets, the hymns of saints and acharyas, and verses from inscriptions to illuminate premodern India's unique treatment of the sculpted and painted form. She focuses on the coexistence of sacred and sensuous images within the common boundaries of Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu "sacred spaces," redefining terms like "sacred" and "secular" in relation to Indian architecture. She also considers the paradox of passionate poetry, in which saints praised the sheer bodily beauty of the divine form, and nonsacred Rajput painted manuscripts, which freely inserted gods into the earthly realm of the courts. By juxtaposing visual and literary sources, Dehejia demonstrates the harmony between the sacred and the profane in classical Indian culture. Her synthesis of art, literature, and cultural materials not only generates an all-inclusive picture of the period but also revolutionizes our understanding of the cultural ethos of premodern India.

Heterosexism in Contemporary World Religion

Heterosexism in Contemporary World Religion Author Marvin Mahan Ellison
ISBN-10 0829817700
Release 2007
Pages 232
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Homosexuality is not a problem: heterosexism is, and heterosexism is often supported by religious statements and practices against sexual minorities. Heterosexism in Contemporary World Religion seeks to draw out strands in each major religion that are antidotal to such practices and attitudes. Book jacket.

Between The Monster And The Saint

Between The Monster And The Saint Author Richard Holloway
ISBN-10 9781847673978
Release 2008-08-21
Pages 224
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Being human isn’t easy. We might think that consciousness and free will give us control over our lives but our minds are unpredictable places. We are susceptible to forces we don’t understand. We are capable of inflicting immense cruelty on one another and yet we also have the capacity to be tender, to empathise, to feel. In his thought-provoking new book Richard Holloway holds a mirror up to the human condition. By drawing on a colourful and eclectic selection of writings from history, philosophy, science, poetry, theology and literature, Holloway shows us how we can stand up to the seductive power of the monster and draw closer to the fierce challenge of the saint.

The relationship between morality and the body in monastic training according to the ik samuccaya

The relationship between morality and the body in monastic training according to the   ik     samuccaya Author Susanne Petra Mrozik
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105127469778
Release 1998
Pages 418
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Amazing Grays

Amazing Grays Author Martha R. Hinman Pt Edd
ISBN-10 1498456685
Release 2015-11-30
Pages 174
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Amazing Grays: Spiritual Reflections on the Human Body is a unique brief reading sharing Dr. Martha Hinman's love of anatomy and physiology, praising the human body. In each chapter, she provides little-known details on the amazing machine your body is. Her passion creates an infectiously interesting read; her creativity and love of the Bible enables her to input related scripture to help you praise the Creator who made your body so wonderful. Amazing Grays: Spiritual Reflections on the Human Body contains witty metaphors, clever titles and reveals a variety of health tips to keep you functioning at your best.

Broken Bodies Healing Hearts

Broken Bodies  Healing Hearts Author Gretchen W. TenBrook
ISBN-10 0789008513
Release 2000
Pages 172
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Witness the wonder of divine power when faith in God overcomes human frailty! Broken Bodies, Healing Hearts: Reflections of a Hospital Chaplain provides chaplains, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and counselors with insight into the experiences of individual hospital patients. You'll learn of the suffering that they endure, and what patients and caretakers can learn about themselves and God through their ordeals. This is a wonderful collection of descriptive, personal, and heartfelt essays, each derived from a visit with a particular patient. These episodes demonstrate the wonder of divine strength manifested in human frailty. You'll see the spiritual aspects of both significant and common events, inspiring you to contemplate and appreciate all of your life experiences. Broken Bodies, Healing Hearts will help you unravel daily questions and problems and encourage you to seek God's eminent presence in all of your experiences. This intriguing collection demonstrates what it means to be human and what it means to be made in God's likeness. You will explore the heartwrenching struggles of unique individuals, such as: Jimmy Meyer, a three-year-old toddler with a terminal brain tumor, who takes each day for whatever it could offer him. His simple trust teaches us all to grow in our faith and seek the child within ourselves Mr. Nelson, who after suffering a heart attack and facing the possibility of death, recounts how the experience served to turn his life from one of anger and resentment to one of peace and freedom, reminding us all of the healing power of grace when we are willing to receive it Martha Claxton, a fifty-eight-year-old woman battling leukemia. In finally letting go she experiences God's eternal security, inviting each of us to surrender our lives to the One who knows our every need Ms. May, a thirty-eight-year-old with Down's Syndrome, who touches all those whom she comes in contact with. Her ability to live fully in the present moment reminds us that whatever is happening now is worth our undivided attention Enlightening and moving, Broken Bodies, Healing Hearts reveals the presence of God in the lives of patients, chaplains, and all those who care for others. You will discover the connection between human vulnerability and spiritual growth.

Religion and American Cultures

Religion and American Cultures Author Gary Laderman
ISBN-10 157607238X
Release 2003
Pages 1046
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Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105121661909
Release 2001
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