Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle Author Ellie Bethel
ISBN-10 0864618115
Release 2008
Pages 22
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"I'm Michael Recycle, for all that I'm worth, I'm green and I'm keen to save planet Earth!" A small town near you is drowning in piles of rubbish from its lazy and wasteful inhabitants! But here is Michael Recycle, the green-caped crusader, to rescue the town and prove that recycling is fun! A new superhero in a new world.

Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle Author Ellie Patterson
ISBN-10 1845392825
Release 2008
Pages 23
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I'm Michael Recycle for all that I'm worth I'm green and I'm keen to save plane Earth!A small town somewhere near you is in desperate need of salvation...fro drowning in rubbish at the hands of its lazy and wasteful inhabitants! Join Mchael Recycle, the green-caped crusader, as he rescues the town and proves tohe lazy layabouts that recycling can actually be quite good fun!He is a new kid of superhero in a new kind of world.

Michael Recycle and the Tree Top Cops

Michael Recycle and the Tree Top Cops Author Ellie Patterson
ISBN-10 1613771614
Release 2012
Pages 24
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Michael Recycle's vacation in the Great Redwood Forest is nearly spoiled when he discovers it being chopped down so that Celine and Delphine can publish a fashion magazine, so he calls on concerned people to occupy the tree tops.

Litterbug Doug

Litterbug Doug Author Ellie Bethel
ISBN-10 0864618794
Release 2009
Pages 24
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Litterbug Doug is lazy... He is wasteful... He is messy... But worst of all he HATES recycling! Only Michael Recycle, planet Earth's super-green hero, can save the day and change Doug's wasteful littering ways! Join Michael in another adventure to save the planet in this thrilling sequel to Michael Recycle.

Michael Recycle 4

Michael Recycle  4 Author Ellie Wharton
ISBN-10 PKEY:APR170515
Release 2017-06-14
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Michael Recycle and his sidekick Tin Can Stan have a problem on their hands, and this one involves a great amount of garbage! Can the pair prevent a plastic-patch Indian Ocean meltdown before the world's precious marine life dies out? Find out in "Michael Recycle and the Great Garbage Patch"!

Michael Recycle 2

Michael Recycle  2 Author Eleanor Wharton
ISBN-10 PKEY:FEB170495
Release 2017-04-05
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Michael and company head to South America when a landfill fire threatens to destroy the precious surrounding jungle - and a recycling plant not too far away! Will Landfill Jill learn a valuable lesson about recycling and repurposing before it's too late? Join Michael and his friends in their latest adventure to find out!

Michael Recycle 1

Michael Recycle  1 Author Eleanor Wharton
ISBN-10 PKEY:JAN170582
Release 2017-03-22
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Join environmentally conscious kid crusader Michael Recycle as he makes the eco-friendly leap from books to comics! Michael’s green adventures are about to get a whole lot messier when he faces threats to Earth’s environment from all over the globe. In the premiere issue, Michael and Solar Lola team up with Bootleg Peg to stop the polar ice caps from completely melting in “Mission Meltdown”! Can the trio save the residents of the North Pole before it’s too late?

Recycle Michael St

Recycle Michael   St Author Scott Ryan
ISBN-10 0790128802
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 16
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Recycle Michael St has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Recycle Michael St also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Recycle Michael St book for free.

Recycle Michael

Recycle Michael Author Ginger L. Criswell
ISBN-10 1489539611
Release 2013-03-07
Pages 26
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Children love Recycle Michael. Join in as Recycle Michael leads a fun-filled, educational journey through the world of recycling. He teaches us that we all have the power to change the world when we make positive choices each day!

Michael Recycle 3

Michael Recycle  3 Author Eleanor Wharton
ISBN-10 PKEY:MAR170586
Release 2017-05-17
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Michael is on a mission to save the plight of the Monarch Butterflies when their migration south from Canada to Mexico is threatened! Will Michael be able to change the fate of his fluttery friends? Find out in "Michael Recycle and the Monarch Butterflies!"

Michael Recycle Saves Christmas

Michael Recycle Saves Christmas Author Ellie Patterson
ISBN-10 1600108431
Release 2010
Pages 24
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When Santa's elves run out of the materials that they need to make toys for the children of the world, Santa turns to young Michael Recycle to help save Christmas and reduce waste.

Biopolymers Reuse Recycling and Disposal

Biopolymers  Reuse  Recycling  and Disposal Author Michael Niaounakis
ISBN-10 9781455731541
Release 2013-06-20
Pages 432
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Biopolymers Reuse, Recycling and Disposal is the first book covering all aspects of biopolymer waste management and post-usage scenarios, embracing existing technologies, applications, and the behavior of biopolymers in various waste streams. The book investigates the benefits and weaknesses, social, economic and environmental impacts, and regulatory aspects of each technology. It covers different types of recycling and degradation, as well as life cycle analysis, all supported by case studies, literature references, and detailed information about global patents. Patents in particular—comprising 80% of published technical literature in this emerging field, widely scattered, and often available in Japanese only—are a key source of information. Dr. Niaounakis draws on disciplines such as polymer science, management, biology and microbiology, organic chemistry, environmental chemistry, and patent law to produce a reference guide for engineers, scientists and other professionals involved in the development and production of biopolymers, waste management, and recycling. This information is also valuable for regulators, patent attorneys and academics working in this field. Explores techniques and technologies involved in managing biopolymers in the waste stream, including recycling and upcycling Provides waste management and recycling professionals the knowledge they need to plan for the exponential growth in biopolymer waste Helps engineers and product designers fully consider the end-of-life aspects of their environmentally sustainable 'green' products and solutions

Michael Recycle Meets Bootleg Peg

Michael Recycle Meets Bootleg Peg Author Ellie Patterson
ISBN-10 1613777086
Release 2014
Pages 28
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It's the new installment of Michael Recycle! Our caped-clean-Earth-crusader is on the job and turning his attention to a new frontier-the high seas! Read along as Michael rights another environmental wrong in this colorful, fun book that's perfect for young readers.

Re Cyclists

Re Cyclists Author Michael Hutchinson
ISBN-10 9781472925619
Release 2017-03-23
Pages 352
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Somewhere in a German forest 200 years ago, during the darkest, wettest summer for centuries, the story of cycling began. The calls to ban it were more or less immediate. Re:Cyclists is the tale of the following two centuries. It tells how cycling became a kinky vaudeville act for Parisians, how it was the basis of an American business empire to rival Henry Ford's, and how it found a unique home in the British Isles. The Victorian love of cycling started with penny-farthing riders, who explored lonely roads that had been left abandoned by the coming of the railways. Then high-society took to it - in the 1980s the glittering parties of the London Season featured bicycles dancing in the ballroom, and every member of the House of Lords rode a bike. Twentieth-century cycling was very different, and even more popular. It became the sport and the pastime of millions of ordinary people who wanted to escape the city smog, or to experience the excitement of a weekend's racing. Cycling offered adventure and independence in the good times, and consolation during the war years and the Great Depression. Re:Cyclists tells the story of cycling's glories and also of its despairs, of how it only just avoided extinction in the motoring boom of the 1960s. And finally, at the dawn of the 21st century, it celebrates how cycling rose again - a little different, a lot more fashionable, but still about the same simple pleasures that it always has been: the wind in your face and the thrill of two-wheeled freedom.

The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony

The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony Author David E. Spiro
ISBN-10 080142884X
Release 1999
Pages 177
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Between 1973 and 1980, the cost of crude oil rose suddenly and dramatically, precipitating convulsions in international politics. Conventional wisdom holds that international capital markets adjusted automatically and remarkably well: Enormous amounts of money flowed into oil-rich states, and efficient markets then placed that new money in cash-poor Third World economies. This massive reallocation of wealth is labeled petrodollar recycling. David Spiro has followed the money trail, and the story he tells, based on interviews and a painstaking accumulation of fragmentary evidence, contradicts the accepted beliefs both in the particulars and in broad outline. Most of the sudden flush of new oil wealth did not go to poor oil-importing countries around the globe. Instead the United States made a deal with Saudi Arabia to sell it U.S. securities in secret, a deal resulting in a substantial portion of Saudi assets being held by the U.S. government. With this arrangement, the U.S. government violated its agreements with allies in the developed world. Spiro argues that American policy makers took this action to prop up otherwise intolerable levels of U.S. public debt. In effect, recycled OPEC wealth subsidized the debt-happy policies of the U.S. government as well as the debt-happy consumerism of its citizenry.


Paper Author Alexandra Fix
ISBN-10 1403497125
Release 2007-08-01
Pages 32
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Discusses where paper comes from; what happens when it is wasted; how paper waste can be reduced, reused, and recycled; and how recycled paper is used.

Recycling and Re use of Waste Rubber

Recycling and Re use of Waste Rubber Author Martin Forrest
ISBN-10 9781847356840
Release 2014-12-03
Pages 332
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The environmental and economic need to increase recycling rates is a principal driving force behind technological innovation in the 21st century. Waste rubber products are an important resource that the global community is focusing on to achieve vital improvements in sustainability and meet important life cycle goals. This comprehensive review, with extensive up-to-date referencing, covers all aspects of rubber recycling, from its world market to the many novel technologies and processes that have been developed to re-use the material to manufacture added-value products. One objective of this book is to describe the techniques used to devulcanise waste rubber so it can be reprocessed into high specification products. The production of rubber crumb from waste rubber products and its use to manufacture a wide range of products are also covered. Testing methods and quality protocols essential to ensuring rubber recycling can take its place in today's quality conscious world are described. Also included is using waste rubber to generate energy and manufacture new materials such as fuel oils and recovered carbon black. This book is essential reading for anyone in industry or academia requiring up-to-date information on technical developments in rubber recycling and knowledge of the many options that exist for the re-use of this valuable commodity.