In the Waning Light

In the Waning Light Author Loreth Anne White
ISBN-10 1503949664
Release 2015-11-03
Pages 420
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In the Waning Light has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In the Waning Light also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In the Waning Light book for free.

Nudes in Waning Light

Nudes in Waning Light Author George Brockhill
ISBN-10 IND:39000001170070
Release 1985
Pages 31
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Nudes in Waning Light has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Nudes in Waning Light also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Nudes in Waning Light book for free.

America s Waning Light

America s Waning Light Author Tal Brooke
ISBN-10 080240880X
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 45
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America s Waning Light has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from America s Waning Light also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full America s Waning Light book for free.

Deconstructing Zen

Deconstructing Zen Author William C. Dell
ISBN-10 9781589826342
Release 2010
Pages 108
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William C. Dell teaches us to move our imaginations beyond the bounds of ordinary space time into the realm of eternal Zen consciousness, of the endless process of Zen deconstructing. Drawing upon texts spanning cultures and centuries, Dell brings together science, philosophy, poetry, and literary analysis to orchestrate an imaginative symphony of ideas playing the music of wisdom and understanding. His book takes the reader by the hand to confront “the universal navel of the world,” to move beyond conventional definitions and oppositions in order to understand the interconnectedness and shared being of all things, to marvel at the dance of reality unfolding out of the infinite choreography of imagination and potential. Written in a lean style that leads the reader to experience the “suchness” as well as the richness of Dell's ideas, Deconstructing Zen invites us all to conceive how the world's myriad paths to understanding lead us beyond the everyday, into the infinite realm of possibility, ultimately to embrace the empty fullness of Buddha's belly and total awareness.

Numaran Bende Var

Numaran Bende Var Author Sophie Kinsella
ISBN-10 6051420924
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 452
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Numaran Bende Var has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Numaran Bende Var also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Numaran Bende Var book for free.

An Introduction to the African Prose Narrative

An Introduction to the African Prose Narrative Author Lokangaka Losambe
ISBN-10 1592211372
Release 2004
Pages 273
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This collection of essays introduces students of African literature to the heritage of the African prose narrative, starting from its oral base and covering its linguistic and cultural diversity. The book brings together essays on both the classics and the relatively new works in all subgenres of the African prose narrative, including the traditional epic, the novel, the short story and the autobiography. The chapters are arranged according to the respective thematic paradigms under which the discussed works fall.

The Raging Fires

The Raging Fires Author T. A. Barron
ISBN-10 9781101641842
Release 2011-05-12
Pages 272
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Wings of Fire, the sleeping dragon, has awakened, threatening all of Fincayra. Only Merlin, whose magical powers are new and untested, can stop him. But before he can face the dragon's fires, Merlin needs to face other fires, including those within himself. Most importantly, he must discover the power—as well as the source—of his own magic.

Ghost Tears

Ghost Tears Author Helen Lamberton Gates
ISBN-10 9781611394573
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 208
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First time visitors to the American West, Delia Hager Duval and her French husband, Jean-Paul, accept an offer of an old Santa Fe adobe house for the Christmas holidays. But something is terribly wrong. Previous tenants have fled and their house is said t

Beauty Full

Beauty Full Author Anne Hutcheson
ISBN-10 9781491734292
Release 2014-05
Pages 150
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What a difference a year makes. One year ago, Penney Divan, a well-respected and busy high school principal, didn't worry about her health. But that all changed when she learned that she had developed a rare form of breast cancer. It's been a year with new priorities, but she has emerged stronger and wiser. Now, more certain than ever of what really matters in life, she seeks a return to normalcy after the year of the anything-but. She continues her work at school, cautiously renews relationships that were pushed aside, seriously beefs up her travel plans, and sets out with as much optimism and courage as she can on her own journey to truth, beauty, and hope. She wants, more than anything, to believe that she is cured. But the ongoing assaults on her sanity and optimism-her own related demons, an unresponsive medical establishment, and the unexpected dearth of concern from family, friends, and colleagues-shakes even her own faith. As she finds herself invited down paths both expected and unexpected, she learns that some roads are more productive and predictable than others. In the past year, she's learned a lot about herself, her body, and her relationships. Even with these epiphanies, Penney really doesn't know how she'll respond if her cancer comes back. In "Beauty Full," the sequel to "Ill Will," Penney discovers that her own passions and resources are the keys to the ultimate source of the beauty that was always within her.

The Language of Allegory

The Language of Allegory Author Maureen Quilligan
ISBN-10 0801480515
Release 1992
Pages 312
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"Quilligan has a number of stimulating new insights into the nature of allegory both medieval and modern. Much of her discussion focuses on The Faerie Queen and Piers Plowman, but she does not neglect Hawthorne and Melville, while Nabokov and Pynchon receive two particularly astute readings. Along with valuable literary criticism, this book gives us an idea of a whole new revival of the theory of allegory."—Virginia Quarterly Review

Prayers for the Awakening Self

Prayers for the Awakening Self Author Mark Allan Kaplan
ISBN-10 9780979798023
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 92
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Prayers for the Awakening Self has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Prayers for the Awakening Self also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Prayers for the Awakening Self book for free.


Ice Author Mariana Gosnell
ISBN-10 9780226304960
Release 2007-06-01
Pages 560
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Presents a study of ice in all its complexity spanning such topics as frostbite, climate change, ice on Mars and in Saturn's rings, the multiplicity of uses humans find for ice, and its impact on the forces that shape the world around us.

The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt

The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt Author Rosemary Clark
ISBN-10 1567181309
Release 2003
Pages 383
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Describes daily rituals, ceremonies, litanies, and spells from ancient Egypt.

Britton on Film

Britton on Film Author Andrew Britton
ISBN-10 9780814335505
Release 2009
Pages 533
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For fifteen years before his untimely death, Andrew Britton produced a body of undeniably brilliant film criticism that has been largely ignored within academic circles. Though Britton's writings are extraordinary in their depth and range and are closely attuned to the nuances of the texts they examine, his humanistic approach was at odds with typical theory-based film scholarship. Britton on Film demonstrates that Britton's humanism is also his strength, as it presents all of his published writings together for the first time, including Britton's persuasive readings of such important Hollywood films as Meet Me in St. Louis, Spellbound, and Now, Voyager and of key European filmmakers such as Sergei Eisenstein, Jean-Luc Godard, and Bernardo Bertolucci. Renowned film scholar and editor Barry Keith Grant has assembled all of Britton's published essays of film criticism and theory for this volume, spanning the late 1970s to the early 1990s. The essays are arranged by theme: Hollywood cinema, Hollywood movies, European cinema, and film and cultural theory. In all, twenty-eight essays consider such varied films as Hitchcock's Spellbound, Jaws, The Exorcist, and Mandingo and topics as diverse as formalism, camp, psychoanalysis, imperialism, and feminism. Included are such well-known and important pieces as "Blissing Out: The Politics of Reaganite Entertainment" and "Sideshows: Hollywood in Vietnam," among the most perceptive discussions of these two periods of Hollywood history yet published. In addition, Britton's critiques of the ideology of Screen and Wisconsin formalism display his uncommon grasp of theory even when arguing against prevailing critical trends. An introduction by influential film critic Robin Wood, who was also Britton's teacher and friend, begins this landmark collection. Students and teachers of film studies as well as general readers interested in film and American popular culture will enjoy Britton on Film.

God in the Street

God in the Street Author Hans Bergmann
ISBN-10 1566393582
Release 1995
Pages 260
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In the fast changing culture of antebellum New York, writers of every stripe celebrated "the City" as a stage for the daily urban encounter between the familiar and the inexplicable. Probing into these richly varied texts, Hans Bergmann uncovers the innovations in writing that accompanied the new market society— the penny newspapers' grandiose boastings, the poetic catalogues of Walt Whitman, the sentimental realism of charity workers, the sensationalism of slum visitors, and the complex urban encounters of Herman Melville's fiction. The period in which New York, the city itself, became firmly established as a subject invented a literary form that attempts to capture the variety of the teeming city and theflaneur, the walking observer. But Bergmann does not simply lead a parade of images and themes; he explores the ways in which these observers understood what was happening around them and to them, always attentive to class struggle and race and gender issues.God in the Streetshows how the penny press and Whitman's New York poetry create a new mass culture hero who interprets and dignifies the city's confusions. New York writers, both serious and sensationalist, meditate upon street encounters with tricksters and confidence-men and explore the meanings of encounters. Melville's "Bartleby, the Scrinever" underlines the unrelenting isolation and inability to control the interpreter. Bergmann reinterprets Melville'sThe Confidence Manas an example of how a complex literary form arises directly from its own historical materials and is itself socially symbolic. Bergmann sees Melville as special because he recognizes his inability to make sense of the surface of chaotic images and encounters. In mid-century New York City, Melville believes God is in the street, unavailable and unrecognizable, rather than omnipresent and guiding. Author note:Hans Bergmannis Professor of English and Cultural Studies at George Mason University.

Amy Snow

Amy Snow Author Tracy Rees
ISBN-10 9781501128370
Release 2016-06-07
Pages 576
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Winner of the UK’s Richard & Judy Search for a Bestseller Competition, this page-turning debut novel follows an orphan whose late, beloved best friend bequeaths her a treasure hunt that leads her all over Victorian England and finally to the one secret her friend never shared. It is 1831 when eight-year-old Aurelia Vennaway finds a naked baby girl abandoned in the snow on the grounds of her aristocratic family’s magnificent mansion. Her parents are horrified that she has brought a bastard foundling into the house, but Aurelia convinces them to keep the baby, whom she names Amy Snow. Amy is brought up as a second-class citizen, despised by Vennaways, but she and Aurelia are as close as sisters. When Aurelia dies at the age of twenty-three, she leaves Amy ten pounds, and the Vennaways immediately banish Amy from their home. But Aurelia left her much more. Amy soon receives a packet that contains a rich inheritance and a letter from Aurelia revealing she had kept secrets from Amy, secrets that she wants Amy to know. From the grave she sends Amy on a treasure hunt from one end of England to the other: a treasure hunt that only Amy can follow. Ultimately, a life-changing discovery awaits...if only Amy can unlock the secret. In the end, Amy escapes the Vennaways, finds true love, and learns her dearest friend’s secret, a secret that she will protect for the rest of her life. An abandoned baby, a treasure hunt, a secret. As Amy sets forth on her quest, readers will be swept away by this engrossing gem of a novel—the wonderful debut by newcomer Tracy Rees.


Blackfire Author James Daniel Eckblad
ISBN-10 9781610979368
Release 2012-11-29
Pages 274
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Four unlikely teenagers are summoned to quest for the salvation of a perpendicular world. Elli Adams and her friends Beatriz, Jamie, and Alex must overcome their own personal challenges of blindness, self-confidence, and Down syndrome as they struggle together to fulfill their mysterious calling as Bairnmoor's last prophetic hope. Join them on an adventure through singing forests and stardust valleys full of mystical, glorious, and ferocious creatures, all of which test their resolve in the face of overwhelming adversity. James Eckblad's novel wrestles with the age-old questions of good and evil and the nature of the heroic life. The story offers a fresh and challenging perspective on how one can have faith in the good against every indication that evil is thriving, if not prevailing, and how every child--and so all of us--can be immensely more than we are, and all we were meant to be.