Human Services Dictionary

Human Services Dictionary Author Howard Rosenthal
ISBN-10 9781135942984
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 368
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Written in an interesting, accessible and informative manner, with 1600 entries this book is an ideal reference for human service professionals and students preparing for exams. Special features include: extensive cross-referencing, a directory of human service organizations, short biographies of important figures in the profession, a short history of human services, and specialized and slang terms specific to the human service profession.

Dictionary of Counseling and Human Services

Dictionary of Counseling and Human Services Author Edward Neukrug
ISBN-10 0692851259
Release 2017-03-03
Pages 324
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The Dictionary of Counseling and Human Services offers professionals and others interested in the helping professions common definitions of close to 3,000 major words and terms used by a wide variety of mental health professionals. In addition, the book provides a focused study tool for human service professionals and counselors who are studying for credentialing exams (e.g., comps, NCC, HS-BCP). Using a coding system, the book distinguishes words and terms most likely used by human service professionals from those used by counselors and ranks them based on the likelihood that they will be asked on a credentialing exam. We think you will find the book a useful resource as you delve further into the fields of counseling and human services.

A Dictionary of Human Rights

A Dictionary of Human Rights Author David Robertson
ISBN-10 9781857430233
Release 1997
Pages 301
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This reference work reflects the growing international concern over hu man rights. It provides explanations of the terminology, issues, organ izations and laws surrounding this emotive subject

A Dictionary of Human Resource Management

A Dictionary of Human Resource Management Author Edmund Heery
ISBN-10 9780192524843
Release 2017-08-17
Pages 200
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A Dictionary of Human Resource Management contains more than 2,000 precise and easy-to-understand definitions that are used in the fields of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations. The dictionary covers all areas of HRM, including recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, reward, industrial relations, and the design of work and organizations. Theoretical terms and concepts are clearly explained and the main institutions, legal terms, and public policies that are relevant to HRM are all defined. This new edition of the dictionary has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect changes in vocabulary and usage. New entries to this edition include bonus culture, brain gain, corporate sustainibility, critical HRM, decent work, employee value proposition, gamification, male, pale, and stale, modern slavery, positive psychology, precariat, protected characteristics, resilience, talent pool, and virtual on-boarding. A Dictionary of Hyman Resource Management is a vital companion for students and practitioners in the fields of HRM and Employment Relations. It is an essential resource for anyone studying or working in this important area of management practice.

Encyclopedia of Human Services

Encyclopedia of Human Services Author Howard Rosenthal
ISBN-10 9781136271366
Release 2014-07-02
Pages 196
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Dr. Howard Rosenthal, author of the best-selling counseling exam book of all time, the Encyclopedia of Counseling, has now created the Encyclopedia of Human Services: Master Review and Tutorial for the Human Services-Board Certified Examination (HS-BCPE). Helpers can read this book to snare the Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP) credential to take their career to the next level! Dr. Rosenthal’s unique, reader-friendly style actually makes exam prep enjoyable! Reads like a novel, but imparts information like a graduate text. Who else wants to say, "I passed!"?

A dictionary of human geography

A dictionary of human geography Author Noel Castree
ISBN-10 019175806X
Release 2013
Pages 581
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"Provides an in-depth guide to all aspects of human geography, including cultural, social, developmental, economic, political, and health geography."--Title screen.

A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition

A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition Author David A. Bender
ISBN-10 9780192518422
Release 2014-01-23
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This leading dictionary contains over 8,000 entries covering all aspects of food and nutrition, diet and health. Jargon-free definitions clearly explain even the most technical of nutritional terms. From absinthe to zymogens, it covers types of food (including everyday foods and little-known foods, e.g. payusnaya), nutritional information, vitamins, minerals, and key scientific areas including metabolism and genomics. An essential online A-Z for nutritionists, food manufacturers, caterers, health-care students, food science/technology students, and anyone who has an interest in, or enjoys, food and wants to find out more about what they eat.

The Visual Dictionary of the Human Body

The Visual Dictionary of the Human Body Author Dorling Kindersley Publishing
ISBN-10 1879431181
Release 1991
Pages 64
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Text and "exploded view" photographs reveal the human body and how it works.

Encyclopedia of Counseling

Encyclopedia of Counseling Author Howard Rosenthal
ISBN-10 9781317370307
Release 2017-04-21
Pages 762
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With more questions and answers than any other edition, the Encyclopedia of Counseling, Fourth Edition, is still the only book you need to pass the NCE, CPCE, and other counseling exams. Every chapter has new and updated material and is still written in Dr. Rosenthal's lively, user-friendly style counselors know and love. The book’s new and improved coverage incorporates a range of vital topics, including social media, group work in career counseling, private practice and nonprofit work, addictions, neurocounseling, research trends, the DSM-5, the new ACA and NBCC codes of ethics, and much, much more.

Law in the Health and Human Services

Law in the Health and Human Services Author Donald T. Dickson
ISBN-10 9781451604023
Release 2010-06-15
Pages 640
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Professor Dickson provides students with examples of a legal way of thinking about significant issues in social policy. This book can be used in policy and practice courses in the fields of mental health, child welfare, the family, developmental and physical disabilities, and professional ethics. Provides excellent selection of relevant court decisions along with clearly articulated questions and issues for discussion.

The Penguin Dictionary of Human Geography

The Penguin Dictionary of Human Geography Author Brian Goodall
ISBN-10 0140510958
Release 1987
Pages 509
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Terms drawn from a host of different topics - the economics of trade and industry, politics and sociology, the environment and land use, planning and management - are used constantly by human geographers. This reference book provides definitions of all such terms (as well as certain historical usages still to be found in important sources) and explains the invaluable mathematical and statistical techniques that have revolutionized all the human sciences.

The Dictionary of Human Geography

The Dictionary of Human Geography Author Derek Gregory
ISBN-10 9781444359954
Release 2011-09-23
Pages 1072
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With clear, critical, and constructive surveys of key terms by leading researchers in the field, The Dictionary of Human Geography, fifth edition, remains the definitive guide to the concepts and debates in human geography. Comprehensively revised new edition of a highly successful text with over 300 key terms appearing for the first time Situates Human Geography within the humanities, social sciences and sciences as a whole Written by leading experts in the field Major entries not only describe the development of concepts, contributions and debates in Human Geography but also advance them Features a new consolidated bibliography along with a detailed index and systematic cross-referencing of headwords

Carnal Knowledge

Carnal Knowledge Author Charles Hodgson
ISBN-10 0312371217
Release 2007-08-07
Pages 260
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A word lover's reference provides a close-up look at the words used to describe the human body, providing detailed etymologies and trivia about such words as eye, gry, sideburns, nostril, and bourdonnement.

A Dictionary of Economics

A Dictionary of Economics Author Nigar Hashimzade
ISBN-10 9780191077340
Release 2016-12-22
Pages 596
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This authoritative and comprehensive dictionary contains clear, concise definitions of approximately 3,500 key economic terms. Covering all aspects of economics including economic theory and policy, applied microeconomics and macroeconomics, labour economics, public economics and public finance, monetary economics, and environmental economics, this is the essential reference work in this area. The new edition of this dictionary has been updated to include entries on China, India, and South America, to reflect the increase in prominence of these regions in the global economy. There is strong coverage of international trade and many entries on economic organizations and institutions from around the world. Fully revised to keep up to date with this fast-moving field, this new edition expands the coverage to include entries such as austerity measures, General Anti Abuse Rule, propensity score matching, and shadow bank. Entries are supplemented by entry-level web links, which are listed and regularly updated on a companion website, giving the reader the opportunity to explore further the areas covered in the dictionary. Useful appendices include a list of institutional acronyms and their affiliated websites, a list of Nobel prize-winners in economics, the Greek alphabet, and a list of relevant websites. As ideal for browsing as it is useful for quick reference, this dictionary remains an essential guide for students and teachers of economics, business, and finance, as well as for professional economists and anyone who has to deal with economic data.

Duranty V Secretary of Health and Human Services

Duranty V  Secretary of Health and Human Services Author
ISBN-10 UILAW:0000000016817
Release 1991
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Duranty V Secretary of Health and Human Services has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Duranty V Secretary of Health and Human Services also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Duranty V Secretary of Health and Human Services book for free.

Math Dictionary With Solutions

Math Dictionary With Solutions Author Chris Kornegay
ISBN-10 9780761917854
Release 1999-03-06
Pages 576
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If you've ever taken a graduate statistics course and discovered that you've forgotten how to divide a fraction or turn a fraction into a percentage, then this handy guide to mathematics is for you. Each topic is provided with a definition, explanation, and examples of how to solve a particular problem using the topic's technique. With ample cross-referencing, this guide is the perfect reference for researchers working with numbers, who need a review of mathematical concepts.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Occupational Outlook Handbook Author U.S. Department of Labor
ISBN-10 9781602393202
Release 2008-12-01
Pages 890
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A directory for up-and-coming jobs in the near-future employment market includes recommendations for finding or advancing a career and draws on statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, in a guide that includes coverage of more than 250 occupations. Original.