The French Women Don t Get Fat Cookbook

The French Women Don t Get Fat Cookbook Author Mireille Guiliano
ISBN-10 9781439148976
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 304
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Shares recipes that reflect the author's philosophies about simple preparation, seasonal ingredients, and satisfying flavors, providing complementary recommendations for entertaining, menu planning, and wine selection.

French Women Don t Get Fat

French Women Don t Get Fat Author Mireille Guiliano
ISBN-10 9781400044801
Release 2004-12-28
Pages 272
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The #1 national bestseller that launched a fabulous French Revolution about how to approach healthy living: the ultimate non-diet book—now with more recipes. French women don’t get fat, even though they enjoy bread and pastry, wine, and regular three-course meals. Unlocking the simple secrets of this “French paradox”—how they enjoy food while staying slim and healthy—Mireille Guiliano gives us a charming, inspiring take on health and eating for our times. For anyone who has slipped out of her Zone, missed the flight to South Beach, or accidentally let a carb pass her lips, here is a positive way to stay trim, a culture’s most precious secrets recast for the twenty-first century. A life of wine, bread—even chocolate—without girth or guilt? Pourquoi pas?

French Women Don t Get Facelifts

French Women Don t Get Facelifts Author Mireille Guiliano
ISBN-10 9781448153923
Release 2014-01-16
Pages 272
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Mireille shares the secrets and strategies of aging with attitude and joy, offering personal anecdotes while divulging French women's most guarded secrets about looking and feeling great. With her signature blend of wit, no-nonsense advice and storytelling flair she addresses everything from lotions and potions to diet, style, friendship and romance. For anyone who has ever spent the equivalent of a mortgage payment on anti-aging lotions or procedures, dressed inappropriately for their age, gained a little too much in the middle or accidentally forgotten how to flirt, here is a proactive way to stay looking and feeling great, without declaring bankruptcy or resorting to surgery.

The French Diet

The French Diet Author Michel Montignac
ISBN-10 075661578X
Release 2005
Pages 192
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A guide to diet explains how the French habit of eating food with low glycemic scores, combined with fresh fruits and vegetables and a sensible eating plan, can be adopted by anyone who wants to maintain an ideal body weight.

French Women for All Seasons

French Women for All Seasons Author Mireille Guiliano
ISBN-10 9780307265982
Release 2006-10-31
Pages 368
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From the author of French Women Don't Get Fat, the #1 National Bestseller, comes an essential guide to the art of joyful living—in moderation, in season, and, above all, with pleasure. Together with a bounty of new dining ideas and menus, Mireille Guiliano offers us fresh, cunning tips on style, grooming, and entertaining. Here are four seasons' worth of strategies for shopping, cooking, and exercising, as well as some pointers for looking effortlessly chic. Taking us from her childhood in Alsace-Lorraine to her summers in Provence and her busy life in New York and Paris, this wise and witty book shows how anyone anywhere can develop a healthy, holistic lifestyle. From the Trade Paperback edition.

French Cats Don t Get Fat

French Cats Don t Get Fat Author Henry Beard
ISBN-10 0755314735
Release 2005
Pages 80
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Now you've fully digested 'French Women Don't Get Fat' and you're parading around in your newly scuipted svelte figure without denying your taste buds any indulgence, it's high time for your best furry friend to do the same. 'French Cais Don't Get Fat' is a charmingly illustrated guide that teaches your cat the art of portion control, how to savour good food, be slim and become the envy of all the cats in the neighbourhood. Only this book explains step-by-step how all five senses must be engaged during a meal, the benefits or otherwise of canned, dried, 'fresh' and leftover food, it includes a tried and tested exercise regime, recipes for Raiatouille and Mouse au Chocolat, whisker licking treats and much much more. There are a lot of things French cats don't do. French cats don't come the third time they're called. French cats don't understand the meaning of the word 'non'. And French cats don't get fat. This suitably elegant little book is charming, fun and easy to swallow. Essential reading for cat owners with class.

Gay Men Don t Get Fat

Gay Men Don t Get Fat Author Simon Doonan
ISBN-10 9781101572009
Release 2012-01-05
Pages 272
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Simon Doonan knows that when it comes to style, the gays are the chosen people. A second anthropological truth comes to him midway through a turkey burger with no bun, at an otherwise hetero barbecue: Do the straight people have any idea how many calories are in the guacamole? In this hilarious discourse on and guide to the well-lived life, Doonan goes far beyond the secrets to eating like the French—he proves that gay men really are French women, from their delight in fashion, to their brilliant choices in accessories and décor, to their awe-inspiring ability to limit calorie intake. A Gucci-wearing Margaret Mead at heart, Doonan offers his own inimitable life experiences and uncanny insights into makes gay people driven to live every day feeling their best, and proves that they have just as much—and possibly better—wisdom, advice, and inspiration beyond the same old diet and exercise tips. So put down that bag of Pirate’s Booty and pick up this fierce and fabulous book. From slimming jaunts through Capri in the evening to an intrepid “Bear” hunt (if you have to ask, you have to read this book and find out for yourself), Gay Men Don’t Get Fat is the ultimate approach to a glamorous lifestyle—plus, you are guaranteed to laugh away the pounds!

Women Work the Art of Savoir Faire

Women  Work   the Art of Savoir Faire Author Mireille Guiliano
ISBN-10 1416592490
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 272
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling “high priestess of French lady wisdom” (USA Today) comes every woman’s guide to navigating the world of work, living the good life, and savoring every minute of it. Mireille Guiliano, internationally bestselling author of French Women Don’t Get Fat and former senior executive for Veuve Clicquot, uses her distinctive French woman’s philosophy and style to share lively lessons, stories, and helpful hints from her experiences at the front lines and highest echelons of the business world. Guiliano offers every reader the practical advice she needs to make the most of work without ever losing sight of what is most important: feeling good, facing challenges, getting ahead, and maximizing pleasure at every opportunity.

Cave Women Don t Get Fat

Cave Women Don t Get Fat Author Esther Blum
ISBN-10 9781922231314
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 304
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Hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary history can't be wrong! French women don't get fat, and neither did cave women according to this clever new back-to-basics diet book that promotes a 'protein-rich, hormone-balancing and detoxifying diet that helps women to build muscle, catalyze fat loss, and feel gorgeous fast.' Strong is the new skinny, and respected health and wellness expert Esther Blum is unafraid to bring her readers a diet that will make them strong instead of just hungry. Losing weight may seem like a modern concept, but the solution is ancient: a natural diet of lean protein and vegetables and minimal processed starches. Cave Women Don't Get Fat is a healthy, nutritious diet that makes you stronger, not weaker, and gives women tools to build a body that not only looks great, but also works better than ever.

Meet Paris Oyster

Meet Paris Oyster Author Mireille Guiliano
ISBN-10 9781455524099
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 160
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of French Women Don't Get Fat comes a memorable look at the French appetite for oysters, the characters who harvest and serve them, and the compelling reasons why we should all enjoy them. MEET PARIS OYSTER A Love Affair with the Perfect Food MEET PARIS OYSTER is an engaging exploration of the Parisian love affair with the world's most sensuous shellfish. It centers on Huîtrerie Régis, a tightly packed oyster bar in the heart of the City of Light, with an opinionated owner and a colorful cast of regulars. Part cultural journey, part cookbook, and part slice-of-life play, this book introduces readers to the appetites (gastronomic and otherwise) of Paris and its people. Beyond Huîtrerie Régis, the French oystermen, and the other characters in pursuit of the oyster, Mireille Guiliano shares information on the best oysters around the world, their nutritional value, the best wine pairings with them, and a dozen mouthwatering recipes that will have readers craving, buying, and preparing oysters with confidence. So take a virtual trip to Paris -- indulge and enjoy!

Une Femme Fran aise

Une Femme Fran  aise Author Catherine Malandrino
ISBN-10 9781250097668
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 240
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All American women aspire to have the nonchalant style and grace of French women, that je ne sais quoi that makes all of their habits seem natural and effortless. In Une Femme Française, fashion designer Catherine Malandrino, a Frenchwoman who has lived and worked in the US for thirty years, reveals French women’s secrets for an American audience. Grab a café crème and learn: - To be your own creation, not a slave to the latest fashion - What defines une femme Française: the little black dress, the boyish look, the rebel touch, and the carefree attitude - The secrets of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the avatar of American women who admire the French - Hair- and skin-care tricks from Paris It Girls - That nonchalance, more than perfume, is sexy - How to seduce anyone - Why red is a necessity - The real reason French women don't get fat: food is family

Breaking Out

Breaking Out Author John Butman
ISBN-10 9781422191408
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 256
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How do you gain influence for an idea? In Breaking Out, idea developer and adviser John Butman shows how the methods of today’s most popular “idea entrepreneurs”—including dog psychologist Cesar Millan, French lifestyle guru Mireille Guiliano (French Women Don’t Get Fat), TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, and many others—can help you take an idea public and build influence for it. It isn’t easy. Butman argues that the rise of the “ideaplex” (TED, Twitter, NPR, YouTube, online learning, and all the rest) has caused such an explosion in the creation and sharing of ideas that it has become much easier to go public—yet much harder to gain influence. But it can be done. Based on his own experience in advising content experts worldwide, Butman shows how the idea entrepreneur breaks out—by combining personal narrative with rich content, creating many forms of expression (from books to live events), developing real-world practices, and creating “respiration” around the idea such that other people can breathe it in and make it their own. The resulting idea platform can reach many different audience groups and continue to build influence for many years and even decades. If you have an idea and want to make a difference in your organization, build a change movement in your community, or improve the world in some way—this book will get you started on the journey to idea entrepreneurship.

The French Twist

The French Twist Author Carol Cottrill
ISBN-10 9781614481638
Release 2012-02-29
Pages 240
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With wit and wisdom, The French Twist: Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management explores the French attitudes of reverence and respect for food and dining. Based on a desire to take the American obsession with weight and fitness in a new direction, it exposes the shortcomings of quick-fix fad diets, encourages readers to examine their unique connections to food, and asks them to abandon their fears about eating and to reject such common myths as the idea that to lose weight we need to eat less and exercise more. Among the secrets the book reveals are the importance of eating authentic and high-quality food, and the role of pleasure and balance in proper nutrition and successful weight management. Throughout, the French approach is validated by up-to-date science on metabolism as it relates to the psychology of eating.

Culture and Customs of France

Culture and Customs of France Author W. Scott Haine
ISBN-10 0313328927
Release 2006
Pages 315
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Examines the culture and customs of the people of France.

They Eat Horses Don t They

They Eat Horses  Don t They Author Piu Marie Eatwell
ISBN-10 9781781854433
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 304
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The centuries-old, love-hate relationship with our closest neighbour has spawned a plethora of myths and stereotypes. In recent years our stock of received wisdom about the French – land of the sophisticated lover, the wine-fuelled lunch, the gitane-puffing philosopher, the hairy female armpit and the rebarbatively squalid toilet – has been replenished by a new generation of lifestyle myths: that French women don't get fat, that French children don't throw food, that their countryside has been colonized by Boden-clad, Volvo-driving Brits. In THEY EAT HORSES, DON'T THEY?, Piu Marie Eatwell explores the background to, and the contemporary evidence for, 45 such myths. She finds that many of them are simply false, and that even those that are broadly true are rather more complicated than at first sight. In the course of her thorough – and thoroughly entertaining – investigations, we discover there is more to our enigmatic Gallic neighbour than 365 types of cheese, and that the reality of modern French life is very different from the myths that we create about it. Please note: This ebook is hand-crafted. Well not quite, but it is certainly a cut above the rest; great care has been taken to make sure it is both beautiful and highly functional.

Francesas Disfrutan Todo El Ano Las Y No Engordan French Women for All Seasons

Francesas Disfrutan Todo El Ano Las Y No Engordan   French Women for All Seasons Author Mireille Guiliano
ISBN-10 8466634185
Release 2007-05-01
Pages 349
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Mireille Guiliano, author of the immensely popular French Women Don't Get Fat, returns with another book revealing the secrets to living the good life, branching off of her first book that dispelled the notion that you have to avoid everything wonderful in order to lose weight.

The Atkins Diet and Philosophy

The Atkins Diet and Philosophy Author Lisa Heldke
ISBN-10 9780812698114
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 288
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The Atkins diet has transformed the lives of millions of people, revolutionizing grocery store shelves, restaurant menus, and dinner-table conversations. But there are questions beyond its efficacy and longevity. Is the Atkins diet a new wrinkle in capitalist exploitation or a twisted expression of negative body images? Is it a symbol of super-masculinity? Has the Atkins diet really been around for centuries under other names? Can it increase intelligence, or cause global warming and melt the polar ice caps? How does Atkins fit into Kant’s conception of the moral life, or Rousseau’s vision of a kinder, gentler human society? The Atkins Diet and Philosophy wittily explores these and other pressing questions in sixteen entertaining essays. Following the same fun, readable approach as earlier volumes in this series, this book uses philosophy to put the Atkins diet under the microscope, and uses the Atkins diet to teach vital philosophical lessons for life.