Forbidden Ground

Forbidden Ground Author Karen Harper
ISBN-10 9780778316701
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 352
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Anthropologist Kate Lockwood wants to excavate the ancient burial mound on Grant Mason's family land, but when he refuses, she suspects he is hiding something.

Call After Midnight

Call After Midnight Author Tess Gerritsen
ISBN-10 9781460390801
Release 2015-05-18
Pages 400
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A fan-favorite novel by internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen Newlywed Sarah Fontaine has just received the news that every wife fears: her husband of two months has died abroad in a hotel fire. Yet convinced he's still alive, Sarah forges an alliance with Nick O'Hara from the U.S. State Department that has the two of them crisscrossing Europe on a desperate search for signs of life. As Sarah and Nick become quarry in the secret world of international espionage, they must risk everything for answers that may prove fatal.

Under the Knife

Under the Knife Author Tess Gerritsen
ISBN-10 9781460390818
Release 2015-05-18
Pages 400
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A fan-favorite novel by internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen For attorney David Ransom, it begins as an open-and-shut case: malpractice. Then Dr. Kate Chesne storms into his office, daring him to seek out the truth—that she's being framed. When another patient turns up dead, David starts to believe her. Somewhere in the Honolulu hospital, a killer walks freely. And now David finds himself asking the same questions Kate is desperate to have answered. Who is next—and why?

Still Waters

Still Waters Author Heather Graham
ISBN-10 9781460399149
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 576
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New York Times bestselling authors Heather Graham and Karen Harper team up with two fan-favorite stories that prove still waters run deep… The Island by Heather Graham On a weekend vacation, Beth Anderson is unnerved when she discovers a skull on the beach. As she starts to look into this mysterious find, handsome stranger Keith Henson seems to appear everywhere she goes. He claims to be keeping an eye on her safety, but Beth senses other motives. When a body washes ashore, she may need more help than she bargained for. Because investigating is a dangerous game, and someone wants to stop Beth from playing. Below the Surface by Karen Harper Briana Devon knows her twin sister would never deliberately leave her, but when she surfaces after a dive, Daria and their boat have vanished. Fighting rough waves and a fast-approaching storm, Bree barely makes it to shore, where Cole De Roca revives her. Bound to Cole by the harrowing experience, she seeks his help as she struggles to understand what happened to her sister—and what her twin, whom she thought she knew so well, might be hiding.

Drowning Tides

Drowning Tides Author Karen Harper
ISBN-10 9781460396407
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 400
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Danger is never far off… When forensic psychologist Claire Britten started working with lawyer Nick Markwood on his South Shores project, she had no idea it would endanger her life—and the life of her daughter. But when the little girl goes missing from her South Florida home and Nick insists his longtime nemesis is to blame, Claire frantically follows the trail to the Cayman Islands, desperate to save her daughter before it's too late. Nick always knew the man who staged his father's "suicide" was out to get him, but kidnapping the child of someone he cares about is despicable. Finding the billionaire criminal is one thing—meeting his demands in order to save Claire's daughter is quite another. What he wants threatens their professional and personal interests beyond imagination…but what choice do they have when a child's life is on the line?

Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows Author Karen Harper
ISBN-10 9781460396063
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 400
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The dead still talk if you know how to listen… Every case that Claire Britten cracks is a win, not only professionally but personally. The forensic psychologist has spent a lifetime fighting a neurological disorder, and her ability to conquer it is a testament to her razor-sharp intuition. Nick Markwood is used to winning in the courtroom, so when his latest case is overthrown by Claire's expert testimony, he can't help being impressed by her skill. He needs her on the team of his passion project—investigating unusual cases involving mysterious deaths. Her condition doesn't deter him, and neither does the attraction that sparks between them…even if it should. As they join forces to investigate a murder in St. Augustine, Florida, Claire is thrust into a situation far more dangerous than she'd anticipated, pushing her disorder to a breaking point. Just when she fears she can't trust her own mind, she discovers Nick's personal connection to the case—and wonders whether she can trust anyone at all.

Falling Darkness

Falling Darkness Author Karen Harper
ISBN-10 9781460396599
Release 2017-05-01
Pages 400
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At the mercy of a treacherous sea… Claire Britten's training never prepared her for this—the forensic psychology curriculum didn't cover plane crashes. Or how to help fellow survivors cope, seven frightened people huddled in two small rafts awaiting a rescue that may never come. Especially when three of them are your ex-husband, your young daughter—and the man you love, Nick Markwood, whose pursuit by a criminal mastermind forced you all to run in the first place. When the bedraggled crew finally reaches dry land, they are still far from safe. Nick tries to secure transport to their witness-protection placement, urging everyone to stick to the identities laid out for them. They don't need any complications. But when danger follows them to their supposed safe haven, Claire and Nick no longer know who is helping or harming them. Racked by doubt and mistrust, still hunted, they must band together—or fall.

Broken Bonds

Broken Bonds Author Karen Harper
ISBN-10 9781460345818
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 400
Download Link Click Here Haunted by the past… Cold Creek is a place with a dark history, especially for the Lockwoods. Now adults, the three Lockwood sisters are still recovering from the events that led to the destruction of their family when they were children. Determined to move forward, Tess and Kate are making fresh starts, ready to put bad—even deadly—memories to rest and settle happily in the small but booming town. And they're hoping their older sister, Charlene, can do the same. Char is back in town seeking comfort as she figures out her next move. A social worker used to difficult situations, she soon runs afoul of some locals who think she's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. She's certain something sinister is being covered up, and when she witnesses Matt Rowan being run off the road, she knows she's right. Working together, Matt and Char figure uncovering the truth will be dangerous, but living in Cold Creek won't be safe for any of them until its secrets are revealed.

Dornenm dchen

Dornenm  dchen Author Karen Rose
ISBN-10 9783426428269
Release 2015-09-25
Pages 896
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Ein Thriller mit Gänsehaut-Garantie rund um eine junge Frau, die von einem Alptraum in den nächsten gerät! Der SPIEGEL-Bestseller „Dornenmädchen“ ist der Auftakt einer neuen Serie aus der Feder der amerikanischen Autorin Karen Rose, die seit Jahren mit ihren Thrillern (wie „Todesstoߓ, „Todeskleid“ und „Todesherz“) große Erfolge feiert. Gnadenlos gejagt von einem Stalker, flieht die junge Psychotherapeutin Faith in das leerstehende Haus ihrer Familie in Cincinnati. Hier will sie einen Neuanfang wagen – doch ihre vermeintliche Zufluchtsstätte entpuppt sich als Ort des Schreckens. Im Keller der Villa werden Leichen gefunden, und Faith gerät ins Visier der Ermittler. Auch FBI-Agent Deacon Novak kann sie als Täterin nicht ausschließen, doch gleichzeitig fasziniert ihn die hübsche Zeugin. Gemeinsam betreten sie einen düsteren Pfad, der weit in Faith‘ Vergangenheit und auf die Spuren eines eiskalten Psychopathen und Killers führt.

S rie Cold Creek l int grale

S  rie  Cold Creek    l int  grale Author Karen Harper
ISBN-10 9782280361422
Release 2016-06-15
Pages 1184
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Série Cold Creed : l'intégrale 3 romans Découvrez l'intégrale de la saga "Cold Creek" : entre secrets et danger, trois soeurs réunies pour vivre la plus sombre des aventures. L'étau du passé, Tome 1 Le secret enfoui, Tome 2 Au nom du silence, Tome 3 A propos de l'auteur : Ancien professeur, Karen Harper est l’auteur de nombreux suspenses caractérisés par une atmosphère unique, à la fois envoûtante et inquiétante. Couronné de multiples succès, son talent lui a valu, entre autres, d’être désignée lauréate du prix Mary Higgins Clark.

The Christmas Ranch A Cold Creek Holiday

The Christmas Ranch   A Cold Creek Holiday Author RaeAnne Thayne
ISBN-10 9781460343708
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 224
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A NEW Cowboys of Cold Creek story from New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne! Hope Nichols has never felt as if she belonged anywhere except her hometown of Pine Gulch. So when she hears that her family's property, Christmas Ranch, is set to be shut down forever, a determined Hope heads home. She refuses to let anything ruin her holiday—this will be the most memorable ranch Christmas ever! And thanks to hunky former navy SEAL Rafe Santiago and his adorable nephew, she might just pull off that miracle. Plus a heartwarming RaeAnne Thayne favorite from the Cowboys of Cold Creek series, A Cold Creek Holiday, also included in this book! "A richly plotted story with characters that are easy to care about, this one is as emotional as it is funny." —RT Book Reviews on A Cold Creek Holiday

Le secret enfoui

Le secret enfoui Author Karen Harper
ISBN-10 9782280343084
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 352
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Série Cold Creek, tome 2 Kate a deux excellentes raisons de revenir à Cold Creek. La première, c’est le mariage de sa petite sœur, au cœur de la ville de son enfance. La deuxième, c’est que la cérémonie aura lieu dans la propriété du séduisant témoin du marié, Grant Mason, dont le terrain abrite un ancien tombeau de la civilisation adena. En tant qu’archéologue, Kate ne peut résister à la perspective de réaliser des fouilles dans cet ancien site funéraire. Mais, avant qu’elle ait pu convaincre Grant de la laisser s’en approcher, des voleurs s’infiltrent dans son domaine et déracinent un érable presque centenaire. Un arbre qui abritait le tombeau... S’agit-il d’un simple trafic de bois rare, ou d’une couverture pour s’emparer des trésors ensevelis depuis des siècles ? Kate aimerait mener l’enquête, mais Grant y semble hostile. Pourquoi est-il si réticent à ouvrir le site aux recherches ? Quelque chose lui dit que ce n’est pas seulement dans le passé de l’humanité qu’elle trouvera des réponses. C’est aussi dans les secrets de l’étrange famille Mason...

Schloss aus Glas

Schloss aus Glas Author Jeannette Walls
ISBN-10 9783455810516
Release 2012-04-19
Pages 382
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Jeannette Walls ist ein glückliches Kind: Sie hat einen Vater, der mit ihr auf Dämonenjagd geht, ihr die Physik erklärt und die Sterne vom Himmel holt. Da nimmt sie gerne in Kauf, immer mal wieder mit leerem Bauch ins Bett zu gehen, ihre egomanische Künstlermutter zu ertragen oder in Nacht-und-Nebel-Aktionen den Wohnort zu wechseln. Mit den Jahren allerdings werden die sozialen Verhältnisse schlimmer, die Sprüche des Vaters schaler und das Lügengebäude der Eltern so zerbrechlich wie das Schloss aus Glas, das der Vater jahrelang zu bauen versprochen hatte.

Drachenl ufer

Drachenl  ufer Author Khaled Hosseini
ISBN-10 9783827070234
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 384
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Drachenläufer erzählt vom Schicksal der beiden Jungen Amir und Hassan und ihrer ungücklichen Freundschaft. Eine dramatische Geschichte von Liebe und Verrat, Trennung und Wiedergutmachung vor dem Hintergrund der jüngsten Vergangenheit Afghanistans.

Das Leben des Frederick Douglass als Sklave in Amerika von ihm selbst erz hlt

Das Leben des Frederick Douglass als Sklave in Amerika von ihm selbst erz  hlt Author Frederick Douglass
ISBN-10 3889772722
Release 1991
Pages 237
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Das Leben des Frederick Douglass als Sklave in Amerika von ihm selbst erz hlt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Leben des Frederick Douglass als Sklave in Amerika von ihm selbst erz hlt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Leben des Frederick Douglass als Sklave in Amerika von ihm selbst erz hlt book for free.

In die Wildnis

In die Wildnis Author Jon Krakauer
ISBN-10 9783492957779
Release 2013-02-18
Pages 304
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Im August 1992 wurde die Leiche von Chris McCandless im Eis von Alaska gefunden. Wer war dieser junge Mann, und was hatte ihn in die gottverlassene Wildnis getrieben? Jon Krakauer hat sein Leben erforscht, seine Reise in den Tod rekonstruiert und ein traurig-schönes Buch geschrieben über die Sehnsucht, die diesen Mann veranlasste, sämtliche Besitztümer und Errungenschaften der Zivilisation hinter sich zu lassen, um tief in die wilde und einsame Schönheit der Natur einzutauchen. – Verfilmt von Sean Penn mit Emile Hirsch.

Ein Sommer am See

Ein Sommer am See Author Mariko Tamaki
ISBN-10 3956400259
Release 2015-05
Pages 320
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Ein Sommer am See has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ein Sommer am See also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ein Sommer am See book for free.