For 100 Nights Obsession

For 100 Nights   Obsession Author Lara Adrian
ISBN-10 9783736303379
Release 2017-08-25
Pages 298
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"Hundert Nächte in meinem Bett ..." Seit hundert Tagen lebt Avery mit dem unwiderstehlichen Milliardär Nick Baine in einer Welt voller Luxus. Hundert Nächte bedingungsloser Hingabe fordert er für die Vergebung ihrer Lügen. Doch auch wenn die Leidenschaft zwischen ihnen unendlich, die Ekstase vollkommen ist - Avery weiß, dass sie Nick niemals ganz besitzen kann. Denn die Schrecken ihrer Vergangenheit sind nicht gebannt, und ihr wird mehr und mehr klar, dass auch Nick etwas vor ihr verbirgt ... "Ein absolut heißes Lesevergnügen." Feeling Fictional über For 100 Days - Täuschung

100 Nights in the Dark

100 Nights in the Dark Author Joe Barlow
ISBN-10 9780595163915
Release 2000-12-01
Pages 348
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Fed up with snooty film critics? Then this is the book for you! 100 Nights in the Dark is a collection of 100 humorous, insightful film reviews and essays by renowned critic Joe Barlow. Want the low-down on a particular film before you pop it into your VCR? Barlow tells you which recent films are worth seeing, which you should skip, and which will require years of painful therapy should you view them, and he does it in the same playful, irreverent style which has made him one of the Internet's most popular movie reviewers.

House Lust

House Lust Author Daniel McGinn
ISBN-10 9780385524193
Release 2008-01-08
Pages 272
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A rich narrative that blends social commentary with incisive reporting, House Lust offers an astute, funny, and sometimes disturbing portrait of the behaviors that drove the greatest real estate boom in history—and its eventual bust. Owning a home has long been considered the fulfillment of the American Dream. But in the last decade, as the real estate market boomed, Americans’ fascination with homes turned into a frenzy. Everywhere we turned, people were talking about, scheming over, envying, shopping for, refinancing, or just plain ogling houses—in the process, we’ve transformed shelter from a basic necessity into an all-consuming passion. In House Lust, Newsweek’s Daniel McGinn travels the country to explore the roots of this mania. Even as the real estate boom has turned to bust, Americans remain obsessed with houses—many of us are still trading up, adding on, or doubling down to buy vacation property. But for others, this zeal for housing has carried a painful price, one that’s evident in the soaring foreclosure rates and mounting despair as millions of homeowners (and their lenders) realize they’ve stretched too far to buy the home of their dreams. In a compelling narrative that takes us inside the homes—and psyches—of the House Lust–afflicted throughout the nation, McGinn examines the forces that turned housing into the talk of dinner parties. He explores the arms race for square footage and introduces readers to a menagerie of characters from the real estate world—from “renovation psychologists” who treat remodeling-addled clients to a guy who trades vacation time-shares the way kids trade baseball cards. McGinn also jumps into the fray himself by enrolling in real estate school and buying an investment property, sight unseen, over the Internet. House Lust shows us just how contagious the ideal of owning the best home on the block can be. And as the real estate boom recedes into memory, McGinn offers cautionary tales to help us curb our lust when prices start rising again. From the Hardcover edition.

Immortal Obsession

Immortal Obsession Author Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
ISBN-10 9781460338971
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 304
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As her Protector, he was bound to oblige her every desire. A rogue group of human-hating vampires have overtaken London. But the elite immortals who own much of the city may have found the key to protecting their territory: Madison Chase, an American newscaster investigating a story about missing teenagers. If she can convince someone to help her infiltrate the dangerous faction, she just might stem the bloodletting and find her brother in time…. St. John can't escape his dark family legacy. But the instincts that keep him from being fully human also make him the rogues' worst enemy. His desire for the ethereal redhead is immediate, all-consuming—and forbidden. And as the investigation escalates, Madison must discover if St. John is her trusted Protector—or if she's being seduced by a monster.

Jamaican Obsession

Jamaican Obsession Author A.J. Francis
ISBN-10 9781304369888
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Jamaican Obsession has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jamaican Obsession also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jamaican Obsession book for free.

Egyptomania Our Three Thousand Year Obsession with the Land of the Pharaohs

Egyptomania  Our Three Thousand Year Obsession with the Land of the Pharaohs Author Bob Brier
ISBN-10 9781137401465
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 256
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The world has always been fascinated with ancient Egypt. When the Romans conquered Egypt, it was really Egypt that conquered the Romans. Cleopatra captivated both Caesar and Marc Antony and soon Roman ladies were worshipping Isis and wearing vials of Nile water around their necks. What is it about ancient Egypt that breeds such obsession and imitation? Egyptomania explores the burning fascination with all things Egyptian and the events that fanned the flames--from ancient times, to Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, to the Discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb by Howard Carter in the 1920s. For forty years, Bob Brier, one of the world's foremost Egyptologists, has been amassing one of the largest collections of Egyptian memorabilia and seeking to understand the pull of ancient Egypt on our world today. In this original and groundbreaking book, with twenty-four pages of color photos from the author's collection, he explores our three-thousand-year-old fixation with recovering Egyptian culture and its meaning. He traces our enthrallment with the mummies that seem to have cheated death and the pyramids that seem as if they will last forever. Drawing on his personal collection — from Napoleon's twenty-volume Egypt encyclopedia to Howard Carter's letters written from the Valley of the Kings as he was excavating — this is an inventive and mesmerizing tour of how an ancient civilization endures in ours today.

O m a Obsessive Mental Attitude

O m a  Obsessive Mental Attitude Author Ted Gambordella
ISBN-10 9781440439407
Release 1998-02-02
Pages 268
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O.M.A. Obsessive Mental Attitude is the Ultimate Book on Mental Attitude. Positive Mental Attitude doesn't work, if it did, why can't you stay positive after reading 100's of books and stories on being positive. Only when you have an Obsession will you have a mental attitude that Can Not Be Changed and Will Not Accept Failure.

100 One Night Reads

100 One Night Reads Author David C. Major
ISBN-10 9780307480897
Release 2008-12-10
Pages 336
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Readers everywhere know that nothing soothes the spirit like sinking into a really good book. If you're one of that happy band, you'll quickly recognize the authors of this inspired reading guide as kindred spirits. Here David and John Major have chosen one hundred books that can each be delightfully consumed in one quiet evening. Covering categories from fantasy to fiction, history to humor, mystery to memoir, this addictive volume features books to match all your moods—by both celebrated writers and gifted unknowns, including: • Russell Baker • Willa Cather • Raymond Chandler • F. Scott Fitzgerald • Graham Greene • Edith Hamilton • Dashiell Hammett • Helene Hanff • Ernest Hemingway • Patricia Highsmith • Shirley Jackson • Henry James • W. Somerset Maugham • Mary McCarthy • Walter Mosley • Vladimir Nabokov • Patrick O'Brian • Barbara Pym • Phillip Roth • Vikram Seth • Isaac Bashevis Singer • C. P. Snow • Dylan Thomas • Evelyn Waugh • Edith Wharton • Laura Ingalls Wilder • Virginia Woolf Each selection contains an entertaining discussion of what makes the book special, from an adventurous writing style to a unique sense of humor. The Majors also share insights about the authors and literary anecdotes, as well as recommend other gems on a similar subject or by the same author. A literary companion to relish and refer to again and again, 100 One-Night Reads is a masterpiece in its own right! From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Cinema

The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Cinema Author Matthew Edwards
ISBN-10 9780786479122
Release 2015-06-19
Pages 300
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Seventy years after the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan is still dealing with the effects of the bombings on the national psyche. From the Occupation Period to the present, Japanese cinema had offered a means of coming to terms with one of the most controversial events of the 20th century. From the monster movies Gojira (1954) and Mothra (1961) to experimental works like Go Shibata's NN-891102 (1999), atomic bomb imagery features in all genres of Japanese film. This collection of new essays explores the cultural aftermath of the bombings and its expression in Japanese cinema. The contributors take on a number of complex issues, including the suffering of the survivors (hibakusha), the fear of future holocausts and the danger of nuclear warfare. Exclusive interviews with Go Shibata and critically acclaimed directors Roger Spottiswoode (Hiroshima) and Steven Okazaki (White Light/Black Rain) are included.

Gece Yarisi p c g

Gece Yarisi   p  c  g  Author Lara Adrian
ISBN-10 9944823171
Release 2010-08-01
Pages 445
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Gece Yarisi p c g has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gece Yarisi p c g also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gece Yarisi p c g book for free.

American Audiences on Movies and Moviegoing

American Audiences on Movies and Moviegoing Author Tom Stempel
ISBN-10 9780813149400
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 320
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A unique perspective on half a century of American cinema -- from the audience's point of view. Tom Stempel goes beyond the comments of professional reviewers, concentrating on the opinions of ordinary people. He traces shifting trends in genre and taste, examining and questioning the power films have in American society. Stempel blends audience response with his own observations and analyzes box office results that identify the movies people actually went to see, not just those praised by the critics. Avoiding statistical summary, he presents the results of a survey on movies and moviegoing in the respondents' own words -- words that surprise, amuse, and irritate. The moviegoers respond: "Big bad plane, big bad motorcycle, and big bad Kelly McGillis." -- On Top Gun "All I can recall were the slave girls and the Golden Calf sequence and how it got me excited. My parents must have been very pleased with my enthusiasm for the Bible." -- On why a seven-year-old boy stayed up to watch The Ten Commandments "I learned the fine art of seduction by watching Faye Dunaway smolder." -- A woman's reaction to seeing Bonnie and Clyde "At age fifteen Jesus said he would be back, he just didn't say what he would look like." -- On E.T. "Quasimodo is every seventh grader." -- On why The Hunchback of Notre Dame should play well with middle-schoolers "A moronic, very 'Hollywoody' script, and a bunch of dancing teddy bears." -- On Return of the Jedi "I couldn't help but think how Mad magazine would lampoon this." -- On The Exorcist


Obsession Author Gwynne Forster
ISBN-10 037383103X
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 320
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Two Brothers, One Woman And An Explosive Triangle Of Desire… Selena Sutton had sacrificed far too much for so little in her career as a stockbroker. Determined to have the family she'd always hoped for, she went from Wall Street to a little Texas town…and found trouble in Prince Cooper, a spoiled playboy whose advances she desperately fought off. Wanting to make amends for his brother's shameless behavior, Magnus Cooper showed her a tenderness that made her believe she could trust again—and a passion that took her breath away. But when he suddenly proposed marriage, she began to doubt him, suspicious that he was only trying to protect his prominent family from scandal. …Can Lead To Obsession Magnus loved Selena from the moment she moved into town. Even though she had agreed to marry him, Magnus still needed to convince Selena that he was truly in love with her and would continue to cherish her when she became his wife. But the utterly ruthless and seductive Prince, who had always been jealous of his brother, vowed to have Selena for himself. Now that she was the object of obsession, Selena was about to learn the cost of unstoppable passion…and what the priceless ecstasy of loving–forever–could be.

A Critical Companion to the American Stage Musical

A Critical Companion to the American Stage Musical Author Elizabeth L. Wollman
ISBN-10 9781472510488
Release 2017-09-21
Pages 312
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This Critical Companion to the American Stage Musical provides the perfect introductory text for students of theatre, music and cultural studies. It traces the history and development of the industry and art form in America with a particular focus on its artistic and commercial development in New York City from the early 20th century to the present. Emphasis is placed on commercial, artistic and cultural events that influenced the Broadway musical for an ever-renewing, increasingly broad and diverse audience: the Gilded Age, the Great Depression, the World War II era, the British invasion in the 1980s and the media age at the turn of the twenty-first century. Supplementary essays by leading scholars provide detailed focus on the American musical's production and preservation, as well as its influence on daily life on the local, national, and international levels. For students, these essays provide models of varying approaches and interpretation, equipping them with the skills and understanding to develop their own analysis of key productions.

A Companion to the American Novel

A Companion to the American Novel Author Alfred Bendixen
ISBN-10 9781118220351
Release 2012-02-23
Pages 576
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Featuring 37 essays by distinguished literary scholars, A Companion to the American Novel provides a comprehensive single-volume treatment of the development of the novel in the United States from the late 18th century to the present day. Represents the most comprehensive single-volume introduction to this popular literary form currently available Features 37 contributions from a wide range of distinguished literary scholars Includes essays on topics and genres, historical overviews, and key individual works, including The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby, Beloved, and many more.

A Magnificent Obsession

A Magnificent Obsession Author William Ragsdale Cannon
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048769395
Release 1999
Pages 374
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"Preacher, teacher, scholar, seminary administrator, United Methodist episcopal leader, ecumenist." "From his upbringing in a town in north Georgia through his outstanding academic efforts at the University of Georgia and Yale and his life at Emory University - which bracketed his years as a United Methodist bishop - William Ragsdale Cannon's long and distinguished career in the service of the church he loved was fueled by his magnificent obsession: to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Dark Obsession

Dark Obsession Author Shelley Sessions
ISBN-10 0425122964
Release 1990-09-01
Pages 316
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A victim of incest recounts the pain and fear of her father's obsession with her, and her subsequent lawsuit against him

America s Obsession

America s Obsession Author Richard O. Davies
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106013654485
Release 1994
Pages 274
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As the first in a series of books on America since 1945, Davies' book offers insightful historical interpretation as it examines sports as a microcosm of America's national life. From Americans' use of sports seasons (instead of weather seasons) to mark the nation's propensity for neglecting its educational system in favor of putting resources into high school athletic programs...Davies presents facts and narratives that will provoke students to think critically about life in the United States.