Their Fathers God

Their Fathers  God Author Ole Edvart R?lvaag
ISBN-10 0803289111
Release 1931
Pages 338
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Susie Doheny, an Irish Catholic, and Peder Holm, a Norwegian Lutheran, fall in love and marry in South Dakota in the 1890s. Soon their marriage is tested by drought, depression, and family bickering. Susie believes they are being tested by their fathers' God. Peder blames Susie for the timidity of her beliefs; Susie fears Peder's pride and skepticism. When political antagonism grows between the Norwegian and Irish immigrant communities, it threatens to split their marriage. Against a backdrop of hard times, crisscrossed by Populists, antimonopolists, and schemers, R”lvaag brings the struggle of immigrants into the twentieth century. In Giants in the Earth the Holm family strained to wrest a homestead from the land. In Peder Victorious the American-born children searched for a new national identity, often defying the traditions their parents fought to uphold. In Their Fathers' God, R”lvaag's most soul-searching novel, the first-generation americans enter a world of ruthless competition in the midst of scarcity. The University of Nebraska Press also publishes Peder Victorious and Paul Reigstad's R”lvaag: His Life and Art.

Time With God For Fathers

Time With God For Fathers Author Jack Countryman
ISBN-10 9781400317561
Release 2011-04-04
Pages 112
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A Scripture-led devotional to encourage and bless time between fathers and their heavenly Father. Time with God for Fathers is filled with ninety devotions that encourage fathers to spend time on their relationship with the Lord in prayer, thanksgiving, and praise. Devotions are topical and include: forgiveness, wisdom, comfort, guidance, and strength. A Quick Scripture Reference Guide is included to help fathers in their day-to-day walk with God and fatherhood. Subjects consist of "Father's Prayers", "God's Promises for Fathers", "God's Blessings for Fathers", "Responsibilities for Fathers", and "God's Dynamic Examples of Fathers".

Fathers in God

Fathers in God Author Colin Podmore
ISBN-10 9781848258266
Release 2015-10-30
Pages 288
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The classical Anglican understanding of a bishop is expressed in the Canons of the Church of England with the phrase ‘father in God’ – wording that remains unchanged by the decision to ordain women as bishops. This volume sets out the understanding of priestly and episcopal ministry from biblical, historical and theological viewpoints of the Catholic wing of the Anglican church. It sets out in a non-polemic way the rationale of those who defend a traditional view of priesthood as male while being fully a part of the Church of England. It incorporates elements of the landmark book Consecrated Women? and brings the discussion fully up to date in light of the General Synod’s decision to ordain women to the episcopate in 2014. Leading Anglo-Catholic figures explore the topic from a range of perspectives, including Martin Warner, the Bishop of Chichester; on living in love and charity with your neighbour; Jonathan Baker, the Bishop of Fulham, on consecrated women; Emma Forward, a member of General Synod, on feminism in a post-feminist age; Geoffrey Rowell, formerly Bishop of Europe, on mission, scripture, tradition and church unity; and Aidan Nicholls OP, a Dominican priest and academic, offers a Roman Catholic perspective.

The Foster Father of God

The Foster Father of God Author Aramis Thorn
ISBN-10 9780741422316
Release 2004-11
Pages 228
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A gripping story that teaches through Jesus' dad, Joseph. See Joseph's mistakes and flaws. Experience his awe of God. Gain new perspectives of one man's impact and influence on our Savior.

I Thought My Father Was God

I Thought My Father Was God Author Paul Auster
ISBN-10 9781466828995
Release 2002-09-07
Pages 416
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One of America's foremost writers collects the best stories submitted to NPR's popular monthly show--and illuminates the powerful role storytelling plays in all our lives When Paul Auster and NPR's Weekend All Things Considered introduced The National Story Project, the response was overwhelming. Not only was the monthly show a critical success, but the volume of submissions was astounding. Letters, emails, faxes poured in on a daily basis- more than 4,000 of them by the time the project celebrated its first birthday. Everyone, it seemed, had a story to tell. I Thought My Father Was God gathers 180 of these personal, true-life accounts in a single, powerful volume. They come from people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Half of the contributors are men; half are women. They live in cities, suburbs, and rural areas, and they come from 42 different states. Most of the stories are short, vivid bits of narrative, combining the ordinary and the extraordinary, and most describe a single incident in the writer's life. Some are funny, like the story of how a Ku Klux Klan member's beloved dog rushed out into the street during the annual KKK parade and unmasked his owner as the whole town looked on. Some are mysterious, like the story of a woman who watched a white chicken walk purposefully down a street in Portland, Oregon, hop up some porch steps, knock on the door-and calmly enter the house. Many involve the closing of a loop, like the one about the woman who lost her mother's ashes in a burglary and recovered them five years later from the mortuary of a local church. Hilarious blunders, wrenching coincidences, brushes with death, miraculous encounters, improbable ironies, premonitions, sorrows, pains, dreams-this singular collection encompasses an extraordinary range of settings, time periods, and subjects. A testament to the important role storytelling plays in all our lives, I Thought My Father Was God offers a rare glimpse into the American soul.

My Father s God

My Father s God Author Lynn N. Austin
ISBN-10 0834116758
Release 1997
Pages 282
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Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City is pleased to announce the July release of My Father's God, the fourth book in Lynn Austin's award-winning Chronicles of the King Series. Biblically based on verses from Kings, Chronicles and Isaiah, young King Manasseh has been appointed to the throne after his father's sudden death. Reared with his best friend, Joshua, and instructed in the beliefs of their fathers, the young men's lives are forever changed one fateful night, pitting them against one another and transforming the friends into mortal enemies. As Manasseh slides deeper into the dark world of pagan rituals and ancient evil, Joshua comes close to abandoning his hope and faith in the God of his fathers. Weaving a complex novel of suspense, action, inspiration, and God's enduring grace, Austin brings a new level to Biblical fiction. She challenges the reader with intelligent writing and by creating real, often fallible characters.

A Moment with God for Fathers

A Moment with God for Fathers Author Dimensions for Living (Nashville, Tenn.)
ISBN-10 9780687121830
Release 1997
Pages 64
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This handy collection contains 58 prayers that address common life experiences and concerns of fathers. Each contemporary prayer is accompanied by Scripture, making the book appropriate for used in personal or group devotion.

The Father s Call

The Father s Call Author Jimmy Edwards
ISBN-10 145200837X
Release 2010-04-21
Pages 64
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I am grateful that you have chosen The Father's Call as your study for the next thirteen weeks. This leader's guide is designed to help an individual facilitate this study and spiritual growth.

God s Gift for Fathers

God s Gift for Fathers Author Jack Countryman
ISBN-10 9780718089979
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 224
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Thank your father for his powerful influence in your life through the timeless truths found in Scripture and in God’s Gift for Fathers. Men will be empowered and encouraged through the spiritual wisdom found in the promises God makes specifically to fathers in His Word. The Bible is rich with descriptions and stories of godly fathers, and in God’s Gift for Fathers bestselling author Jack Countryman walks you through more than 60 different ways that God leads and instructs fathers. Read through God’s intention for fatherhood and learn from those who were good fathers in the Bible—and those who failed. You will find a crises Scripture guide with counsel for the hardships that you and your family may come across, and be encouraged as you see how God listens to prayer, keeps you secure, and comforts you in your times of need as a father. Mediate on the Scripture passages, and inspire your heart as you delve into the promises God has made just for you. With a modern design, timeless content, and the words of the New King James Version, God’s Gift for Fathers is a classic in the making. This book will bring peace and wisdom to your heart and would also make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, and as a “just because!” gift to share with the special fathers in your life. God strengthens fathers. He promises to walk alongside His sons as they raise future generations to know His name. Lean in closer to hear His promises and the rich blessings that He offers in God’s Gift for Fathers.

American Gospel

American Gospel Author Jon Meacham
ISBN-10 1588365778
Release 2007-03-20
Pages 448
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The American Gospel–literally, the good news about America–is that religion shapes our public life without controlling it. In this vivid book, New York Times bestselling author Jon Meacham tells the human story of how the Founding Fathers viewed faith, and how they ultimately created a nation in which belief in God is a matter of choice. At a time when our country seems divided by extremism, American Gospel draws on the past to offer a new perspective. Meacham re-creates the fascinating history of a nation grappling with religion and politics–from John Winthrop’s “city on a hill” sermon to Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence; from the Revolution to the Civil War; from a proposed nineteenth-century Christian Amendment to the Constitution to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call for civil rights; from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. Debates about religion and politics are often more divisive than illuminating. Secularists point to a “wall of separation between church and state,” while many conservatives act as though the Founding Fathers were apostles in knee britches. As Meacham shows in this brisk narrative, neither extreme has it right. At the heart of the American experiment lies the God of what Benjamin Franklin called “public religion,” a God who invests all human beings with inalienable rights while protecting private religion from government interference. It is a great American balancing act, and it has served us well. Meacham has written and spoken extensively about religion and politics, and he brings historical authority and a sense of hope to the issue. American Gospel makes it compellingly clear that the nation’s best chance of summoning what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” lies in recovering the spirit and sense of the Founding. In looking back, we may find the light to lead us forward.

God s Best for a Father s Success

God s Best for a Father s Success Author Jack Countryman
ISBN-10 9781400320165
Release 2012-05
Pages 128
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This little volume offers a lot of solid wisdom for fathers. Fathers need wisdom to lead their families well, and this inspiring gift book offers them the advice and encouragement they need. Memorable quotations are paired with Scripture promises from the New King James Version to offer timeless guidance--all in a "quick-read" format that busy dads appreciate. Dads have a hard, often thankless job. This book of bite-size encouragement will inspire dads to hold tight to their heavenly Father, to trust His leading, and to build and guide a faithful family. Note: Must be ordered in multiples of 24.

A Letter to My Father

A Letter to My Father Author Edith Siega Lee
ISBN-10 1452551804
Release 2012-05-18
Pages 32
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Vividly written in a casual and personal style, A Letter to My Father gives readers an insider's look into a father's goodness and gentleness and a daughter's poignant recollection of her life's journey unlike any other.

God s Wisdom for Fathers

God s Wisdom for Fathers Author Jack Countryman
ISBN-10 9781418555085
Release 2010-03-29
Pages 196
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"Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding . . . " Proverbs 3:13 Father’s face countless challenges as they raise their children into upright and godly adults, especially with the many temptations and distractions going on in today’s culture. God’s Wisdom for Fathers was created to give timeless wisdom and guidance by providing Scripture arranged into 9 categories, covering 61 subjects ranging from protecting your family from harm and despair, to blessing them with strength and hope. Included are pages at the back for prayer lists and personal study notes. It’s a power-packed, helpful sourcebook that can be used year after year.

The City of God Books VIII XVI The Fathers of the Church Volume 14

The City of God  Books VIII   XVI  The Fathers of the Church  Volume 14 Author Saint Augustine
ISBN-10 0813215587
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 575
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No description available

The Sermons of the Right Reverend Father in God and Constant Martyr of Jesus Christ Hugh Latimer To which is Prefixed a Memoir of the Bishop

The Sermons of the Right Reverend Father in God  and Constant Martyr of Jesus Christ  Hugh Latimer     To which is Prefixed a Memoir of the Bishop Author Hugh Latimer
ISBN-10 UOM:39015074758783
Release 1824
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The Sermons of the Right Reverend Father in God and Constant Martyr of Jesus Christ Hugh Latimer To which is Prefixed a Memoir of the Bishop has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Sermons of the Right Reverend Father in God and Constant Martyr of Jesus Christ Hugh Latimer To which is Prefixed a Memoir of the Bishop also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Sermons of the Right Reverend Father in God and Constant Martyr of Jesus Christ Hugh Latimer To which is Prefixed a Memoir of the Bishop book for free.

Fathers and Sons eBook

Fathers and Sons  eBook Author Angus Buchan
ISBN-10 9781432123482
Release 2015-03-02
Pages 192
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Next to God, a family is the most important relationship a person can possibly have in this life. The Lord never designed us to be on our own. We need each other, just like iron sharpens iron, just like coal needs fire in order to burn brightly. FATHERS AND SONS is a call to fathers to guard their relationship with their sons, and for sons to treasure their relationship with their father – with passion and purpose. Some of the themes Angus Buchan discusses in FATHERS AND SONS includes: Dad’s affirmation, role models, grace and respect, humility versus pride, sacrifice, what constitutes a father and tough love. FATHERS AND SONS will encourage every father to be the father that God wants him to be and reveals the incredible impact it will have on his children.

Trading Fathers

Trading Fathers Author Karen Rabbitt
ISBN-10 9781579219956
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 315
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Karen Rabbitt was four years old when her father molested her the first time. She did not understand what was happening. She felt dirty, unclean, and terrified. She hated it and she grew to hate him. For twenty years Karen wandered in a wilderness of depression, shame, and fear. Still, she carried on: college, marriage, motherhood. But a father's violation warps everything, especially our relationship with Father-God.