Confronting Images

Confronting Images Author Georges Didi-Huberman
ISBN-10 0271024712
Release 2005
Pages 310
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According to Didi-Huberman, visual representation has an "underside" in which intelligible forms lose clarity and defy rational understanding. Art historians, he contends, fail to engage this underside, and he suggests that art historians look to Freud's concept of the "dreamwork", a mobile process that often involves substitution and contradiction.

Christianity and Change

Christianity and Change Author Ralph Armstrong
ISBN-10 9781461732730
Release 1990-08-01
Pages 242
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Theorizing Visual Studies

Theorizing Visual Studies Author James Elkins
ISBN-10 9780415877930
Release 2013
Pages 303
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This forward-thinking collection brings together over sixty essays that invoke images to summon, interpret, and argue with visual studies and its neighboring fields such as art history, media studies, visual anthropology, critical theory, cultural studies, and aesthetics. The product of a multi-year collaboration between graduate students from around the world, spearheaded by James Elkins, this one-of-a-kind anthology is a truly international, interdisciplinary point of entry into cutting-edge visual studies research. The book is fluid in relation to disciplines; it is frequently inventive in relation to guiding theories; it is unpredictable in its allegiance and interest in the past of the discipline—reflecting the ongoing growth of visual studies.

Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe

Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe Author Frank Peter
ISBN-10 9783839421765
Release 2014-03
Pages 268
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Culture is a constant reference in debates surrounding Islam in Europe. Yet the notion of culture is commonly restricted to conceptual frames of multiculturalism where it relates to group identities, collective ways of life and recognition. This volume extends such analysis of culture by approaching it as semiotic practice which conjoins the making of subjects with the configuration of the social. Examining fields such as memory, literature, film, and Islamic art, the studies in this volume explore culture as another element in the assemblage of rationalities governing European Islam. From this perspective, the transformations of European identities can be understood as a matter of cultural practice and politics, which extend the analytical frames of political philosophy, historical legacies, normative orders and social dynamics.

Killer Images

Killer Images Author Joram ten Brink
ISBN-10 9780231850247
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 240
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Cinema has long shaped not only how mass violence is perceived but also how it is performed. Today, when media coverage is central to the execution of terror campaigns and news anchormen serve as embedded journalists, a critical understanding of how the moving image is implicated in the imaginations and actions of perpetrators and survivors of violence is all the more urgent. If the cinematic image and mass violence are among the defining features of modernity, the former is significantly implicated in the latter, and the nature of this implication is the book’s central focus. This edited anthology brings together a range of newly commissioned essays and interviews from the world’s leading academics and documentary filmmakers, including Ben Anderson, Errol Morris, Harun Farocki, Rithy Phan, Avi Mograbi, Brian Winston, and Michael Chanan. Contributors explore such topics as the tension between remembrance and performance, the function of moving images in the execution of political violence, and nonfiction filmmaking methods that facilitate communities of survivors to respond to, recover, and redeem a history that sought to physically and symbolically annihilate them

Images from Within

Images from Within Author Alisa Hauser
ISBN-10 1892696010
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 87
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An extraordinary photographic look into the lives of the mentally ill.

Silent No More

Silent No More Author Paul Findley
ISBN-10 1590080017
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 323
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This book chronicles Paul Findley's far-flung trial of discovery, the false stereotypes of Islam that linger in the minds of the American people, the corrective actions that the leaders of American's seven million Muslims are undertaking, and the community's remarkable progress in mainstream politics.

Confronting Visuality in Multi Ethnic Women s Writing

Confronting Visuality in Multi Ethnic Women   s Writing Author A. Laflen
ISBN-10 9781137413048
Release 2014-08-07
Pages 199
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Considering new perspectives on writers such as Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, and Louise Erdrich, Confronting Visuality in Multi-ethnic Women's Writing traces a cross-cultural tradition in which contemporary female writers situate images of women within larger contexts of visuality.

The Great Kanto Earthquake and the Chimera of National Reconstruction in Japan

The Great Kanto Earthquake and the Chimera of National Reconstruction in Japan Author J. Charles Schenking
ISBN-10 9780231535069
Release 2013-06-11
Pages 400
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In September 1923, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake and subsequent firestorms devastated nearly half of Japan’s capital, killing more than 120,000 people and leaving two million homeless. Using a rich array of source material, J. Charles Schencking tells for the first time in English or Japanese the graphic tale of Tokyo’s destruction, while explaining how and why the disaster compelled people to reflect on the state of urban, consumer society. He also examines how the unprecedented calamity encouraged many inhabitants to entertain new types of modernity as they rebuilt their world. Some residents hoped this catastrophe would lead to a grandiose, awe-inspiring new city; some pushed for more creative infrastructure to enable the state to better manage traffic. Others focused on rejuvenating society—morally, economically, and spiritually—to combat the perceived deterioration of Japan. Schencking explores the inspiration behind these dreams and the extent to which they were realized. He investigates why Japanese citizens of all walks of life responded to elite overtures for renewal with ambivalence, reticence, and, ultimately, resistance. Moreover, he examines how and why the earthquake rattled their deep-seated fears about modernity. His research not only sheds rare light on Japan’s experience with and interpretation of the earthquake, it challenges widespread assumptions that disasters unite stricken societies, creating a “blank slate” for radical transformation. National reconstruction, Schencking demonstrates, proved to be illusive.

Confronting Rape and Sexual Assault

Confronting Rape and Sexual Assault Author Mary E. Odem
ISBN-10 0842025995
Release 1998
Pages 287
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Examines the issue of sexual violence from various perspectives, including sociology, criminology, anthropology, public health, and women's studies. This collection analyzes social and institutional factors that contribute to their occurrence and provides strategies for prevention and change.

Film Art New Media Museum Without Walls

Film  Art  New Media  Museum Without Walls Author Angela Dalle Vacche
ISBN-10 9781137026132
Release 2012-06-12
Pages 358
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An anthology of essays exploring the relationship between film and art, within and across the domains of theory and practice, from the late nineteenth century to the present.

Confronting AIDS Through Literature

Confronting AIDS Through Literature Author Judith Laurence Pastore
ISBN-10 025201989X
Release 1993
Pages 267
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This anthology offers reader an array of viewpoints on the use of literature to confront AIDS as a social, literary, and medical phenomenon.

Cinema and Counter History

Cinema and Counter History Author Marcia Landy
ISBN-10 9780253016195
Release 2015-04-15
Pages 328
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Despite claims about the end of history and the death of cinema, visual media continue to contribute to our understanding of history and history-making. In this book, Marcia Landy argues that rethinking history and memory must take into account shifting conceptions of visual and aural technologies. With the assistance of thinkers such as Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Cinema and Counter-History examines writings and films that challenge prevailing notions of history in order to explore the philosophic, aesthetic, and political stakes of activating the past. Marshaling evidence across European, African, and Asian cinema, Landy engages in a counter-historical project that calls into question the certainty of visual representations and unmoors notions of a history firmly anchored in truth.

The Romantic Prison

The Romantic Prison Author Victor H. Brombert
ISBN-10 9781400867516
Release 2015-03-08
Pages 252
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"Prison haunts our civilization," writes Victor Brombert. "Object of fear, it is also a subject of poetic reverie." Focusing on French literature of the Romantic era, the author probes the manifold significance of imprisonment as symbol and metaphor of the human condition. His thematic exploration draws on a constellation of writers ranging from the Platonic and Christian traditions to the Existentialist generation. Professor Brombert points out that nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature endowed the prison image with unusual prestige, and he examines the historical and social reasons. After considering the influence of Pascal and of the myth of the Bastille, he closely analyzes the work of Borel, Stendhal, Victor Hugo, Nerval, Baudelaire, Huysmans, and Sartre, with excursions into texts by Byron, Dostoevsky, Kafka, Solzhenitsyn, Sade, and others. His approach reflects a concern with the interaction of literature, historiography, and popular myth. This imaginative treatment deepens our understanding of Romanticism and its favored themes. It offers fresh thoughts as well about modern man's dialectical tensions between oppression and inner freedom, fate and revolt, and the awareness of the finite and the longing for infinity. A wide-ranging conclusion speculates about the future of the prison theme in a world that has been threatened by extermination camps. Originally published in 1978. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Death Metal and Music Criticism

Death Metal and Music Criticism Author Michelle Phillipov
ISBN-10 9780739164617
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 172
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Death metal is one of popular music's most extreme variants, and is typically viewed as almost monolithically nihilistic, misogynistic, and reactionary. Studies tend to view the music as a reflection of these listeners' social conditions and are concerned with metal's pleasures so long as these can be seen within that context: as responses to cultural and economic circumstances. Michelle Phillipov's Death Metal and Music Criticism: Analysis at the Limits, in contract, offers an account of listening pleasure on its own terms. Through an analysis of death metal's sonic and lyrical extremity, Phillipov shows how violence and aggression can be configured as sites for pleasure and play in death metal music, with little relation to the 'real' lives of listeners. In some cases, gruesome lyrical themes and fractured song forms invite listeners to imagine new experiences of the body and of the self. In others, the speed and complexity of the music foster a 'technical' or distanced appreciation akin to the viewing experiences of graphic horror film fans. These aspects of death metal listening are often neglected by scholarly accounts concerned with evaluating music as either 'progressive' or 'reactionary.' By contextualizing the discussion of death metal via substantial overviews of popular music studies as a field, Phillipov's Death Metal and Music Criticism highlights how the premium placed on political engagement in popular music studies not only circumscribes our understanding of the complexity and specificity of death metal, but of other musical styles as well. Exploring death metal at the limits of conventional music criticism helps not only to develop a more nuanced account of death metal listening—it also offers some important starting points for a rethinking of popular music scholarship as a whole.

Confronting the Body

Confronting the Body Author James H. Mills
ISBN-10 9781843310327
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 202
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The editors bring together some of the best new scholarship on physicality in modern India in a single volume and provide a balance of materials from colonial and post-colonial India. Included are new writings by established and upcoming writers in the social sciences and humanities, all based on original research.


ZSF9IKN92 Author Terence DEN HOED
ISBN-10 9781304426130
Release 2013
Pages 500
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