Strategic Management

Strategic Management Author Gerald A. Cole
ISBN-10 1844800873
Release 2003-09
Pages 247
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Intended as an introduction to the theory and practice of strategic management, this book aims to enable the reader to identify and make connections between the key features and the issues and choices that arise from them. The text is aimed at BA Business Studies but is expected to be used on ACCA (Management and strategy) and CIMA (Strategic Management Accountancy and Marketing). It is also suitable for students on postgraduate courses in management or business studies including the Diploma in Management Studies and introductory stages of MBA courses. Intended as an introduction to the theory and practice of strategic management, this book aims to enable the reader to identify and make connections between the key features and the issues and choices that arise from them. The text is aimed at BA Business Studies but is expected to be used on ACCA (Management and strategy) and CIMA (Strategic Management Accountancy and Marketing). It is also suitable for students on postgraduate courses in management or business studies including the Diploma in Management Studies and introductory stages of MBA courses.

Organisational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour Author G. A. Cole
ISBN-10 0826453872
Release 2000-11-06
Pages 381
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A text on organizational behaviour, for second-year (and beyond) degree students on semesterized courses. A three-part structure links theory, case studies and a "workbook" section of questions and mini-cases.

Personnel and Human Resource Management

Personnel and Human Resource Management Author Gerald A. Cole
ISBN-10 0826458637
Release 2002
Pages 506
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The fifth edition of Personnel and Human Resource Management has been fully updated to take account of issues like office IT technologies, including Internet access and the controversial nature of e-mails under the Regulatory Investigative Powers Act.

Suspect Identities

Suspect Identities Author Simon A. COLE
ISBN-10 0674029682
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 400
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"Cole excavates the forgotten and hidden history of criminal identification--from photography to exotic anthropometric systems based on measuring body parts, from fingerprinting to DNA typing"--Jacket.

Personnel Management

Personnel Management Author G. A. Cole
ISBN-10 0826453880
Release 2000-11-16
Pages 128
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In one concise volume, this book provides the basic groundwork for the study of personnel and human resource management. It takes a broad view of personnel management, encompassing strategic personnel issues as well as operational matters.

Customer Connections

Customer Connections Author Robert Edwin Wayland
ISBN-10 0875847994
Release 1997
Pages 265
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Provides advice for managers on using information technologies to learn about their customers and to use that data to build a successful business

Wilson Cole Die Meuterer

Wilson Cole  Die Meuterer Author Mike Resnick
ISBN-10 3404233263
Release 2010-03-17
Pages 320
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3000 Jahre in der Zukunft führt die Menschheit Krieg gegen die Teroni-Föderation. Der Offizier Wilson Cole hat bereits zweimal sein Schiff samt Crew in der Schlacht verloren. Zur Strafe soll er nun als zweiter Offizier auf einem geradezu schrottreifen Schlachtschiff dienen, noch dazu in einem weit abgelegenen Raumsektor: dem Phoenix-Cluster. Die Reibereien an Bord nehmen zu, die Disziplin sinkt, und Wilson Cole ist kein Mann, der gern träge herumsitzt, während woanders ein Krieg tobt. Doch das Phoenix-Cluster ist der letzte Ort in der Galaxis, den der Feind angreifen würde ? oder?

The Medical Interview

The Medical Interview Author Steven A. Cole
ISBN-10 9780323279710
Release 2013-12-14
Pages 336
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The Medical Interview by Drs. Steven A. Cole and Julian Bird equips you to communicate effectively with your patients so you can provide optimal care! This best-selling, widely adopted resource presents a practical, systematic approach to honing your basic interviewing skills and managing common challenging communicating situations. Its Three-Function Approach – "Build the Relationship," "Assess and Understand," and Collaborative Management" offers straightforward tasks, behaviors, and skills that can be easily mastered, making this an ideal learning tool for beginners and a valuable reference for experienced healthcare professionals. Effectively meet a full range of communication challenges including language and cultural barriers, sexual issues, elderly patients, breaking bad news, and non-adherence.

Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy

Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy Author Andrew J. Cole
ISBN-10 0750673869
Release 2004
Pages 368
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This multidisciplinary reference reviews the biologic, medical, and rehabilitative research that underlies aquatic therapy and applies these scientific findings to current evaluation and treatment techniques for a broad range of problems and disorders. Contributors from physiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy and sports medicine take a practical, evidence-based approach to therapy, discussing the effects of the aquatic environment on human physiology, as well as goal setting and functional outcomes. They also address related issues such as facility design, management and staffing to senior wellness programs and associated legal considerations. The completely revised and updated 2nd Edition features new chapters on wound management, pediatric aquatic therapy and the use of aquatic therapy for common orthopedic problems. Features treatment guidelines based on scientific research and evidence based findings. Presents therapeutic models for neurologic disorders · spine and musculoskeletal pain · burn and wounds · rheumatologic disease, and much more. Provides new chapters on wound management and aquatic therapy · pediatric aquatic therapy · aquatic therapy of common orthopedic problems · and pool management. Incorporates state of the art insights about the physical principles of aquatic therapy. Offers an expanded section on neurologic disorders and aquatic therapy and asthma and exercise.

Management Theory and Practice

Management Theory and Practice Author Gerald A. Cole
ISBN-10 1844805069
Release 2011
Pages 608
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This classic textbook provides an accessible and authoritative introduction to the whole subject of management, both in theory and in practice. Now in its seventh edition, the text includes new case studies, an updated glossary and a wide range of additional pedagogical features designed to support learning and encourage reflective thinking.Deliberately arranged in concise chapters for easier comprehension, Management: Theory and Practice encompasses all topics commonly taught on business courses at undergraduate and post experience levels, including organization theory, strategy, operations management, logistics, information systems, marketing, human resource management and finance. Reference is made to both historical and contemporary management paradigms, emphasising key themes such as gender, sustainability, globalization, and corporate social responsibility. All the text’s theoretical coverage is grounded in numerous real life examples.Management: Theory and Practice draws on its authors’ wide experience of both teaching management and being managers, to bring this complex and constantly evolving subject to life. Links to video case studies (as well as other web links) encourage readers to extend their knowledge beyond the text and end of chapter reference lists indicate the essential books written by key management theorists.

Strategic Management

Strategic Management Author G. A. Cole
ISBN-10 1858051843
Release 1997-01
Pages 247
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Strategic Management has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Strategic Management also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Strategic Management book for free.

Element of Risk

Element of Risk Author Leonard A. Cole
ISBN-10 9780195093674
Release 1994
Pages 246
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Radiation, radioactivity, radon: these are words that, since Hiroshima, the Cold War, and Three Mile Island, have conjured fear and fascination for many Americans. The threat of nuclear war, however, was always abstract at best, and the possibility of a meltdown was seen primarily as a localized catastrophe. Yet the danger of radon--an invisible, odorless gas that could seemingly attack any home and afflict its residents with a deadly cancer--struck home in the 1980s when whole neighborhoods were deemed unsafe and homeowners were forced to relocate, often at great expense. But how much of a threat does radon really pose to Americans? Is the government's aggressive policy toward this "silent killer" warranted? Indeed, is there a legitimate threat at all? These are the important questions Leonard A. Cole asks in this provocative and fascinating new book, and his answers are ones that all homeowners will want to understand. In clear, non-technical language, Cole dispels many of the myths surrounding radon as he makes recommendations for a coherent, reasonable environmental policy toward what is, certainly, a dangerous gas. But at what levels does radon become a health problem? From all the alarmist headlines ("Major Radon Peril Is Declared By U.S." screamed the New York Times in 1988), average Americans would never know that the threat of radon is much debated, among scientists as well as among government officials. They would never know that numerous European countries--with advanced environmental policies--see the radon levels found in homes and apartments as much less of a danger than we do. And they would never know that not even a single lung cancer death can be directly attributed to a radon-contaminated environment. As he carefully traces the development of the U.S.indoor radon policy, Cole illuminates the many scientific uncertainties that lie behind it, and challenges EPA's risk-cost assessment of radon levels. He shows, too, that no epidemiological study has confirmed that homeowners are at great risk, and exposes those who stand to gain from the policy decisions made in Washington. Since it is not caused by any industry, radon has been a politically convenient issue. Under the Reagan administration, for example, an aggressive radon policy proved an easy way to challenge the popular perception of an anti-environmental president. In the end, Cole convincingly argues for less strict radon regulations, and maintains that the average citizen must be involved in the decision-making process, and must be allowed to exercise her own informed judgment. Thoughtful and timely, Element of Risk illuminates one of the most important public policy issues of our time. It is a book homeowners and taxpayers, scientists and policymakers, will find essential reading.

Maryland Basketball

Maryland Basketball Author Paul McMullen
ISBN-10 0801872219
Release 2002-09-23
Pages 192
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"On March 3, 2002, the Maryland Terrapins walked off the court at Cole Field House for the last time - leaving as the Atlantic Coast Conference regular season champions. They had just defeated the Virginia Cavaliers, the same opponent they had beaten 47 years earlier in the first game played at what became one of college basketball's truly storied arenas. As the Terps settle in to their new home, the state-of-the-art Comcast Center, Paul McMullen recalls in Maryland Basketball the colorful, exciting, tragic, and triumphant events of 1955 to 2002: the Cole Field House era." "McMullen follows the downs and ups of the basketball program off the court, from recruiting violations and the death of Len Bias to the post-collegiate successes - on and off the court - of so many Terps. Between the Eisenhower years and the resounding championship season of 2001-2002, Cole Field House was the scene of some of college basketball's most exhilarating games and the performances of many outstanding players and coaches. Maryland Basketball gives fans the chance to relive them all."--Jacket.

Selling the Holocaust

Selling the Holocaust Author Tim Cole
ISBN-10 0415925819
Release 1999
Pages 214
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Now in paperback, "Selling the Holocaust" includes a new introduction by the author which includes an analysis of "Life is Beautiful" and Peter Novick's "Holocaust in American Life"

Real Life Issues

Real Life Issues Author Adele Cherreson Cole
ISBN-10 1844551008
Release 2006
Pages 112
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This essential new self-help series offers down-to-earth information and advice on key issues that matter to teenagers. The guides are presented in a clear and accessible manner and will help the reader to understand the issue that they might be encountering and will provide tips on how they can deal with it. Full of case studies of people who have experienced and come through the issue that is being covered, each guide in this inspirational new series contains: an honest account of what it's like to experience the issue including interesting statistics showing the number of people who are or who have been affected by it; an examination of the impact the issue might have on education, home and work life; a short quiz to explore why an individual might be experiencing the issue and to probe the reader's desires and expectations; important tips on coping and how to stay in control; advice and guidance on how to seek and where to go to for further help; and related issues that might be worth exploring.

Noel Cole

Noel   Cole Author Stephen Citron
ISBN-10 0634093029
Release 2005-03-01
Pages 360
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First time in Paperback! Noel Coward and Cole Porter's fascinating lives celebrated. Fresh on the heels of the popular motion picture based on Cole Porter's life called De-Lovely, Noel and Cole presents a fresh and often surprising portrait of these two geniuses. The author provides insight into both men's private lives - including a frank discussion of their homosexuality - while illuminating their musical achievements. Born an ocean apart - one in Indiana, the other in England - Cole Porter and Noel Coward have come to represent the ultimate in sophistication and urbanity. Noel and Cole will be an essential reference as well as a fascinating dual biography of two men who brought style and dazzle to the art of popular entertainment. * Based on access to previously unpublished manuscripts, lyrics, scores, and letters, plus dozens of interviews * Includes a chronology and a fifty-page section devoted to the analysis of select works

Chester Cole s R ckkehr

Chester Cole  s R  ckkehr Author Will Harris
ISBN-10 9783955006204
Release 2012-11-03
Pages 128
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Der Verbannte kehrt zurück - um abzurechnen! Einst war Chester Cole feige vor dem verbrecherischen Gesindel aus Gold Valley geflohen. In der Fremde machte er sich einen Namen als Revolverschütze. Jetzt kehrt er zurück, aber seine Mörder warte schon ...