Changing Church

Changing Church Author Galen Woodward
ISBN-10 9781490820354
Release 2014-03
Pages 242
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"Galen describes in detail the experiences that are rarely talked about in the life of a seasoned Pastor... This book is a great read for Pastors, teams and church members. When I opened the manuscript on this book I was immediately drawn in. I felt like I had front seats in the life of a great pastor's incredible journey..." -Kevin Gerald, senior pastor, Champions Centre "My father, who is a veteran of two foreign wars, told me he did not want to be led into battle by any man that had never been shot at... From legalism, to religiosity to genuine miracle... This is a guy I'm willing to listen to." -Dr. Mark Rutland, President of Global Servants ..".As I read this book, I was motivated, stirred and challenged. Get your copy, read with intent, and be prepared to be inspired!" -Dr. Dave Martin, author of The 12 Traits of the Greats ..".Changing Church will inspire you to reach beyond what you see today and into the God-Inspired dream that he had placed into your heart." -J. Don George, founding pastor, Calvary Church, Irving, Texas "Watching one of the fastest growing churches in America is so much fun, but what did it take to get there? ...This literary piece of genius shows us the behind the scenes of leadership..." -Shannon O'dell, senior pastor, Brand New Church Discovering that dreams really do come true Step by step approach to church growth Breaking attendance barriers The power of narrowed focus The value in embracing change

The Changing Church

The Changing Church Author C. Peter Wagner
ISBN-10 0830736581
Release 2004-07-07
Pages 200
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Peter Wagner tells readers exactly how they can contribute to the Church's worldwide fulfillment of God's kingdom on earth! "The Changing Church" sheds light on the exciting things that are happening by the power of the Holy Spirit! The Church is being aligned with God's plan for the Great Harvest. While we might feel small in the scheme of things, we can make a huge impact when we unite with what God is doing worldwide. This new vision overlooks denominational barriers, asking one and all to join together for the ultimate fulfillment of God's purposes!

Many Colors

Many Colors Author Soong-Chan Rah
ISBN-10 1575674971
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 208
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The United States is currently undergoing the most rapid demographic shift in its history. By 2050, white Americans will no longer comprise a majority of the population. Instead, they'll be the largest minority group in a country made up entirely of minorities, followed by Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans. Past shifts in America's demographics always reshaped the county's religious landscape. This shift will be no different. Soong-Chan Rah's book is intended to equip evangelicals for ministry and outreach in our changing nation. Borrowing from the business concept of "cultural intelligence," he explores how God's people can become more multiculturally adept. From discussions about cultural and racial histories, to reviews of case-study churches and Christian groups that are succeeding in bridging ethnic divides, Rah provides a practical and hopeful guidebook for Christians wanting to minister more effectively in diverse settings. Without guilt trips or browbeating, the book will spur individuals, churches, and parachurch ministries toward more effectively bearing witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Good News for people of every racial and cultural background. Its message is positive; its potential impact, transformative.

Missional Renaissance

Missional Renaissance Author Reggie McNeal
ISBN-10 0470243449
Release 2009-02-03
Pages 224
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Reggie McNeal's bestseller The Present Future is the definitive work on the "missional movement," i.e., the widespread movement among Protestant churches to be less inwardly focused and more oriented toward the culture and community around them. In that book he asked the tough questions that churches needed to entertain to begin to think about who they are and what they are doing; in Missional Renaissance, he shows them the three significant shifts in their thinking and behavior that they need to make that will allow leaders to chart a course toward being missional: (1) from an internal to an external focus, ending the church as exclusive social club model; (2) from running programs and ministries to developing people as its core activity; and (3) from professional leadership to leadership that is shared by everyone in the community. With in-depth discussions of the "what" and the "how" of transitioning to being a missional church, readers will be equipped to move into what McNeal sees as the most viable future for Christianity. For all those thousands of churches who are asking about what to do next after reading The Present Future, Missional Renaissance will provide the answer.

American Catholic Laity in a Changing Church

American Catholic Laity in a Changing Church Author William V. D'Antonio
ISBN-10 1556122470
Release 1989
Pages 193
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American Catholics now in their adult years began their lives in a Church in which the laity's prime role was to kneel "pray, pay an obey." Now we live in a period where more and more of the laity find that role unsatisfactory. Thus, the 1987 survey, American Catholic Laity probes the degree to which Catholics have changed their images of themselves and of their roles in the Church. It also explores changing perceptions of the moral and teaching authority of the Church and its leaders, raising issues such as: who should have the moral authority to decided whether actions like using contraceptives are sinful or not, and should the laity have the right to participate in Church decision-making that affects their lives

The changing church

The changing church Author Katharine Morrison McClinton
ISBN-10 UOM:39015006742749
Release 1957
Pages 144
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The changing church has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The changing church also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The changing church book for free.

Power Surge

Power Surge Author Michael W. Foss
ISBN-10 9781451414738
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 192
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A powerful plan to transform church members into impassioned disciples.Drawing on his experience at Prince of Peace, Foss makes the case for transforming congregations from a membership model to a discipleship model of church affiliation. The book begins with a careful analysis of recent patterns in church membership/demographics which argue for this paradigm shift. Subsequent chapters detail the unique leadership and organizational needs of a discipleship model; explore the building and maintaining of fundamental trust-in God and in His people-as the cornerstone of the model; and provide practical helps for assessing the present and strategies for moving into the future. Addressed to rostered and non-rostered professional and non-professional church leaders interested in transforming their churches into centers for discipleship and mission, Power Surge makes the case for a dynamic, functional model of church affiliation that moves away from a membership model centered on prerogatives of membership to a discipleship model centered on the notion of Christian vocation/calling. It proposes a grace-centered, rather than legalistic, model of discipleship and builds a bridge through transferable principles between congregational mission mindedness and the individual Christian's life of faith. This book utilizes assessment tools and practical helps so that congregations can make the transition between membership and discipleship paradigms, as it draws on the experience of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church as a case study illustrating the principles of a discipleship model of church affiliation.


Organix Author Church Change Consulting Inc.
ISBN-10 9781426753930
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 193
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Does your leadershipstyle fit new ways of doing church--leadership that is organic and elasticand that finds ways to seize God-given opportunities? Looking back anddrawing on the ancient Christian tradition, Bob Whitesel describes seven traitsfor successful leadership, which he characterizes by seven symbols: O (the Greek symbol theta) – the firstletter of the Greek word theosstresses that God is the source of the burden for others and provides the powerto help them. Rx (the medical prescription symbol) – an emphasis on addressing the spiritual and physical health of leaders. G (a stylized “G” for “graffiti”)– the edgy, colorful, and artful collages that help define contemporaryorganizations. A (inspired by the recyclesymbol) – the idea of recycling places, experiences and people rather thandiscarding them. N - emerging networks thatc9onnect people more quickly, efficiently, precisely and continuously. I - an emphasis on “incarnation”,a going “in the flesh” to serve others rather than sending surrogates. X (the Jerusalem crosswith a number in each quadrant) – four types of measurement observed inJerusalem (Acts 2:42-47), which at their core point to Christ’s work on thecross. Taken together, these symbols spell out the word “organix” and represent a fundamentally new way to think about your church and how you can best lead.

The deacon in a changing church

The deacon in a changing church Author Donald F. Thomas
ISBN-10 PSU:000023777699
Release 1969-06-01
Pages 125
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The deacon in a changing church has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The deacon in a changing church also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The deacon in a changing church book for free.

Stewards of God s Mysteries

Stewards of God s Mysteries Author Paul J. Philibert
ISBN-10 0814629768
Release 2004
Pages 87
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This study of priestly spirituality at the start of a new millennium considers how priests participate in the dying and rising of the Lord through challenges and joys that are rooted in our changing culture, in the growing diversity of our Catholic world, and in the demands of their own ministry. Designed as a study text, these pages contain reflection questions for both individuals and study groups of bishops, superiors and priests.

Faithful Yet Changing

Faithful Yet Changing Author Mark S. Hanson
ISBN-10 0806644745
Release 2002
Pages 82
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Faithful yet Changing sets forth Bishop Mark S. Hanson's vision for the ELCA - a church faithful to the Scriptures and its tradition, yet changing to meet the new challenges of our diverse, fragmented world. Bishop Hanson invites congregations, pastors, and lay leaders into a "lively conversation" to envision the future of the church and its mission. Includes questions for reflection and discussion with suggested hymns and prayers.

The changing church

The changing church Author Bertrand van Bilsen
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B771378
Release 1966
Pages 440
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The changing church has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The changing church also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The changing church book for free.

Changing Women Changing Church

Changing Women  Changing Church Author Marie Louise Uhr
ISBN-10 NWU:35556021708466
Release 1992
Pages 154
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Women clergy - Priesthood - Discipleship of equals - Feminist liberation theology - Women priests; Bishop John Spong, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Alison Creek, Roberta Hakendorf, Veronica Brady, Janet Gaden, John Gaden and Marie Louise Uhr a collection of eight short pieces reflection on the scriptures, power and eucharist, on women's struggle to accept their own power and on women acting as parish priests.

Stumbling in the Light

Stumbling in the Light Author Robert Kysar
ISBN-10 0827234414
Release 1999
Pages 158
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"Christian communities today often use biblical images, such as rock, fortress, or temple, to understand the nature of church. These images of permanence and strength represent only one part of biblical tradition. The predominant New Testament images, Robert Kysar argues, show the church as dynamic, growing, and changing - the church on the way home, stumbling in the light. This skillful exploration of key themes in the gospels and Paul will benefit pastors and all others who search for ways to encourage faith communities to thrive in the midst of a changing culture, as well as those interested in the New Testament's metaphors and the development of early Christian identity."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Changing Church

Changing Church Author Jann Aldredge-Clanton
ISBN-10 9781610974516
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 398
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Through the fascinating stories of pioneering ministers, this book reveals a unique picture of progressive changes occurring in the Christian tradition. Meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles, these twelve diverse ministers are changing the church as they take prophetic stands on gender, race, interfaith cooperation, ecology, sexual orientation, economic opportunity, and other social justice issues. Believing in the power of sacred symbolism to shape social reality and toÊprovide a foundation for justice and freedom for all people, these ministers lead worship with inclusive language and imagery for humanity and divinity. They include multicultural female and male images of the Divine. Their stories affirm the connection between this expansive theology and an ethic of justice and equality in human relationships. In working from within to change the church, these ministers have risked censure by denominational authorities, loss of opportunities for promotion to larger congregations or to prestigious denominational positions, and even loss of their jobs. They have found creative ways to balance advocating for change and working to support the church, using their positions as ordained clergy to bring liberating change to the church and the wider culture.

Ministry Now

Ministry Now Author Martin Kennedy
ISBN-10 1847300030
Release 2006
Pages 174
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A collection of reflections on ministry in contemporary Irish Culture, offering practical approaches to evangelization, justice and communion. The author writes from a context of working with others honestly and respectfully, knowing that somewhere a

Joining God Remaking Church Changing the World

Joining God  Remaking Church  Changing the World Author Alan J. Roxburgh
ISBN-10 9780819232120
Release 2015-07-01
Pages 128
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• Distills the best of mission wisdom for laity and clergy today • Roxburgh is a leading voice shaping church life ecumenically and globally Exhausted with trying to “fix” the church? It’s time to turn in a new direction: back to the Holy Spirit. In this insightful book, internationally renowned scholar and leader Alan Roxburgh urges Christians to follow the Spirit into our neighborhoods, re-engage with the mission of God, and re-imagine the whole enterprise of church. Joining God, Remaking Church, and Changing the World can guide any church — large or small, suburban or urban, denomination-level or local parish — to become a vital center for spirituality and mission. For clergy, lay professionals, lay leaders, seminarians