The Boss Book

The Boss Book Author Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
ISBN-10 063404480X
Release 2001
Pages 121
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Book Why have guitarists bought over seven million Boss compact effects? Read this book and you'll understand! The Boss Book includes: the story in complete detail of every Boss compact effect ever made; super color photos, design history, trivia, tricks and secrets; candid interviews with the Boss founder and design engineers; essays on musical trends and famous players; and much more. As a bonus, the accompanying CD features 72 guitar sounds with control settings and detailed equipment set-ups so you can take your guitar playing to another dimension! "I've used Boss pedals since their inception ... For me, Boss has always stood for simplicity, reliability and great sounding, very high-quality effects." Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Doobie Bros., Steely Dan)

Being the Boss

Being the Boss Author Linda Annette Hill
ISBN-10 9781422163894
Release 2011-01
Pages 284
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Shows executives and managers how to be successful by managing their own time, understanding their place in the larger organization, and uniting their employees for a common purpose.

Married to the Boss

Married to the Boss Author Lori Foster
ISBN-10 1426887124
Release 2010-12-27
Pages 384
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If he wanted a marriage of convenience, it would be at her convenience! R. J. Maitland, President of Maitland Maternity, was forced to do some major damage control. The media circus surrounding allegations that he had fathered an abandoned child had left his reputation in tatters and the clinic in jeopardy. Dana Dillinger had been R.J.'s right hand for years—loyal, dependable…and hopelessly, secretly in love with him. When he suggested that marriage was the best way to salvage the situation and prove he wasn't the playboy the press had labeled him, Dana accepted his "proposal." With one exception… R.J. wanted a marriage in name only—no sex, just marriage. Dana wanted all the marital rights of a bride—including and especially sex—or the deal was off. Between a rock and a hard place, R.J. agreed, not knowing what he'd just gotten himself into!


Boss Author J.L. Lora
ISBN-10 9781507203897
Release 2017-03-06
Pages 176
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Determined to avoid the violence that claimed her family and friends, Carissa Elliott flees her hometown with a dangerous plan. She has proof that mafia boss Calum DeMateo killed her father—now she just has to catch him. To do so, she’ll have to transform herself from small-town ingénue to New York crime boss. When her path crosses with Alec McLean, the sexy stranger with whom she once shared a steamy nightclub kiss, things take an unexpected turn. Alec heads his family’s criminal organization, the kind of made man Carissa should want nothing to do with. But he also has a plan to take down Calum, and the flames that flicker between them are irresistible. Will their vengeful quests jeopardize their chance at lasting love?

Be the Boss

Be the Boss Author Michael Busch
ISBN-10 9781477296561
Release 2013-01
Pages 178
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Be the Boss has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Be the Boss also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Be the Boss book for free.


Boss Author Tracy Brown
ISBN-10 9781466840997
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 336
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Empire meets Scandal meets Romeo and Juliet with an edgy twist in Boss, a new standalone novel from bestselling author Tracy Brown. Crystal Scott has the world at her fingertips. At the height of her career at a wildly popular magazine and on the rise in an enviable social circle, she’s beginning to think that maybe she can have it all. But her entire life, body, and soul is threatened when Troy Mitchell steps on the scene. Crystal has never felt the insatiable passion she feels for Troy...and it was certainly not part of her plan. Troy pursues her full throttle, making it impossible for her to resist. Crystal can’t help but fall for the handsome, powerful, enigmatic man. But the families of both lovers will not stand for their love, and a raging inferno of bitterness and revenge threatens to consume them both as tensions ignite. With deadly twists and turns, Crystal and Troy must choose each other and give in to love, or they will not escape the ties that bind them...

The Boss

The Boss Author Dayton David McKean
ISBN-10 UOM:39015059741077
Release 1967
Pages 284
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The Boss has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Boss also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Boss book for free.

The Boss

The Boss Author John Budden
ISBN-10 9781780577753
Release 2012-12-07
Pages 240
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The sudden death of Gordon W. Richards in late September 1998 brought a premature end to a legendary training career which had seen him rise from obscurity to national fame as master of his profession. Consigned to racing's scrap-heap with a broken back at the age of 29, he scraped a living as a livery stable proprietor and horse-dealer in a remote part of Northumberland until, five years later, he `discovered' Playlord and a new dawn broke. Rugged, demanding, often outspoken, sometimes ruthless but never lacking in humour, Gordon made relentless progress through the training ranks. `The Boss', as he was widely known, liked to run his stable his own way. Horses, not humans, headed the pecking order, as many famous riders and owners discovered to their cost. Few escaped unscathed, but in over 30 years he employed only six stable jockeys, and two of these, Ron Barry and Jonjo O'Neill, gained championship honours. The Boss charts the successes of the man who twice saddled more than a hundred winners in a single season and who scooped the pool in the Aintree Grand National on two occasions. This enthralling biography, written with full co-operation of Richards himself, provides a compelling insight into the forces that drove him to become one of the most respected trainers in the world.

Boss of Bosses

Boss of Bosses Author Clare Longrigg
ISBN-10 1429953489
Release 2009-03-31
Pages 320
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In the 1980s, the broad legal mandate of the RICO act succeeded in crushing much of the backbone of the traditional American Mafia. Across the ocean however, in the ancestral Sicilian homeland of La Cosa Nostra, the Mafia was anything but finished. Possessed of a power thought to rival that of the Italian state itself, for the past decades, the Sicilian Mafia has waged a war on the forces of law and order that has not only left thousands dead, but has created a ripple effect of crime and violence that can be felt on the streets of America's cities today. Taking us into the eye of this criminal storm, Boss of Bosses tells the story of Bernardo Provenzano, who rose from humble origins to become the head of the Sicilian Mafia, overseeing a deadly empire of corruption so large in scope, the full sweep of its dark reach has yet to be fully accounted. On the run for over 43 years before his arrest, Provenzano's life is a testament to Mafia history, and typifies the code of the ultimate gangster.

The Boss

The Boss Author Michael Crick
ISBN-10 9780743429917
Release 2003
Pages 644
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Ferguson's own autobiography was a great bestseller on its publication in 1999. But Fergie's book told the story through only one pair of eyes. Now, Michael Crick, acclaimed biographer of Jeffrey Archer, writes the first fully rounded, independent portrait of Sir Alex. From his roots as a Govan trade unionist to the current peaks of world football, Crick applies the same forensic skills he applied to his study of the disgraced Tory peer. Through hundreds of interviews with those who've known and worked with Sir Alex, and delving back through the archives, Michael Crick explores the money and the politics of football, the bust-ups, the fights, and those memorable moments of glory. Charismatic and charming, volcanic and ruthless, searingly ambitious and astonishingly successful. What makes Sir Alex Ferguson tick? How did this complex character become the most successful manager in British football, producing -- first at Aberdeen and now at Manchester United -- two of the most prolific trophy-grabbing machines in the modern game? THE BOSS is essential reading not just for Manchester United fans and football followers in general, but for anyone interested in the skills of successful management.


Boss Author Maria McCourt
ISBN-10 0000049026
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Boss has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Boss also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Boss book for free.

A Boss in a Million

A Boss in a Million Author Helen Brooks
ISBN-10 1459211014
Release 2011-05-23
Pages 192
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Max Hunter's last secretary had called him a boss in a million, and Cory soon discovered that she was now working for a man who more than lived up to his reputation! Cory tried to concentrate on her work, not Max. After all, she'd started dating another man-a man whom Max decided wasn't good enough for her. The simplest way to convince Cory of her mistake was holding her captive until she admitted it was Max she really wanted!

The Gifted Boss Revised Edition

The Gifted Boss Revised Edition Author Dale Dauten
ISBN-10 9780062103994
Release 2011-05-17
Pages 128
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Want freedom from management, mediocrity and morons? Ever wonder what the best bosses know that you don't? Do you want to have great employees, people who don't need to be managed and who make everyone around them work harder and raise the department to a higher standard? The Gifted Boss is management guru Dale Dauten's classic—yet revolutionary—guidebook on teaching managers how to spot and court talent and how to give great employees what they want and need. This is a comprehensive system full of valuable insight and lessons aimed at creating the best work environment for the best people. Throughout The Gifted Boss, Dale Dauten defines his different breed of leader as one who is able to shape a business environment and culture that is a magnet for self-motivated employees. Dauten's starting point is a powerful fact about hiring great employees: the best ones are almost never in the job market. His system also includes a discussion of "ideal turnover" and how the great managers employ "the secret skill" of "de-hiring" to gracefully move mediocre employees up or out. Throughout his discussions, Dauten incorporates priceless knowledge gained from an exhaustive search for America's best bosses. The wisdom he acquired was startling, and it pertained to every type of organization: "Different isn't always better, but better is always different." The Gifted Boss has already earned itself a cult following. Now, based on conversations with hundreds of readers, Dauten has revised his work by adding a quick-start guide to help his audience get fast results and a discussion guide to help executives share the book with their teams. Though new technology continues to bring new changes to communication in the workplace, The Gifted Boss still remains the essential guide to maneuvering the tricky world of managing the modern employee. It belongs on every businessperson's desk.

Managing Your Boss

Managing Your Boss Author Sandi Mann
ISBN-10 0764119508
Release 2001
Pages 105
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Managing your boss means working in partnership and focusing your skills in a way that meets your superiors' needs and expectations—while they in turn meet yours. This book is a step-by-step guide to help career-minded men and women understand their boss's psychological profile. There is also advice on dealing with the boss from hell, and coping with common problems. Barron's Business Success Series offer career-minded men and women practical methods for success along with sound advice that applies to all levels of management in the business and corporate world.

The Boss

The Boss Author Lionel Luciano Illuminati White
ISBN-10 9781452467337
Release 2013-03-21
Pages 128
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Read this book to learn about the methods of the most successful bosses in business, illegal business and politics. It uses quotes from Machiavelli's The Prince, Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Confucius. Just as 7 Habits of Highly Effective People teaches you 7 things, The Boss teaches you 7 things as well. 1) What it means to be the boss 2) How to identify mooks 3) How to become the boss 4) How to manage human assets 5) How to manage material assets 6) How to deliver justice 7) Why the boss mentality is boss

The Boss Is In

The Boss Is In Author Robert M. Hardy
ISBN-10 1426940602
Release 2010-01-25
Pages 164
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Most of us have had a bad boss at sometime. Consequences range from minor annoyances to health issues to life or death. The author takes true stories of stand alone cases from big company environments and identifies bad boss behaviors. He looks at serious cases -- cheating, lying, discriminating, stealing, cultural diversity, gender and even religion related problems. Also intricately planned unfairness. Some are contrary to what one is accustomed to reading. Each case focuses on a snapshot or a moving account that exemplifies a boss’ behavior -- like an unauthorized biography. Some are under the radar of the higher leadership -- some are in line. The cases play out in the longer term. Facts in each case are analyzed. A case might have a simple solution except for the reluctance to discuss taboos or politically incorrect issues. While there is no condoning bad bosses, there may be identifiable (treatable) reasons -- such as the case of the boss with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and others. See if you would come to the same conclusions. See if you agree with the actions taken by the players. See what you would do if faced with any of these situations.

Be the Boss

Be the Boss Author Sandi Wilson
ISBN-10 0380752379
Release 1986-10-01
Pages 272
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Gives practical advice on starting a business, finding clients, selecting employees, handling paperwork and taxes, obtaining financing, and setting fees