Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity Author Gregory Benford
ISBN-10 9780575118485
Release 2013-02-25
Pages 320
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A billion years from now a human woman is created from data held within the Library of Life. Her birth could result in the destruction of the cosmos . . . A rogue element in an increasingly unstable, she draws the attention of a mysterious alien breed. Already masters of travel between parallel universes they believe this girl is the key to changing all reality. And if they track her down, the effects on the galaxy will be cataclysmic. Beyond Infinity is an epic far future thriller from an author who is both a master storyteller and a highly respected scientist.

The Imagination Box Beyond Infinity

The Imagination Box  Beyond Infinity Author Martyn Ford
ISBN-10 9780571311682
Release 2016-04-05
Pages 304
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Timothy Hart is getting used to the good life with his new imagination box. Anything he can imagine, he can create! There's only one rule - the box mustn't leave Tim's room. But Tim has never been good at following rules - especially when there's the opportunity to 'imagine' his homework into being without actually having to do it. Tim is feeling rather pleased with himself... Until he notices the strange people following him, and then chasing him, and then his beloved imagination box being ripped from his hands. He'll need the help of a top secret scientific institution if he's going to save the imagination box from corruption of the worst possible kind. Sequel to the critically acclaimed debut, The Imagination Box.

Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity Author Eugenia Cheng
ISBN-10 9781782830818
Release 2017-03-09
Pages 204
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SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2017 ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE Even small children know there are infinitely many whole numbers - start counting and you'll never reach the end. But there are also infinitely many decimal numbers between zero and one. Are these two types of infinity the same? Are they larger or smaller than each other? Can we even talk about 'larger' and 'smaller' when we talk about infinity? In Beyond Infinity, international maths sensation Eugenia Cheng reveals the inner workings of infinity. What happens when a new guest arrives at your infinite hotel - but you already have an infinite number of guests? How does infinity give Zeno's tortoise the edge in a paradoxical foot-race with Achilles? And can we really make an infinite number of cookies from a finite amount of cookie dough? Wielding an armoury of inventive, intuitive metaphor, Cheng draws beginners and enthusiasts alike into the heart of this mysterious, powerful concept to reveal fundamental truths about mathematics, all the way from the infinitely large down to the infinitely small.

The Creature From Beyond Infinity

The Creature From Beyond Infinity Author Henry Kuttner
ISBN-10 9780575128873
Release 2013-08-29
Pages 125
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Like a great, lethal snake, plague creeps through the galaxies. No conscious entity can halt its progress, and life is slowly draining from planet after planet. Only one super-intelligence is capable of preventing cataclysm. To do it, he must penetrate far beyond infinity - to the formless, deathless creature out to kill the universe.

Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity Author Robert Spencer Carr
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105118578058
Release 1959
Pages 223
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Beyond Infinity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Beyond Infinity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Beyond Infinity book for free.

Beyond Infinity and Back

Beyond Infinity and Back Author Chris C Bresler
ISBN-10 9781496993793
Release 2014-11-28
Pages 240
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It is about the devastation the loss of love and divorce can effect, and then the miracle of finding one’s true love afterwards. It is an unfolding of the quest to spiritually force the universe to deliver that love as with magic. It is a reflection in song of the wonder of loving and being loved in return. And finally it is about lessons learned and things discovered during the journey of life and love.

A Life Beyond Infinity

A Life Beyond Infinity Author Elvin C. Bell
ISBN-10 9781532015960
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 1134
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Author Elvin C. Bell began life as the fifth of ten children in a migrant farm labor family. From a one-room cabin in a cotton camp to the White House, and everything in between, he’s lived a rich and colorful life. In A Life beyond Infinity, he shares a collection of essays of the people he’s met from his experiences in the US Air Force, his assignments in the White House, as a reporter and writer, and as an elected representative. Bell mixes sparkling smiles, smarts, sass and sorrow in describing his visits, conversations, and friendships to provide close-ups of everyone from Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson, and Carter, to Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Milton Berle, and many other notables. In A Life beyond Infinity, Bell describes his encounters with some of the most well-known movers and shakers of the times.

Frontline Magazine

Frontline Magazine Author UNIMED Frontline Team
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 72
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The UNIMAS Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' annual faculty magazine is here! The magazine covers all events and activities held by the student body UNIMAS Medical Society throughout the year 2013 - 2014. At least something for you guys to bring it down to the memory lane!

Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity Author Ross Richdale
ISBN-10 9781409207122
Release 2008-07-02
Pages 216
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With red hair and a tall body, Brittany Forbes doesn't know:- She is human and not a freak of nature- The ruling humanz who run the land with an iron fist are really dwarfs. She carries a hidden transmitting device. This device has been passed through twenty generations of humans. Two men, human Zane Bidwell and the ruthless Colonel Slovinof both know of this transmitter and it is a race to get to her. The third species in her city the fuzzballs, spherical creatures the size of an orange who have the power of flight, are helping Zane. That Galactic Cruiser Strabo has been orbiting above for five hundred years. That the captain of this ship, Alessandra McLean has left a hologram to contact her ancestor once repairs to the cruiser have been made. It is three a.m. when fuzzball Quig awakens Brittany and tells her the IMPACT forces have her building surrounded. She does know her life is in danger. Brittany escapes with the fuzzballs and her adventures begin.

Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity Author Charles Ames Fischer
ISBN-10 1940107008
Release 2013-07-22
Pages 298
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A Young Adult mystery adventure into mathematics. When high school senior Matthew “MatheMatt” Forsythe discovers a weird computer and a secret door at school, a series of events unfolds where he and his friends solve one mathematical puzzle after another. After finding a teleportal, Matt and his friend Kelsie travel to a strange world where numbers are actually alive! There they meet the mad scientist Maglio and the ghostly Fifty-Seven and discover that some of the numbers are mysteriously disappearing. They must race against time to find the significant numbers Sixty-One and Three Hundred Thirteen. But why are the numbers disappearing? And what is so important about the number eight?

To Infinity and Beyond

To Infinity and Beyond Author Eli Maor
ISBN-10 9781461253945
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 284
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The infinite! No other question has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of man; no other idea has so fruitfully stimulated his intellect; yet no other concept stands in greater need of clarification than that of the infinite. . . - David Hilbert (1862-1943) Infinity is a fathomless gulf, There is a story attributed to David Hilbert, the preeminent mathe into which all things matician whose quotation appears above. A man walked into a vanish. hotel late one night and asked for a room. "Sorry, we don't have o Marcus Aurelius (121- 180), Roman Emperor any more vacancies," replied the owner, "but let's see, perhaps and philosopher I can find you a room after alL" Leaving his desk, the owner reluctantly awakened his guests and asked them to change their rooms: the occupant of room #1 would move to room #2, the occupant of room #2 would move to room #3, and so on until each occupant had moved one room over. To the utter astonish ment of our latecomer, room #1 suddenly became vacated, and he happily moved in and settled down for the night. But a numbing thought kept him from sleep: How could it be that by merely moving the occupants from one room to another, the first room had become vacated? (Remember, all of the rooms were occupied when he arrived.

Highlander Imagine Beyond Infinity

Highlander Imagine  Beyond Infinity Author Wendy Lou Jones
ISBN-10 1632639521
Release 2016-06-15
Pages 314
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Duncan MacLeod becomes embroiled in an adventure, which takes him to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan. Having purchased a rare set of ancient South American llama statues, Duncan is unaware of their ritual significance to an immortal Olmec, named Kawill, who intends to repeat a dark ritual, written on a codex in the Olmec language, and stop time, as the Aztecs understood it. Can Duncan stop this Immortal before time is up?"

The Creature from Beyond Infinity

The Creature from Beyond Infinity Author Erotica Publishing, Erotic Stories
ISBN-10 9781102829768
Release 2015-03-04
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You are to enjoy this Great edition!

Journey Beyond Infinite

Journey Beyond Infinite Author Ron Rolaine
ISBN-10 1495809781
Release 2016-03-16
Pages 472
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Once in a great while an idea comes along that totally upsets the norm. For instance, Claudius Ptolemy, 90 to 186 CE. Put forth the geocentric theory that the Planet Earth was the center of the universe. Later, when other scientists, such as Nicolaus Copernicus put forth the heliocentric, Sun Centered, theory; it was proclaimed heresy by the Catholic Church and banned from the printed page. Galileo Galilei: (1564-1642), was called before a Catholic Inquisition for supporting the heliocentric views of Copernicus, spending his final years under house arrest: having been forced to recant his statements as Heresy. Religion and science have long been at odds in views, and religion is so steeped in tradition, that it is hard to separate the truth from tradition. Ron Rolaine puts forth new ideas on both religion and science that many theologians and scientists may tend to refute, just as the Catholic Church did when confronting the above theories. Journey Beyond Infinite takes us far above the universe where new spiritual worlds await, that can only be discovered by faith, and trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead us into answering the question Pilate asked, "What is Truth?"


Infinity Author Lillian R. Lieber
ISBN-10 9781589880368
Release 1953
Pages 262
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This book offers an entertaining, yet thorough, explanation of the concept of, yes, infinity. Accessible to non-mathematicians, this book also cleverly connects mathematical reasoning to larger issues in society.


Eater Author Gregory Benford
ISBN-10 9783641126629
Release 2014-02-25
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Die Erde am Abgrund Als Wissenschaftler im selben Abschnitt des Weltraums kurz hintereinander zwei Gammastrahlen-Blitze beobachten, sind sie sicher, dass sie von einem Schwarzen Loch von der Masse unseres Mondes verursacht werden, das einen Stern nach dem anderen verschlingt. Berechnungen zufolge wird dieser unersättliche "Eater" auch der Erde gefährlich nahe kommen. Und das Befremdliche an diesem Objekt ist, dass irgendjemand - oder irgendetwas - es zu steuern scheint. Ist es eine Waffe? Oder ein außerirdisches Raumschiff? Spekulationen, die Wissenschaftler und Militärs ebenso auf den Plan rufen wie Weltuntergangspropheten ...

The Joy of x

The Joy of x Author Steven Strogatz
ISBN-10 9783036992693
Release 2014-04-23
Pages 352
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Mathematik durchdringt den ganzen Kosmos. Das weiß jeder, doch nur die wenigsten verstehen die Zusammenhänge wirklich. Steven Strogatz nimmt uns bei der Hand und spaziert mit uns durch diese Welt der Weisheit, Klarheit und Eleganz. Als Reiseleiter geht er neue, erfrischende Wege, deutet auf Besonderheiten, schildert Hintergründe und erklärt die unsichtbaren Mechanismen. Wir erfahren unter anderem von dem Wunder des Zählens, der genialen Einfachheit der Algebra, dem ewigen Erbe Newtons, dem Tango mit Quadraten, der Zweisamkeit von Primzahlen und der Macht des Unendlichen. Mit all seiner Begeisterung, seinem Scharfblick und seinem leichtem Ton hat Steven Strogatz ein herrliches Buch für alle geschrieben, die ihr Verständnis von Mathematik auf eine neue Art vertiefen möchten.