My Brother Autism and Me

My Brother Autism and Me Author Aisha Pope
ISBN-10 9781469124698
Release 2010-02-10
Pages 24
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My brother has autism. My mother told me so. In case you’re not sure what that means, I’ll tell you what I know... So begins My Brother – Autism – And Me, one little boy’s story about the good and some not so good times of life in his family with his brother who has autism. With this picture book bound to delight children and educate adults, Author Aisha Pope introduces readers to the developmental delay, autism, through the eyes of a sibling. In the pages of My Brother – Autism – And Me, readers meet a little boy who sometimes struggles to make sense of his brother´s unusual behavior. He understands that because of autism, his brother does some things differently, but when he sees how much attention that gets him from parents and teachers, he sometimes feels left out. Illustrator Alicia Diane Durand’s vibrant and engaging pictures bring Aisha Pope’s words to life in an attempt to help siblings of children with autism see that their feelings are normal, and that many other children feel the same way. An author´s note provides a list of tools that parents can use to encourage and include their typically developing children, as well as their children with special needs.

Autism and Me

Autism and Me Author Ouisie Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781497643840
Release 2014-05-13
Pages 32
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“If you see a kid with autism on the street, don’t yell at her if she’s doing something wrong. She can’t help it. Autism is really challenging,” explains Christian, who tells about life with his sister, Mary Gwen, a beautiful girl who loves to swim. In these moving essays, Christian and many other kids tell what it’s like to live with siblings who have autism. Sometimes they can’t talk much. Sometimes they have tantrums. It can be tough for a family, but there are happy surprises, too. “Autism has helped us to become a better family,” adds Christian. “It teaches us patience and understanding.” Ouisie Shapiro’s inspiring book shows how children—and all of us—can grow in wisdom, acceptance, and love. Steven Vote’s warm photos capture the rich emotional life of these amazing families.

Here s How to Provide Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Here s How to Provide Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Author Catherine B. Zenko
ISBN-10 9781597566001
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 184
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Here s How to Provide Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Here s How to Provide Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Here s How to Provide Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder book for free.

A Normal Family

A Normal Family Author Henry Normal
ISBN-10 1473656397
Release 2018-03-22
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A Normal Family has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Normal Family also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Normal Family book for free.

A History of Autism

A History of Autism Author Adam Feinstein
ISBN-10 9781444351675
Release 2011-07-07
Pages 400
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This unique book is the first to fully explore the history of autism - from the first descriptions of autistic-type behaviour to the present day. Features in-depth discussions with leading professionals and pioneers to provide an unprecedented insight into the historical changes in the perception of autism and approaches to it Presents carefully chosen case studies and the latest findings in the field Includes evidence from many previously unpublished documents and illustrations Interviews with parents of autistic children acknowledge the important contribution they have made to a more profound understanding of this enigmatic condition

A Blessing and a Curse

A Blessing and a Curse Author Caiseal Mór
ISBN-10 9781843105732
Release 2007
Pages 207
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In this courageous and captivating autobiography, Mor vividly captures his early experiences of dissociation from his true existence - a common reaction by children suffering from repeated abuse. The path towards discovering his true identity and accepting himself takes him on a spiritual pilgrimage ending in the revelation of love and acceptance.

That s What s Different about Me Helping Children Understand Autism Spectrum Disorders Story and Coloring Book

That s What s Different about Me  Helping Children Understand Autism Spectrum Disorders  Story and Coloring Book Author Heather McCracken
ISBN-10 1931282978
Release 2006-06-01
Pages 22
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This story and coloring book is an adaptation of the "That's What's Different About Me!" puppet play. The book may be read to or by children. By reading/listening to the story and coloring the pages, children revisit the learning goals and friendship tips presented in the puppet play and, therefore, are more likely to generalize them to their own world.

Autism Anxiety and Me

Autism  Anxiety and Me Author Emma Louise Bridge
ISBN-10 9781784503369
Release 2016-08-18
Pages 176
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Surely my way is not always wrong, just because it's different from other people's ways? I mean everyone's way is weird to someone... In her 24 years Emma has experienced a lot, and much of this has been coloured by her autism and social anxiety. Funny and self-aware, this collection of Emma's diary entries capture her hidden thoughts and insightful explanations as to why the world can be such a puzzling place. Wry observations on social rules, friendships, relationships, and facing changes give compelling insight into how Emma confronts challenges, and her determination to live life to the fullest. Helpful advice at the end of each entry also give practical strategies for coping with common issues.

What Autism Means to Me

What Autism Means to Me Author Caspian Banki
ISBN-10 0974380105
Release 2003
Pages 34
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Originally designed as a tutorial for the K-3 age group, this powerful teaching tool has gone on to educate all age ranges about autism. It is a window into the world of a young boy - how he views his autism and how his autism is viewed by others. Readers are encouraged to examine their own interaction with the same world around them to uncover that which makes them different."Autism is a neurological disorder. We created this book because I wanted Caspian's peers to look at his autism as a difference, not just a disability."- Lynne Banki (Caspian's mother)

Talking Together about an Autism Diagnosis

Talking Together about an Autism Diagnosis Author Rachel Pike
ISBN-10 1905722370
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 49
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At The National Autistic Society we are often asked about how best to talk to someone about their autism diagnosis. We feel that a person with autism has the right to know their diagnosis. Wanting to protect someone from their diagnosis can feel like the kindest thing to do, but in reality it often gets harder the longer it is delayed. There are definite advantages to talking about the diagnosis, but these vary between individuals. Many people have commented that they would like to have known earlier because knowing their diagnosis came as a relief and a source of comfort. This book offers a wealth of advice and guidance. Aimed primarily at parents and carers of younger children, it includes helpful information also for schools and for people working with adults with autism.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me Author Heather Jones
ISBN-10 9780857008985
Release 2014-02-21
Pages 168
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If your child finds talking to people a struggle, this is the book to get the conversation started. In this hands-on guide, Heather Jones offers practical advice, born of experience with her own son, which will help you teach your child the principles of communication. Full of strategies and examples, it shows how you can allay fears, build confidence and teach your child to enjoy conversation. Once a child gets used to talking with other people, many life skills can develop more easily as they grow up – from making friends and shopping for themselves, to being interviewed and eventually getting a job. This handy book provides guidance and inspiration to parents, teachers and anyone else who cares for a child who finds language and comprehension difficult.

Different Like Me

Different Like Me Author Jennifer Elder
ISBN-10 1846424666
Release 2005-12-16
Pages 48
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Different Like Me introduces children aged 8 to 12 years to famous, inspirational figures from the world of science, art, math, literature, philosophy and comedy. Eight-year-old Quinn, a young boy with Asperger's Syndrome, tells young readers about the achievements and characteristics of his autism heroes, from Albert Einstein, Dian Fossey and Wassily Kandinsky to Lewis Carroll, Benjamin Banneker and Julia Bowman Robinson, among others. All excel in different fields, but are united by the fact that they often found it difficult to fit in-just like Quinn. Fully illustrated in colour and written in child-friendly language, this book will be a wonderful resource for children, particularly children with autism, their parents, teachers, carers and siblings.

Theory of Mind and the Triad of Perspectives on Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Theory of Mind and the Triad of Perspectives on Autism and Asperger Syndrome Author Olga Bogdashina
ISBN-10 1846422515
Release 2005-10-15
Pages 336
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Inspired by the often uncomfortable interplay between autistic individuals, parents and professionals in understanding autistic spectrum conditions, Olga Bogdashina uses the concept of Theory of Mind (ToM) to consider these groups' different (and often conflicting) perspectives. ToM is the ability to imagine and make judgements about what others feel and think; its absence in autistic individuals is called 'mindblindness'. This book addresses the 'mindblindness' of people united in their interest in autism but divided by their different angles and perspectives. Divided into four parts, the book first defines autism, then the views of the three main groups working with it - autistic individuals, parents and professionals - under the headings of classifications, diagnosis, causes, development, theories and treatment. By comparing and reconciling the different perspectives in this way, the book helps each group to understand and predict each other's responses and behaviours. This enlightening and innovative book offers a unique way of 'stepping in each other's shoes' and is a valuable resource for all people living or working with autism.

Access and Inclusion for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Access and Inclusion for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Author Matthew Hesmondhalgh
ISBN-10 9781853029868
Release 2001-01
Pages 247
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The authors explore the universal issues of access and inclusion in employment and education for children and young people with autism or Asperger's Syndrome. They describe the challenges they faced in establishing and running an Integrated Resource for these children within a mainstream secondary school.

ASD and Me

ASD and Me Author Teresa DeMars
ISBN-10 0983638802
Release 2011-07-29
Pages 32
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Written for kids diagnosed with Aspergers, PPD-NOS, or autism, parents will appreciate the way this heartwarming book will help them explain high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to their child on the spectrum. ASD and Me is written from the point of view of Eli, a seven year-old boy that has high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Through the story, Eli explains how he was diagnosed, and how ASD affects the way he thinks and interprets the world around him. He also talks about some of the social and life skills he has learned that help him fit in with others. The story concludes with some of the interests and activities that Eli shares with other children. ASD and Me is a great book to share with siblings and classmates. A Letter to Parents section at the end of the book offers detailed information about the symptoms of high functioning ASD, which would be helpful in explaining the disorder to extended family and friends.

Patience Love and Autism

Patience  Love and Autism Author Denise Crouch
ISBN-10 9780958047203
Release 2002
Pages 170
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Patience Love and Autism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Patience Love and Autism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Patience Love and Autism book for free.

The Gift of Autism

The Gift of Autism Author Rebekah J. Shumway
ISBN-10 9780557398065
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 175
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A Mother's account of the first few years following her daughter's diagnosis of autism disorder. Shed tears and laugh along as a family investigates therapy strategies for their daughter and adjusts to new expectations. In the end, discover that autism is not a tragedy, but a gift and a doorway to discovering greater joy and love in the journey of life.