Autism and Me

Autism and Me Author Ouisie Shapiro
ISBN-10 0807504874
Release 2009
Pages 32
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In these moving essays, Children tell their story of what it’s like to live with a sibling who has autism.

My Brother Autism and Me

My Brother Autism and Me Author Aisha Pope
ISBN-10 9781469124698
Release 2010-02-10
Pages 24
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My brother has autism. My mother told me so. In case you’re not sure what that means, I’ll tell you what I know... So begins My Brother – Autism – And Me, one little boy’s story about the good and some not so good times of life in his family with his brother who has autism. With this picture book bound to delight children and educate adults, Author Aisha Pope introduces readers to the developmental delay, autism, through the eyes of a sibling. In the pages of My Brother – Autism – And Me, readers meet a little boy who sometimes struggles to make sense of his brother´s unusual behavior. He understands that because of autism, his brother does some things differently, but when he sees how much attention that gets him from parents and teachers, he sometimes feels left out. Illustrator Alicia Diane Durand’s vibrant and engaging pictures bring Aisha Pope’s words to life in an attempt to help siblings of children with autism see that their feelings are normal, and that many other children feel the same way. An author´s note provides a list of tools that parents can use to encourage and include their typically developing children, as well as their children with special needs.

A Blessing and a Curse

A Blessing and a Curse Author Caiseal Mór
ISBN-10 1846426251
Release 2007-05-15
Pages 208
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Growing up in Australia in the 1970s, Caiseal Mór was labelled `retarded' and `an idiot', and his parents were led to believe that physical punishment could cure his autism. In this courageous and captivating autobiography, Mór vividly captures his early experiences of dissociation from his true existence - a common reaction by children suffering from repeated abuse - and the various personas through which he lived through in his teens and early adulthood - the Mahjee, Charles P. Puddlejumper, Marco Polo and Chameleon Feeble. The rocky path towards discovering his true identity and finally accepting himself takes him on a spiritual pilgrimage via several different countries, once nearly getting caught unwittingly carrying drugs over the Moroccan border; forming relationships with people he meets but very often misjudges; to the revelation - the awakening - of love and acceptance.

Autism and Me

Autism and Me Author Ouisie Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781497643840
Release 2014-05-13
Pages 32
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“If you see a kid with autism on the street, don’t yell at her if she’s doing something wrong. She can’t help it. Autism is really challenging,” explains Christian, who tells about life with his sister, Mary Gwen, a beautiful girl who loves to swim. In these moving essays, Christian and many other kids tell what it’s like to live with siblings who have autism. Sometimes they can’t talk much. Sometimes they have tantrums. It can be tough for a family, but there are happy surprises, too. “Autism has helped us to become a better family,” adds Christian. “It teaches us patience and understanding.” Ouisie Shapiro’s inspiring book shows how children—and all of us—can grow in wisdom, acceptance, and love. Steven Vote’s warm photos capture the rich emotional life of these amazing families.

Amelia and Me

Amelia and Me Author Melinda Hildebrandt
ISBN-10 099464910X
Release 2017-04-27
Pages 282
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The powerful story of a mother facing the many ups and downs of raising her deaf and autistic daughter Amelia. Together they approach life's challenges with humor, hope, compassion and love. This is an intensely private story told with brutal honesty; it is also a must-read for anyone who has walked a similar road to theirs.


Pieces Author Jaqueline Moreno
ISBN-10 1508986673
Release 2015-03-20
Pages 220
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Jaqueline and Jessica Moreno are sisters born less than two years apart who have developed a truly extraordinary relationship. At two years old, Jessica was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as "nonverbal" and "low-functioning," shaking their family's world and changing the course of history for them, their younger brother, and their parents forever. "Pieces" offers a glimpse at Jaqueline's own journey as Jessica's sister, chronicling her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood through her feelings of resentment, confusion, inspiration, and love that ultimately shaped her passion and purpose in life. Filled with original poetry, diary entries, and honest and raw narrative insights into the complex but rewarding relationship facing most Siblings of brothers and sisters with disabilities, Pieces illustrates the deeply emotional connection that binds these two young women, and stands as a tribute to the inherent beauty of Sibling relationships. Jaqueline Moreno was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Neuroscience and Psychology, and from Pacific Oaks College with an M.A. in Human Development. Her published thesis work centered on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: 5th Edition changes in diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has been working as a Behavior Interventionist for the past two years, and is currently seeking her Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification. She serves as Chair on the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center's Programs & Services Committee, co-founded and assists in operating the California Sibling Leadership Network (CASLN), and is spearheading Sibling advocacy and support programs through these two organizations. She lives in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA.

My Autism and Me

My Autism and Me Author Pamela J. Tomlinson
ISBN-10 1484888790
Release 2013-05-05
Pages 46
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My Autism and Me is about a little boy and his Autism. This is for all the parents who has children out there with Autism. Showing your child about their Autism in a way that makes it feel special to them.

At Home in the Land of Oz

At Home in the Land of Oz Author Anne Barnhill
ISBN-10 1846426588
Release 2007-06-15
Pages 224
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Anne's sister Becky was born in 1958, long before most people had even heard of autism. Diagnosed with 'emotional disturbance,' Becky was subjected for much of her childhood to well-meaning but futile efforts at 'rehabilitation' or 'cure,' as well as prolonged spells in institutions away from her family. Painting a vivid picture of growing up in small-town America during the Sixties, Anne describes her sister's and her own painful childhood experiences with compassion and honesty. Struggling with the separation from her sister and the emotional and financial hardships the family experienced as a result of Becky's condition, Anne nevertheless found that her sister had something that 'normal' people were unable to offer. Today she is accepting of her sister's autism and the impact, both painful and positive, it has had on both their lives. This bittersweet memoir will resonate with families affected by autism and other developmental disorders and will appeal to everyone interested in the condition.

Autism Anxiety and Me

Autism  Anxiety and Me Author Emma Louise Bridge
ISBN-10 9781784503369
Release 2016-08-18
Pages 176
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Surely my way is not always wrong, just because it's different from other people's ways? I mean everyone's way is weird to someone... In her 24 years Emma has experienced a lot, and much of this has been coloured by her autism and social anxiety. Funny and self-aware, this collection of Emma's diary entries capture her hidden thoughts and insightful explanations as to why the world can be such a puzzling place. Wry observations on social rules, friendships, relationships, and facing changes give compelling insight into how Emma confronts challenges, and her determination to live life to the fullest. Helpful advice at the end of each entry also give practical strategies for coping with common issues.

A Normal Family My Son Autism and Me

A Normal Family My Son Autism and Me Author Henry Normal
ISBN-10 1473656389
Release 2017-05-18
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A Normal Family My Son Autism and Me has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Normal Family My Son Autism and Me also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Normal Family My Son Autism and Me book for free.

ASD and Me

ASD and Me Author Teresa DeMars
ISBN-10 0983638802
Release 2011-07-29
Pages 32
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Written for kids diagnosed with Aspergers, PPD-NOS, or autism, parents will appreciate the way this heartwarming book will help them explain high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to their child on the spectrum. ASD and Me is written from the point of view of Eli, a seven year-old boy that has high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Through the story, Eli explains how he was diagnosed, and how ASD affects the way he thinks and interprets the world around him. He also talks about some of the social and life skills he has learned that help him fit in with others. The story concludes with some of the interests and activities that Eli shares with other children. ASD and Me is a great book to share with siblings and classmates. A Letter to Parents section at the end of the book offers detailed information about the symptoms of high functioning ASD, which would be helpful in explaining the disorder to extended family and friends.

Autism and the Crisis of Meaning

Autism and the Crisis of Meaning Author Alexander Durig
ISBN-10 0791428133
Release 1996
Pages 312
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Provides a comprehensive understanding of the informal logics of meaningful perception and autistic perception, which promises to pave the way for social scientists to begin addressing the subjective human experience in logical terms.

My Special Friend Joey and Me

My Special Friend Joey and Me Author Katherine Lepage
ISBN-10 9781425994785
Release 2007-03
Pages 36
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Based on the author's experiences with her autistic grandson, this story in rhyme helps children understand how and why autistic children behave differently than other children. The story follows two boys through several grades at school. Includes a brief overview of autism for parents.

Autism and Personality

Autism and Personality Author Anne Alvarez
ISBN-10 0415146011
Release 1999
Pages 264
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Taking a psychoanalytic and developmental approach, Autistic Child as a Person outlines in considerable detail the new developments in therapeutic techniques used by the Tavistock Autism Team and Workshop to treat autistic children. It also underlines the importance of support for parents and siblings, who are all too often ignored, as a factor in the childs progress. The book presents fresh ideas about the importance of personality for the developmental course of the condition, and the implications of psychotherapeutic technique. Using case vignettes to illustrate the theoretical ideas emerging from the Workshop, coupled with case studies which highlight the patients changing contact with the therapist, it gives a fascinating picture of the individuality of each child and of the sensitivity and skill required for each treatment. Aiming to be accessible to both professionals and parents, the text should provide a useful insight into the nature and course of this condition and its treatment.

Autism and the God Connection

Autism and the God Connection Author William Stillman
ISBN-10 9781402219788
Release 2006-04-01
Pages 256
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Everyone who seeks a more compassionate and wise life will benefit from this wonderful, insightful, and beautiful book. It is a very short step from understanding autism and the God connection to understanding you and the God Connection. ---Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Master "Autism and the God Connection is a compelling, powerful and thought-provoking book. Mr. Stillman describes the discoveries that unfold from conversations that he has with people that have a difficult time with conventional communication. He is able to see, feel and hear people from different perspectives." --Nicki Fischer, executive director, publisher and editor, The Autism Perspective Magazine Autism impacts one out of every 166 children--ten times higher than just ten years ago. Despite the international scrambling of scientists to provide an explanation, there remains no single known cause for the rise in autism. Autism and the God Connection views autism through a spiritual prism, unlocking its hidden meaning. Through countless interviews William Stillman documents extraordinary examples of spiritual giftedness. Autism and the God Connection boldly challenges our traditionally held beliefs about people with disabilities. Readers looking for hope, inspiration and a deeper understanding of their loved ones will appreciate the affirming anecdotes of ordinary families.

Aspergers God and Me

Aspergers  God and Me Author Bryan West
ISBN-10 9781409243946
Release 2008-12-02
Pages 136
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"From very early days, I knew I was different, but I didn't know I had Asperger's syndrome until I was diagnosed at forty-two. Who would have thought I had a form of autism? ..."Asperger's syndrome is a growing Autism Spectrum Disorder around the world. Aspergers, God and Me explores the devastating effects of Asperger's syndrome on my life. This is not just my story, but the story of many people with undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome.Travel with me as I reveal how I overcame the difficulties of Asperger's syndrome to live a fullfilled and blessed life. All proceeds go to Camp Autism.

Understanding the Nature of Autism and Asperger s Disorder

Understanding the Nature of Autism and Asperger s Disorder Author Edward Ritvo
ISBN-10 1843108143
Release 2006
Pages 174
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This book is an accessible introduction for professionals, families and individuals with autism. Prof. Ritvo traces the historical development of understanding about autism and Asperger's Disorder, from the centuries of misdiagnoses and the first recognition of the characteristics of the disorders to his own highly-regarded methods for diagnosis.