Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Author Bobby Fischer ISBN-10 0553263153 ISBN-13 9780553130539 Year 1982-07-01 Pages 352 Language English Publisher Bantam Download Link Click Here This book is essentially a chess teaching machine The way a teaching machine works is It asks you a question If you give the right answer it goes on to the next question If you give the wrong answer it tells you why the answer is wrong and tells you to go back and try again This is called programmed learning The real authors were experts and authorities in the field of programmed learning Bobby Fischer lent his name to the project Stuart Margulies is a chess master and also a recognized authority on programmed learning He is a widely published author of more than 40 books all in the field of programmed learning especially in learning how to read For example one of his books is Critical reading for proficiency 1 introductory level Donn Mosenfelder is not a known or recognized chess player but he was the owner of the company that developed and designed this book He has written more than 25 books almost all on basic reading writing and math The definitive way to learn how to play…

The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I

Author Ray Long ISBN-10 1607432382 ISBN-13 9781607432388 Year 2009-11-01 Pages 244 Language English Publisher BandhaYoga Download Link Click Here This book offers a scientific approach to understanding the practice of hatha yoga Through four color three dimensional illustrations of major muscles tendons and ligaments Ray Long describes the practice and benefits of hatha yoga Specific anatomical and physiological descriptions highlight the agonist antagonist and synergist muscles that come into play with each pose Volume I of the series describes the key muscles of hatha yoga and how they are utilized From beginners to experts this book will become a constant companion

Performance Automotive Engine Math (Sa Design-Pro)

Author John Baechtel ISBN-10 1934709476 ISBN-13 9781934709474 Year 2011-04-29 Pages 160 Language English Publisher CarTech Download Link Click Here All the parts within any engine are designed and engineered using the appropriate mathematics to function efficiently and be durable When discussing high performance automotive engines a specific set of math formulas are used to develop and design power plants to make more power at higher rpm levels and still survive The various forms of motorsport and street use all have different requirements but the math used to design engines to be competitive does not change regardless of the specific discipline Multi time author and well regarded performance engine builder designer John Baechtel has assembled the relevant mathematics and packaged it all together in a book designed for automotive enthusiasts This book walks readers through the complete engine showcasing the methodology required to define each specific parameter and how to translate the engineering math to the hard measurements reflected in various engine parts Designing the engine to work as a system of related components is no small task but the ease with which Baechtel escorts the reader through the process makes this book perfect for both the budding engine enthusiast and…

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Author Audrey Niffenegger ISBN-10 1476764832 ISBN-13 9781476764832 Year 2014-05-06 Pages 592 Language English Publisher Scribner Download Link Click Here The beloved mega bestselling first novel from Audrey Niffenegger a soaring celebration of the victory of love over time Chicago Tribune A MOST UNTRADITIONAL LOVE STORY this is the celebrated tale of Henry DeTamble a dashing adventuresome librarian who inadvertently travels through time and Clare Abshire an artist whose life takes a natural sequential course Henry and Clares passionate affair endures across a sea of time and captures them in an impossibly romantic trap that tests the strength of fate and basks in the bonds of love

Java All-in-One For Dummies

Author Doug Lowe ISBN-10 1118408039 ISBN-13 9781118408032 Year 2014-03-24 Pages 960 Language English Publisher For Dummies Download Link Click Here Everything you need to get going with Java Java All in One For Dummies 4th Edition has what you need to get up and running quickly with Java Covering the enhanced mobile development and syntax features as well as programming improvements this guide makes it easy to find what you want and put it to use Focuses on the vital information that enables you to get up and running quickly with Java Covers the enhanced multimedia features as well as programming enhancements Java and XML Swing server side Java Eclipse and more Minibooks cover Java basics programming basics strings arrays and collections programming techniques Swing Web programming files and databases and a fun and games category Java All in One For Dummies 4th Edition focuses on the practical information you need to become productive with Java right away

BRS Gross Anatomy (Board Review Series)

Author Kyung Won Chung PhD ISBN-10 1451193076 ISBN-13 9781451193077 Year 2014-12-23 Pages 544 Language English Publisher LWW Download Link Click Here Succeed in your anatomy course and the USMLE Step 1 exam with BRS Gross Anatomy 8e Written in the popular Board Review Series outline format this powerful easy to use resource presents the essentials of human anatomy through concise descriptions clinical correlations radiographs full color illustrations and tables Over 550 board style questions with complete answers and explanations chapter ending exams and an end of book comprehensive exam help you master key information New high yield reviews at the end of each chapter provide targeted preparation for USMLE Step 1 and anatomy course examinations An updated full color art program helps you understand difficult concepts and complicated anatomical structures More than 550 USMLE style questions answers and rationales are available both electronically and in print to facilitate gross anatomy review New radiographs MRIs CT scans ultrasound scans and angiograms help you develop a better understanding of anatomy and clinical medicine Clinical correlations demonstrate connections between anatomical knowledge and clinical medicine A 100 question comprehensive exam at the end of the book provides a great prep tool for the actual…

Professional Sheet Metal Fabrication (Motorbooks Workshop)

Author Ed Barr ISBN-10 0760344922 ISBN-13 9780760344927 Year 2013-04-30 Pages 304 Language English Publisher Motorbooks Download Link Click Here Professional Sheet Metal Fabrication is the number one resource for sheet metal workers old and new Join veteran metalworker Ed Barr as he walks you through the ins and outs of planning a sheet metal project acquiring the necessary tools and resources doing the work and adding the perfect finishing touches for a seamless final product From his workshop at McPherson College home of the only accredited four year degree in automotive restoration technology Barr not only demonstrates how the latest tools and products work but also explains why sheet metal reacts the way it does to a wide variety of processes He includes clear directions for shaping metal using hand tools the English Wheel the pneumatic planishing hammer and other machines and discusses a variety of ways to cut and join metal through welding soldering brazing and riveting Dent repair and automotive patch panel fabrication are covered in detail Readers are also given tips on copying shapes and building foam wire and wood station bucks to use as guides during shaping This is truly the most detailed enthusiast focused sheet…

Bloodborne Official Artworks

Author Sony ISBN-10 1772940364 ISBN-13 9781772940367 Year 2017-06-13 Pages 256 Language English Publisher Udon Entertainment Download Link Click Here In the terrifying video game Bloodborne deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner of a horror filled gothic city Bloodborne Official Artworks collects the hair raising artwork behind this modern action role playing classic Included are character concepts creature designs location illustrations weapons items and more

Exam Review for Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering

Author Milady ISBN-10 1435497120 ISBN-13 9781435497122 Year 2010-06-29 Pages 186 Language English Publisher Milady Download Link Click Here A simple powerful tool for the Barbering student Milady s Standard Professional Barbering 5e Exam Review contains chapter by chapter questions in a multiple choice format to help students prepare for their state board exams The answer key at the back of the book allows students to check accuracy and identify weak areas The questions themselves are unique to this supplement

RBT Credential Workbook (TrainABA Supervision Curriculum) (Volume 3)

Author Benjamin Theisen ISBN-10 0985632976 ISBN-13 9780985632977 Year 2015-12-31 Pages 210 Language English Publisher Bx Dynamic Press Download Link Click Here The RBT Workbook walks the credential holder through the required assessment items on the BACBs RBT Task List The format is familiar to BCBA supervisors and developed for the RBT It is designed be used with the TrainABA Inc Junction an online technician development platform connecting trainers and their technicians Visit www trainaba com to access more materials The workbook has two primary uses As a Training Tool A BCBA looking for additional structured curriculum when designing delivering to 40 Hour Training Requirement or RBT Competency Assessment to RBT exam candidates As a Productivity Tool BCBA and RBTs use workbook to structure supervision content and meetings throughout the year meeting paperwork deadlines and continuing education in alignment with the RBT Task List and annual RBT Competency Assessment as part of current BACB renewal requirements